On these pages you can find descriptions of a few ham-radio related projects. Most recent is information on how to get started with writing your own application programs for the AVR series of controllers. All applications have been written in Bascom, a Basic implementation for AVR controllers.

I would appreciate your feedback, there is probably quite some room for text improvement...

You will find some old stuff, mainly about finished homebrew projects, at the bottom of this page.

Getting started with AVR and Bascom.

Please note that I have no relation with either Atmel, the producer of AVR controllers, with MCS Electronics, the maker of Bascom or indeed with any other company I mention. I have started using the AVR/Bascom combination because I felt it was one of the best combinations for hobby applications. Be aware however, that a lot of other microcontroller brands as well as software development products are available.

- About Bascom and AVR
- Bascom's Basic
- What do you need to get started
- Configure Bascom to use TWinAvr
- The first program: a LED flasher
- AVR clocks
- Set defaults in Bascom or in the program source
- The Bascom editor and simulator
- Bascom variables
- Subroutines and Functions
- Strings
- Arrays and Data
- Using an LCD
- RS-232
- I2C
- Interrupts
- Encoders
- Keyboards
- EEprom
- Sound
- Sleep and wake-up, watchdog
- AVR's and USB
- Using the ATTiny2313
- Larger AVR's
- Smaller AVR's (ATTiny13)
- Why and How
- Changelog

Documented applications:

Embedded version of the IW3HEV antenna analyser
An external control for the Teletron TE704 HF receiver
2.5GHz RF counter
Controlling the LT6904 programmable oscillator
A morse sender with pled and Avago HDSP-R881 display
Fan controller with LM76 and LPH7653 display
Control a Philips FI1216 tuner
TIL311 display for the BITX20
Conesco AV Multiplexer controller
A simple AD9951 DDS controller
A four LM92 temperature sensor/display system

Some older stuff:

Experiments with an
AD9852 DDS
A DDS Signal-generator
A 50 MHz microwattmeter
A companion XY display PC program
A high-level mixer
ZEFI: a very simple frequency indicator.
Controlling a Philips SF1216 or FI1216 tuner.

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