Mr. Pat Dyer, WA5IYX                                    
                                 5315 Silvertip Drive
Ch A2 F2 strikes again !         San Antonio, Texas 78228

CST used

Feb 14, 1982:   during an intense 50-MHz F2 opening to the Caribbean
                and northern South America

Ø=190           0957 - what looked like    half-frame color bars
A(Bo)=42               with the white-square under them (due to the
                       multi-path ghosting unable to "count" the
                1015 - other station with programming now CCI to
                       the CBars; original station begins programming
                       but unable to read any printed material due to
                1022 - fading sets in rapidly and soon total loss

       as in most previous events, the MUF did not reach the TV audio
       frequency. As before, the classical situation of multi-path
       and relatively slow fading were dominant. This time I did get
       a chance to take one 35-mm frame of the CBars.

       THEN:    an unsual resurgence 50-MHz F2 opening to essentially
                the same regions as the morning event

                1517 - rather fast fading multi-path programming without
                       any audio; unidentifiable
                1528 - CCI rather heavy (hi-offset pattern)
                1540 - at least 2 strong signals with mixed programming
                1544 - intense multi-path ghosting
                1552 - rapid f/out

      the fading on this was considerably deeper and more rapid than
      the morning event; the multi-path character and the lack of any
      audio MUF pretty well confirm it as being F2 (along with the
      simultaneous 50-MHz events)

Feb 17, 1982:   a relatively modest 50-MHz F2 opening to the Caribbean
Ø=167           and nothern South America
                0915 - (and prior) multi-path ghosting very evident;
                       no audio; programming but unidentifiable
                0920 - rapid QSB onset
                0925 - almost the impression of some Es mixed in now
                0940 - rapid f/outs

Feb 18, 1982:   a protracted but not particularly intense 50-MHz opening
Ø=170           to northern South America
                1610 - multi-path ghosting, QSB; no audio
                1620 - possible mixed programming; unidentifiable
                1625 - rapid decrease in intensity
                1630 - complete f/out

The events of the 17th and 18th are not as completely clear-cut as those
of the 14th. However, the concurrent 50-MHz openings along with the
lack of audios and intense multi-path ghosting make them very likely to
have been F2 in nature.


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