DX General information
Current email address to enter info; cqsix(at)oldman.dk

The 50MHz Open
Cumulative contest the 4th. Tuesday in the month, is a kind of cosy contest where we meet at Six, to have a pleasant evening behind the radio making some QSO´s. Exchange RST and Locator (6 digit), no serial number required. You may find the rules for "The 50 MHz Open" here -and check out the standings here.

UKSMG Summer Marathon Event
The Summer Marathon runs between the first Saturday of May (6th. May 2015 at 00:00 UT) and the first Sunday of August (2nd. Aug 2015 ending at 23:59 UT) on the Six Metre band. Further information can be found on the UKSMG Summer Marathon page, and the full rules are available on the UKSMG Summer Marathon Rules page.

CLUBLOG is NOW a LOTW Trusted partner. It was announced on April 3rd, by the ARRL and ClubLog that "ClubLog has become the first logging service to achieve Trusted Partner status for Logbook of the World® (LoTW). Radio amateurs holding LoTW "callsign certificates" who have uploaded logs to ClubLog now can readily cross-post them to the highly secure LoTW ? world's largest repository for confirming Amateur Radio contacts." Read the complete details/news at: http://www.arrl.org/news/view/club-log-is-now-a-logbook-of-the-world-trusted-partner
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1312 11 Apr. 2017

Greenland, OX. New OX6M beacon. Bo OZ2M reports that the new OX6M beacon is now operating on 50.047 MHz and OZ7IGY has had an overhaul OX6M Monday, October 17 saw a new 6 m beacon on the air. Bo, OZ1DJJ/OX3LX, installed the new beacon in HQ90AL running PI4 + CW + carrier in a one minute cycle on 50.047 MHz. The power is 25 W and the antenna is a dipole radiating North/South.
73 Bo, OZ2M (via Southgate)
25 Oct. 2016

WSJT. Joe Taylor, K1JT, will be named Amateur of the Year at this year's Hamvention at Dayton. Joe received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1993 for the discovery of PSR 1913+16, a pulsar. Taylor obtained his first ham license in 1954 with the call KN2ITP. Following his retirement, he developed weak signal encoding software and transmission modes such as JT65, WSJT, and WSPR.
DXNL 1989 19 May 2016
E.d. OZ6OM, hear hear - well earned.

Montenegro, 4O. The Alliance of Amateur Radio Montenegro actived the beacon 4O6MNE on QRG 50,019.70 KHz, 20W power, mode A1A / 24 h. The antenna is 4.5 dB on the vertical polarization. Location is JN92pk.
Sixitalia Weekly 18 Apr. 2016

Contest. The ARI Florence organizes the marathon dedicated to the 50 MHz band, which is open to all amateurs. To participate simply request the user ID and password by sending an e-mail to [email protected] containing the following information: CALL, operator name, and WWLocator the category of participation. The Regulation and all the details on www.arifirenze.it/maratona I hope you can publish in your newsletter the details relating to our initiative.
73 Gabriele IZ5HQB
10 Apr. 2016

102 AND STILL ACTIVE!! Maurice, F5NQL, informs us that on April 7th [edited]: "Today, our good friend
Ivan Pastre, F3AT, turns 102 years young.
Still active on the band quite exclusively on CW on the HF bands and 6m. He is on every day at his station chasing DXpeditions and new bands for his DXCC Challenge. He is Top of the Honor Roll. He is still a member of numerous societies like REF, ARRL, Clipperton DX Club, Union Française des Télégraphistes, FOC, EUDXF, Provins ARC/F6KOP and more.
Congrats may be sent to
[email protected] 73 and Happy Birthday to Ivan"
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1261 12 Apr. 2016

Breaking News. A new DXCC entity seam to be added to the current DXCC list. The exotic Island state San Serriffe, consisting of the islands of Upper Caisse and Lower Caisse, will be assigned the 0D (Zero Delta) series (0DA to 0DZ). A well prepared team is already in place at the new entity as this is written. A all band operation with emphasis on SIX metres will use the call 0DX6M from the morning of april 1st. - QRT time is not know at this hour. More to follow soon.
Loof Lirpa 0DX4U 1 Apr. 2016 - in a few days. (this Years April fool hoax)

