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  Local RF-Propagation at the MDSR Test Site in Vancouver, BC;

                (realtime - updated every 10 min)     List of the last 6h

RF-Seismograph ImageRF Seismo Legend
How to read the graph:
When the line goes wide there is propagation but not necessarily a man-made signal. The absolute
value of the noise level is not important for propagation, but it is interesting to watch how the noise
changes over time. Slow changes are usually made by the ionosphere (5min and longer). The slower
the rise of the signal the further away it originated. Fast changes are man-made signals, hence vertical lines.
The black bottom graph is easier to read when it comes to propagation. The grayscale indicator shows
propagation for all the bands according to color codes as in the sig/time graph. White is best propagation.

In comparison to the RF-Seismograph the NOAA propagation prediction, based on Solar Flux:

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