HAM radio station - Veldhoven - JO21QK
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Thanks for visit my webpage. My name is Arno and I am a licenced ham radio operator with the callsign PE1RDP. My QTH is Veldhoven which is located in the southern part of the Netherlands near the Belgium border.
The QTH locator is JO21qk and Veldhoven is very close to Eindhoven which is the 5th largest city of the Netherlands.

I was born in 1969 and received my licence from the dutch government in 1995 but many years before I already listen to radio stations from all over the world on as much as frequencies as possible. I received a SWL number from the national ham radio organisation VERON and my number was NL-10141. During those days I've collected a lot of QSL cards from regular broadcast stations but also from other licenced ham radio stations.

You can find my latest activities on

This website has been update in August 2018. I hope you enjoy it.

73 Arno - PE1RDP - Veldhoven - JO21QK