Turks and Caicos Isl., VP5. Resident. John, NW4JG, informs OPDX that he is a resident of the Turks and Caicos Island of Providenciales and has just received the callsign VP5VJG (about a week ago). He mentions, It is very difficult to get a VP5 callsign. About 5 years working with a tourist temporary permit on island." His also states [edited], "I operate with an Icom 7200 with PW-1 amp. Antennas are Force 12 (40-10m), M2 (6 meters), and a Alpha Delta dipole (160-10 meters). We live on a hill and the antennas are about 150' above the Southern Atlantic Ocean. I also work all Digital modes. Have finally received on the island all the gear for satellite and EME with Yaesu FT736R, 5500 antenna control... etc.
Important, QSL INFO: John, informs OPDX to QSL via John, Graves, 3075 Ohio Street, Miami, FL 33133, when on island. There is no mail from the island. Also, during the summer he will be in a condo in Montreal: QSL via John Graves, 1605 Rue Docteur-Penfield #601, Montreal,QC, Canada H3H 1B2.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1258 21 Mar. 2016

Reunion Isl., FR. Yvon, FR1GZ, is running a temporary beacon using the call FR1GZ/B. It is on air from 07 to 17 UTC on 50038.5 transmitting with 10W in a 5/8 vertical antenna.
Sixitalia Weekly 14 Mar. 2016

Mauritania, 5T. Ahmad, 9K2AI, will be active from Mauritania for the coming two to three years with the call 5T2AI. So far he uses an IC-7000, dipoles, and soon a yagi. QSL via NI5DX.
Sixitalia Weekly 29 Feb. 2016

Albania, ZA. IW2JOP is QRV as ZA/IW2JOP from Saranda and is generally active on 80 to 2 meters using SSB and various digital modes.  QSL direct to IW2HAJ.
Sixitalia Weekly 29 Feb. 2016

Palmyra, KH5. The K5P team is now QRT, with a sad record they equaled the old VP6DX record of 0, with absolutely NIL 6 meter QSO´s. See the statistics here https://secure.clublog.org/charts/?c=K5P#r
24 Jan. 2016

Contest EME. QSP de OZ1ADL, Radek OK2VBZ writes; MOON contest has new conditions in 2016. Big new is category Magic Band - 50 MHz. Here are more info: http://ok2vbz.waypoint.cz/mc/en/ Please forward this information to your members, we will be glad when they join the MOON contest. Thank you.
I wish you a good new Year 2016. Radek OK2VBZ
17 Jan. 2016

Kosovo, Z6. New IARU mamber. Wayne, N7NG, sent out the following press release on December 10th: "The Kosovo amateur radio Association joins the IARU". "The secretariat of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) released a note to their member societies today announcing that The Kosovo Amateur Radio Association, SHRAK has been voted into IARU membership. SHRAK represents the Amateur Radio community of the Republic of Kosovo. With a long history dating back to the days of the former Yugoslavia, SHRAK was reconstituted on September 12, 2012, when an Amateur Radio service was launched by the Kosovo government. You may send your congratulatory note to SHRAK President Vjollca Caka (YL), Z61VB, and welcome her new IARU member society to our ranks".
Sixitalia Weekly 23 Dec. 2015

Andorra, C3. Beacon. Info from Jose EA7KW. Just to inform a new beacon from Andorra. C30SIX Frq: 50.413 MHz. Ant: Vertical Cushcraft AR6, Power 10 Watts, locator: JN02SK, Sant Julià de Loria (Naturlandia Echo Park) 1600 metre ASL, text: "VVV C30SIX C30SIX JN02SK 10 W VERT", beacon text sent every 10 seconds, owner and keeper: URA 73 Jose, EA7KW
UKSMG 17 Nov. 2015

Zimbabwe, Z2. "The Daily DX" reports that Massimo, IZ0EGB (ex-Z81B), is now working in Harare and has been issued the callsign Z21MH. Currently he is not active, but plans to have a station on the air within the next few months. Activity will be on 40-6 meters using SSB. QSL via IZ0EGA.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1239 10 Nov. 2015 - Semi resident

Madagascar, 5R8. Beacon. Since October 18th the beacon 5R8UI/b is running on 50.410 MHz using 10W into a dipole beamed to Europe, grid locator is LH46CQ. Reception reports are welcomed to 5R8UI.
Sixitalia Weekly 3 Nov. 2015

Benin, TY. Update. Nicolas, F8FQX (ex-TJ3SN, TN5SN, 5T5SN), who recently went QRT from Cameroon in July, will be or has moved to Benin and will be active as TY2AC for the next three years. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via IZ1BZV direct or LoTW.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1238 3 Nov. 2015 - Autumn 2018

Wallis and Fortuna Isl., FW. Jean-Jacques, TK5JJ, will leave Corsica for 2 years and travel to Wallis Island where he will be active as FW5JJ. He hopes to be active very soon after his arrival with an Icom 756PRO and G5RV antenna. The rest of his equipement will arrive later. He will be active on SSB, CW and the Digital modes on all HF bands, 6m and 2m EME. QSL via F5RXL.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1130 27 Sep. 2013 - Autumn 2015

