My QTH, the beautiful city of Haarlem

Since 1981 I lived with my spouse (so XYL) Nella in a small village, Vijfhuizen, near Haarlem. Since 1981 in a newly constructed house on the Mient. From 1993 in a 1974-built house on the Vliegersplein. Here was alway room for antennas up to 27 meters length (see the antenna section in my equipment page). Vliegersplein, in English Aviators Square, is named after three RAF pilots that were shot down in an aerial fight over Vijfhuizen on May 3rd, 1943: Rowland, Gibson and Stevens. Each aviator has its own street... There is a memorial stone on the square.
I mention this historical fact in view of my interests in Aircraft and in History

The house that we live in now, is situated in the center of the capitol city of the Provence North Holland, Haarlem. The house is well within the original city wall area of 1245, when Haarlem obtained city rights. These Walls were torn down in the late 19th century, together with all but one City Gates. After the Spanish Occupation of Haarlem, many monasteries were taken down (after 1580). Our house was built on former grounds of the Margaretha Monastery.

our house is a very very very fine house

Our house (photo above), in the rare occasion that no cars are parked, one hour before the arrival of the Flower Parade Floats ("Bloemencorso").
The house has a garden at the rear, and the VHF/UHF V2000 is located on the roof (try to find it). From that point to a fiber pole (distance 16 meters) on the roof terrace, runs the End Fed Half Wave Antenna wire with coil (total lengthe 23,5 meters). I made a bird's eye view for that antenna situation:

The situation as it is afterJune 2021
Home Roof Improvement

On the first photo you see four appartments: two on the street level, numbers 80 and 78 black and two floors: 80 and 78 red. In Haarlem colours black and red are used to indicate a street level and a floor level appartment. Most 'foreigners' don't know this! The street is in fact a lane, or better, avenue: Nassau Avenue (Nassaulaan). The roof is for complex 78, so also our roof.

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