The 50MHz Open - Cumulative Contest - rules.
Revision 2005 to 2017.


All licensed radio amateurs, with 50 MHz privileges is invited to participate in
"The 50 MHz Open" cumulative contest.

Date & time

Fourth Tuesday, every month - 19:00-23:00 CET/MET incl. summertime offset.
(Never at December 23 rd. 24 th. nor 25 th.)

January 24 th.
18-22 UT

February 28 th.
18-22 UT

March 28 th. 17-21 UT

April 25 th.
17-21 UT

May 23 rd.
17-21 UT

June 27 th.
17-21 UT

July 25 th.
17-21 UT

August 22 nd.
17-21 UT

Sept. 26 th.
17-21 UT

October 24 th.
17-21 UT

Nov. 28 th.
18-22 UT

Dec. 26 th.
18-22 UT


LP. The 50 MHz Open - Low power < 10 w.
MP. The 50 MHz Open - Medium power < 100 w.
HP. The 50 MHz Open - High power > 100 w.
Single and multi operators participate in same sections.
Each participant may enter 1 (one) log pr. month 


Each contacted station counts only ones even if it is /A, /P etc.
Duplicates must not be deleted from the log, but shall be listed as a normal QSO with zero (0) points. In case points are claimed for a duplicate QSO, ten times the claimed points will be deducted.
All operation in accordance with IARU Region 1 bandplan.
No contacts via active repeaters or EME are allowed.


RS(T) and Locator, e.g. 59 JO02QC. No QSO no. is required !


1 point/km + 500 bonus points per Wold Wide Locator. e.g. JO02


In the annual result, only the nine best contests are evaluated.


The monthly and cumulated annual result, can be wieved at 


The first three stations in each section, and the best station in each country (national winner), will receive a Contest Award (website download).

Log entries

Logs must be received no later than a week after the contest.
Logs received later than deadline will be used as check logs.
Logs may be submitted electronically to the contest manager at,
50mhz @
Please in the subject line;
50MHz Open, class either LP, MP or HP & Your callsign.
EDI format is preferred.

O. Bjørn Madsen, OZ6OM
Øderløkken 20
DK-5240 Odense Nø