Japan, JA. Beacon. Shirow JF6DEA/KE1EO writes; JA6YBR returned to Service One of JA 50MHz beacons; JA6YBR on 50.017MHz, which has been suspended by lightning, returned to service at 0015z on October 12, 2015. Repairing and logistics of the equipment were greatly supported by JH6VZS Kai, JH6AVS Take and JR6GKT Kou. We are thankful for their devoting contribution. And we have to say special thanks to our local community KSSG (Kyushu Six Meter SSB Group) for their verious support.
Shirow Kinoshita, JF6DEA/KE1EO, JA6YBR beacon manager, Fukuoka, Japan
13 Oct. 2015

Japan, JA. Beacon. One of JA 50MHz beacons; JA6YBR on 50.017MHz has been stopped since 12:00z on Monday, Aug.31, 2015. The equipment damaged by lightning strike. Now we are investigating the situation of damage. There is a possibility that the suspension period is prolonged depend on the situation.
Shirow Kinoshita JF6DEA/KE1EO
3 Sep. 2015

England G. G3WOS's anniversary 6M BBQ - August 8th 2015. More; 10th anniversary of G3WOS's 2015 50MHz BBQ See the photos from the 2004 BBQ, 2005 BBQ and 2011 BBQs On the tenth anniversary of my first 6M BBQ, I am holding another on Saturday 8th August 2015 in Farnborough, Hampshire UK  - so please make a note in your diary!
ke a look at the 2005 BBQ web site if you want to see what it’s all about. As we have always had a good number of non-UK 6m hams attend, I am sending this now so that you can plan your summer around the event by visiting the UK!
There will be plenty of food and drink, lots of 6m guys to talk to and argue with and XYLs are positively encouraged! I hope that we will see an even better turn out of non-UK 6m enthusiasts. For those wanting to stay over on Friday night, many will be able to stay in the same hotel (The Falcon as in 2011) and I will organise another great 6m dinner for the Friday evening!
There will be several interesting talks to help pass the long hot summer day...
Location: You can see my QTH at maps.google.com - GU14 6RF [nice postcode don't you think?].
The cost of the BBQ is 30 UK Pounds and will need to be paid in advance of the event.
I know it's a long way off, but if you are interested in attending PLEASE send me an email stating your level of interest. If I don't hear from you then I could assume there is no interest!
p.s. If you have any ideas for presentations please let me know!73 Chris G3WOS -
[email protected]
Chris G3WOS 15 Feb. 2015 - 8 Aug. 2015

Cambodia, XU. Jarrad, VK3HXT, has recently received his XU7AGA callsign and has moved to Sihanoukville on Koh Rong Island to be with his brother. He has two HF radio - Icom IC-7200 HF/6M Transceiver and Yaesu FT-817ND QRP Transceiver (which he is currently using). At some stage in the future, he hopes to be able to offer visiting hams the chance to rent his Sihanoukville Shack, and provide advice (and equipment). QSL via VK3HXT. For more details and possible updates, see QRZ.com (under XU7AGA). ClubLog's OQRS is available and LoTW will be available soon.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1216 31 May 2015 - pending

Madagascar, 5R. Michele, 5R8UI is now active from Nosy Bee Is using a 5 el Yagi.
Sixitalia Weekly 20 May 2015

Sri Lanka, 4S. The 6m beacon from Sri Lanka is back on air as 4S7B/B 50.009 MHz 25W using a ground plane antenna. Locator: MJ96XV This is a RSSL Radio Socity of Sri Lanka and 6 Meter Beacon Project, Inc., Special thanks goes to David N3DB Your signal reports are most welcome. (4S7JL VIA VK6KXW).
Sixitalia Weekly 12 May 2015

Kenya, 5Z. Six meters available ! Hams fron Kenya have, now, access to 6m band! We are waiting for firsts signal from this country!
Sixitalia Weekly 3 May 2015

South Africa, ZS. New Hamband 8 meters ! A new ham band is now available in R.S.A. According to South African national government (rules here) they can use the 8m band (40.675 - 40.685 KHz) primary use! It is a great opportunity for further TEP study.
Sixitalia Weekly 3 May 2015

Contest. UKSMG Summer Marathon. One major change to last year's Marathon is that we have replaced DXCC entities with Major Grid Squares as the item to count. The Marathon runs for the same three months, roughly early May to early August, and logs can be uploaded at any time during the event. The revised webpages can be viewed at http://www.uksmg.org/summer-marathon.php http://www.uksmg.org/summer-marathon-contest-rules.php Hopefully this is OK for CQ Six, but please let me know if you have any questions.
Tim Hugill G4FJK Secretary UK Six Metre Group 2 Apr. 2015

