Contest - cumulative.

Our cumulative contest is OPEN to all, on an equal basis. The competition is in three different classes, primely based on low or high power entries.
The three best placed - and national winners (DXCC list) in each category is awarded with a contest award. For further information see
The 50 MHz Open - rules


The official newsletter of OZ50MHz Group is the daily updated OZ50MHz DX News, which can be found at the editor´s OZ6OM WebSite.

Members of board.

View the OZ50MHz Group organization plan at the members of board page.

The 50 MHz WebSite Award.

The rules are quite simple, Your WebSite must contain original material compiled by the website holder, e.g. bulletin or newsletter - links to other websites may only in exceptional cases trigger a 2 nd. class award.

50 MHz WebSite Award - 1 St. class - OZ7SIX

To apply for the 50 MHz WebSite Award, email us, and explain why You should be an 50 MHz WebSite Award holder. Remember to include Your URL. and we will evaluate Your WebSite.
Previously issued awards can be viewed and they link to their holders websites at the page
50 MHz WebSite Awards.

This page have last been updated April 8 th. 2008.