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The Club Station OD5RAK is equipped with HF , VHF & UHF transceivers. Amateur Radio visitors to Tripoli can operate the  station . Club members took part in many DX peditions and were the first to Activate 'Ramkin Island'   IOTA  AS-108. Also many HAMs from all over the world visited OD5RAK and made a lot of  DX from Tripoli.

The Club Headquarter has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea and there is enough space on the roof to put any kind of Antennas.

OD5RAK Club Station located in the 9th Floor of this Luxurious Building in Tripoli - Lebanon

PKRS was the first to introduce digital Communication for HAM in Lebanon. Our Packet Network includes an AX.25 Packet BBS (RAKBBS ) , a Packet DX Cluster , An Internet Gateway  as well as the Packet nodes that provide a very reliable Packet connection to all Amateurs in Lebanon. PKRS members keeps the Network up to date with the latest technology in HAM Radio.

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