Contest. Ari section of Florence Summer Marathon. May 1, 2015 will begin the 2015 edition of the marathon 50/70 MHz Ari organized by the Section of Florence. You can find the Regulation with all the info is on the official website of the ARI www.ari.it that on the site of the Section of Florence www.arifirenze.it/maratona. Pending receipt of your numerous inscriptions wish all good dx in the magic band.
73 'de Gabriele / IZ5HQB

Greece, SV. Beacon. SV1SIX beacon (50.040,00) is temporary out of service.
SixItalia 3 Feb. 2015

Senegal, 6V. Beacon. The 6V7SIX/b is now again operational after some months of maintenance. It is in the usual qrg of 50013,5.
SixItalia 3 Feb. 2015

Ivory Coast, TU. WWL mistake. After some e-mail exchange with Silvano I2YSB, (part of TU2T team and QSL manager), he realize and confirming that there’s a mistake about TU2T 2011 locator. QRZ.com page (already fixed) reported: IJ76 The QSL card for a typing error report: JJ85. The right one, confirmed by the shack location QTH, Grand-Bassam it’s: IJ85. So, everybody please check your worked locator data-base and fix TU2T as: IJ85.
Behalf of Silvano I2YSB, Dan, IK1EGC 31 Dec. 2014

Wallis and Fortuna, FW. Jean-Jacques, FW5JJ, is back on Wallis Island after a few months holiday on Corsica as TK5JJ. He is expected to be on Wallis for 2 years (possibly longer). Activity is on the HF bands and 6 meters. Also, FW5JJ is now operating on 144 MHz EME and has made his first FW-F (Wallis to France) QSO with F6BKI in Bordeaux, France. Jean-Jacques will also be installing 160 ad 80 meters antennas soon. QSL direct only via F5RXL (OQRS). Check out the pictures on QRZ.com.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1192 11 Dec. 2014

Hungary, HA. Beacon. One year ago we announced HG5BTV beacon from a TV broadcast station that was in operation for half year only because its antenna was removed in March 2014. HA1YA could find a new location inside another TV broadcast station and installed with a new call sign HG1BTV on October 30. The exceptional antenna together with a QRP transmit power generate over 500W ERP in every direction with very flat radiation pattern. We expect the new Hungarian beacon will help to discover intercontinental openings. We optimized its identification CW message to be easily and quickly recognized by CW Skimmers. Because of its vertically polarized antenna system we do not expect long distance tropo observations. We do not expect meteor scatter reflection indication either because of its extremely narrow radiation pattern. Our Budapest WebSDR provides still solid observation from almost 200km distance. 
Submitted by Tamas, HA5PT via UKSMG 3 Nov. 2014

Qatar, A7. Jan OZ1ADL reports from a recent stay in Doha that the 6 meter beacon A71A at 50.006 MHz in LL55SH have undergone maintenance a.o. an overhaul of the antennas.
CQ Six 10 Aug. 2014

Italy, I. A new beacon is active from Italy. It si IQ4FE/b on 50.420,0. its grid is KN54AS. Reception reports are welcome to: [email protected]
Sixitalia Weekly 9 Jul. 2014

Bahamas, C6. Tim, AF1G, now active as C6ATH, lives/works on Andros Island, and will be there for several years. Look for him on the weekends, U.S. holidays ad some contests. Activity will be on 80-6 meters using SSB and the Digital modes. QSL LoTW and direct w/SASE (see QRZ.com). No Bureau.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1166 17 Jun. 2014

Guatemala, TG. Juan TG9AJR sends Greetings from Guatemala. I hope soon we will have some nice openings between Guatemala and Europe, I am QRV and look forward. Best 73 and good DX de Juan TG9AJR EK44SL
17 May 2014

Western Sahara, S0. Naama, S01A, has delayed his activity until early May because he did not receive the new equipment and antennas in time. Operators S01A, S01WS (club station "Amateur Radio Union Sahrawi") and S01AH are expected to receive their equipment at the end of April. Having overcome the technical and installation of multiple antennas problems, the maximum expected operating bands will be on 80-6 meters. They will be using three bazooka antennas, one for 60 meters. Naama apologizes for the short activity on March 9th. An equipment failure prevented him from continuing his activity. It is important to note that this DXpedition from the "Radio Club Amateur Radio Union of  Sahrawi" (URS) is to help the Sahrawi operators develop their hobby on minimum technical conditions. Operators Naama/S01A, Man/S01AH and the URS/S01WS will operate on 60 meters, on 5366.5, 5371.5, 5380.5, 5398.5 and 5403.5 kHz USB. Naama and Man have a license to operate CW on this band on 5.368, 5.373, 5.382 and 5.405 kHz. It is suggested to watch the following for updates and news: https://twitter.com/SaharaDxTeam and http://saharadx.jimdo.com
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1159 28 Apr. 2014

