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MDSR modulator-demodulator software radio

A radio communication system where the modulating and demodulating components that have typically been implemented in hardware are instead implemented using software on a personal computer or other embedded computing devices using by a converter. While the concept is not new, the rapidly evolving capabilities of digital electronics are making practical many processes that were once only theoretically possible!

A basic MDSR(SDR) may consist of a computer (PC) equipped with a sound card, or other analog-to-digital converter, preceded by some form of RF front end. Significant amounts of signal processing are handed over to the general purpose processor, rather than done using special-purpose hardware. Such a design produces a radio that can receive and transmit a different form of radio protocol (sometimes referred to as a waveform) just by running different software!

The MDSR software performs all of the demodulation, filtering (both radio frequency and audio frequency), signal enhancement (equalization and binaural presentation). Uses include every common amateur modulation: morse code, single sideband modulation, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, and a variety of digital modes such as radioteletype, slow-scan television, and packet radio. Radio Amateurs also experiment with new modulation methods: for instance, the DREAM open-source project decodes the COFDM technique used by Digital Radio Mondiale and compatible stations.

Although this website is made by radio amateurs and for radio amateurs others can take advantage of these homebrew projects! No need to own a Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom transceiver or receiver, Alinco or other transceivers. Most basic receivers has a MF unit that can be tapped. Software Defined Radio using an interface and soundcard! Hamradio equipment homebrew electronic radio kits.

This is what HAM-radio is all about:

Eductaional electronical kits. Home made electronical and technical related experiments. Build MF converters to use in radios, receivers, soundcard, interface!

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