Mr. Pat Dyer, WA5IYX
                                     5315 Silvertip Drive
                                     San Antonio, Texas 78228
   Ch 2 A2 F2 again

   Thursday, November 25, 1982   (CST used)   Ø=169   A(Bo)=38

   0933, Ch 2 to southeast, multi-path heavy and no audio
         moderate fading (on 50-MHz at this time some backscatter
         and Ecuador beacon direct)

   0944, much the same; any printed supers etc, just too much ghosting
         to decipher. no audio (only audio came from other stations on
         meteor scatter bursts when they beat against the video)

   1000, still holding in (changes in scenes and synchlock on the
         multi-path disuaded me from trying the 1/8-sec 35-mm SLR
         photos, but one afterwards always regrets the  caution;
         an instant VCR would be nice at these times!)

   1010, still about the same; some deep fades

   1030, rapidly going (almost like dissolving)

   1035, gone

   1038, rapid rebound (might have been a different station)

   1045, very strong now, some sort of cooking show with the host
         using a sifter/strainer

   1051, out very fast

later events fitted the high-MUF pattern. 6-meter transcontinental F2
got shorter than Ohio-California (and 10-m signals under 900 miles in
here via F2). It seems the region of high ionization drifted north-north
west, perhaps even passing nearly directly over here. Vertical incidence
ionosonde data from the US for this period would be interesting.

Now, a quick check will show you that this type of event presented itself
November 25, 1981 (Ø=163, A(Bo)=19)!

Other past events like this:  Apr 17, 1979  (Ø=169, A(Bo)=10)
                              Feb 14, 1982  (Ø=190, A(Bo)=42)
                              Feb 17, 1982  (Ø=167, A(Bo)=28)
                              Feb 18, 1982  (Ø=170, A(Bo)=18)


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