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This page will give you some general and some specific information about the Project Group PG.540

First a word in Dutch:

De Nederlandse variant van de PG.540 website bestaat ook. Die is nog steeds te vinden op het sinds 2005 gebruikte adres. En uiteraard is het via deze link te vinden!

Hans, PA0SNY

HAM radio enthousiasts group together, a fact of radio amateur life. Around 1981, in Haarlem and direct environment, a group of Radio Amateurs felt the need to meet at a regular basis, but with no ties to one of the active local departments of the two existing Amateur Radio Leagues (VERON and VRZA). They formed the Project Group PG.540. Founded in April of 1982, and till this date the PG.540 still exsists, and it is active in various (Radio) fields. In a normal situation, the Group meets every other Friday, except in July and August.

Since November 2005, our PG.540 resides in a port-a-cabin of Scoutong Group "De Buffalo's" in Zandvoort. Before that time the attic of a school just north of the center of the City (of Haarlem). Since the start in 1982, we were host of Scouting Bernadette in Haarlem East

As we started in April 1982, and continued after the summer break, Season 2 started in September 1982. So from September 2020 till June 2021, we are in season 40. I state this here, as there is alway some confusion on the season number.

Over the years there have been many Projects, either as (a part of) the group taking an initiative, or as doing a Project that was organised by other groups or people. On my page "PROJECTS from the past" I made a list of projects where I was involved in, and that we often have started or completed as a group.
Over the years that have been Antenna's (2m/70cm combi for on the car, Big Wheels for 70 cm), Radio's (Condors for 2m, 70cm, 4m, Nokia Morbira Mobile Sets, Teletrom T813 for 2m, KF161 for 2m) and many other initiatives.
One eye catcher was the conversion of a MARC set (27 MHz) to 10m and later 70cm. That was really developed within the PG.540 and published in the VERON Electron countrywide magazine.

In later years (2011) the Lima SDR HF-transceiver was started. Other projects involve Amateur Television on 23cm, 13cm etc. All in all, there is a great diversity in interests

location information for the PG.540

The PG.540 resides in a portacabin on the facilities of Scouting
"De Buffalo's"
From the Google Earth: the locator

Interesting fact: this is on a previous part of the original Zandvoor Formula 1 circuit, in the so called Panorama Curve
Vroegere lokatie  Lokatie nu

The premisses of the Scouting Group is great for us HAM Radio enthousiasts. It is located in the Dunes and we use two masts of about 7 meters high and over 40 meters apart. The first was erected in December 2005. Photo's of the event can be found HERE. In the old days the QSL.NET was much slower, so these pictures are of reduced size. Yet it gives a nice impression of the cooperation within our PG.540.

Being a Dutch group, many communication between ourselves is done in the Dutch language and so are most publications. We have a WIKI-page that contains many details of the projects that we run or have runned. In case you're interested and may need backgrounds or translations, you may e-mail to [mycall]
The PG.540 Wiki can be found

And now for something completely different......

Ever watched the International Space Station (ISS) flying overhead? This happens in dusk or dawn, during a two weeks period every two months. Worth watching! In the Dunes of Zandvoort, a bit away from the local houses, there is good opportunity for ISS observation. I managed to get numerous people enthousiastic about this phenomenon.

Find website Heavens Above by Chris Peat, and fill out your location (do that first!!!). The website contains many details on many other (also Amateur) satellites and events.
last update: March 2021

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