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Since January 2014 I'm working also with DMR.

DMR is another ETSI certified standard for private digital radio, so called "Digital Mobile Radio". Beyond many DMR radio networks in the world a DMR based ham radio network was established. which currently consists of 142 repeaters all over the world. The repeaters are linked via the internet and offer worldwide communication. By selecting the right talkgroups enables you to communicate on local repeater, nation wide or worldwide.

I'm using the Hytera MD785 mobile radio for DMR.

All Hytera DMR radios support the digital DMR standard and can be used as usual FM transceivers. DMR uses a Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and offers two voice/data channels using 12.5kHz bandwidth.

DIFONA provides different models of DMR radios from Hytera, the handhelds PD785, X1p and the mobile radio MD785. All radios are using a color display and are available with an optional GPS receiver.

By selecting the referring Talkgroup at the radio you can talk wordwide, national or via your regional repeater net only. Additionally Textmessages or GPS-Positions can be transmitted.

More info about DMR: (The Netherlands) (The Netherlands) (Belgium) (Germany)


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