447.425 Repeater Information

  Shortly after applying for and receiving the 223.76 repeater coordination, Steve, WA1POX, asked Rick, K1KYI, to apply for a 440 MHz repeater pair.  The repeater went on the air from Steve's home in Lincoln for its initial shakedown period.

  In December 1998, Steve, WA1POX, and Rick, K1KYI, put the repeater in service from our Scituate site using the existing 146.76 antenna and feed line.  This was possible thanks to a "combiner" donated to the cause by Peter, AA1PL, at a recent '76 auction.  The performance was marginal, but we were indeed on the air.  The repeater was a GE Master Professional mobile converted to repeater use by Steve, WA1POX.  We were using a dB Products duplexer obtained from Peter, AA1PL.  There is also an ARR GaAsFET preamp rescued from a junk box at the Fall 98 auction by K1KYI which was sent off to be refurbished.

  In the Summer of 2005, Peter AA1PL, spearheaded a donation of three Motorola MSF-5000, state of the art commercial repeaters by the city of Warwick, RI, who was upgrading their radio system.  They are synthesized and microprocessor based, capable of 100 Watts continuous duty output.  One of these repeaters is now running at our Scituate site on Chopmist Hill.  Great coverage is provided to the North, East, and Central RI.  We are now linked to the newest RIAFMRS repeater, the 443.850 machine in Exeter, RI.  We now provide state wide coverage on 70 cm, including Eastern CT and the South coast of RI along the beaches.