New Meteor shower! The NASA Science News for May 6, 2014 says; Sky watchers in North America could witness a new meteor shower on May 24th when, for the first time, Earth passes through a cloud of dust from periodic comet 209P/LINEAR. Find the full storey at http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2014/06may_newshower/ and video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw3hVTUQ43U
Rest of the wold will have to settle for fine Meteor scatter ConDX E.d.
6 May 2014 - 25 May 2014


Italy, I. Beacon. IT9X/B is again on the air (temporary in test) on 50057 but it will be moved on 50440 soon (according with new region 1 IARU Bandplan). The grid will be JM78LB at around 923m asl. more info on http://www.qrz.com/db/IT9X?ref=445690881
Sixitalia Weekly 14 Apr. 2014

Paraguay, ZP. A new beacon on 6m is testing frm Paraguay; Manu, ZP9MCE, is working ZP9MCE/B on 50065 CW Actually operational with 20w, provided by an ft950 yaesu, in a vertical antenna. Reports on cluster are welcome.
Sixitalia Weekly 20 Feb. 2014

Italy, I. Beacon. After some weeks of QRT due some technical problems I0JX/b is again operative in the usual qrg of 50004.
Six Italia 18 Feb. 2014

Bemin, TY. Update. Wim, ON6DX (ex-ON4CIT), who was active as 5V7TH recently from Togo, announced this past week he finally received his Benin callsign TY1TT from the telecom authorities. He states, "Was not easy, took me the longest time and most expensive ever to get a callsign. Now I can plan flights and lodging beginning 2014 in Benin." No specific dates were mentioned yet. Activity will be from Grand PoPo and operations will be on 20/17/15/12/10/6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. Wim did mention, "Clublog is a fine tool, but this year: OQRS QSL: Yes, but... But no more clublog leaderboards." Read his reason and look for updates at: http://www.dxpedition.be/Benin.html
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1143 - resident.

Mozambique, C9. Karel, ZS6ALB, informs OPDX that he is now permanently based in Mozambique and is active as C91KHN (C91C during contest) from Matola, Mozambiue (Grid locater KG64fa). He has been busy upgrading his station, changing the current Hygain tri-bander for a Mosley 67B 6-bander. However, Karel informed OPDX on Christmas Eve that he "will be away for the festive season and will be back in C9 country on 13 January 2014." After the upgrades, he states that he will be active on the following bands and modes:
Band Operations:  6m - 5 element Yagi 40/20/17/15/12/10m - Mosley 67B
Modes: SSB and Digitals modes PSK31, RTTY and JT65A (using Rigblaster Advantage)
QSL via his home callsign direct (preferred). Log will be uploaded to LoTW and ClubLog.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1143 4 Jan. 2014 - resident.

Sri Lanka, 4S. A new beacon is now operative on 6m is 4S7B/b  50.009MHZ using a moxon antenna beamed to JA land.
(VK6KXW, Peter via Six Italia) 3 Dec. 2013

D.R. Congo, 9Q. Henk, ON4AHF, reports that after 3 years of negotiations the Congolese government has finally permitted the operation of the national club station 9Q0AR and its special call 9Q0HQ. It is believed that this permit will also allow DXCC credit in the near future.
(Six Italia) 3 Dec. 2013

South Africa, ZS. Hal, ZS6WB, wrote: "ZS6WB/B on 50.450 FM will be in operation for the next few days on a test basis.  ID (callsign & grid) are transmitted briefly approximately every 70 seconds.
Some beacons are in operation now and others are being tested before being added to the chain before the beginning of December.The objective of the project is to take better advantage of the sporadic-E openings that occur several times during our summer Es season. All of the project beacons will operate on 50.450 FM. While a few are pure beacons, many will be a 50 MHz transceiver with a voice keyer connected and these stations will be listening for other stations calling between their brief ID transmission. While we have had many Es openings in the past virtually all have been on a north to south path with Pretoria/Johannesburg to Cape Town openings probably the most frequent. This project will be getting stations to the east and west also involved with participants strung out from St. Helena to Reunion and to the north in several countries including Angola and Zimbabwe. Most Es openings will be to stations from 1200-2500 km but the occasional multiple-hop openings can stretch this way out. If you would like to participate in the project please drop me a line. We need more stations in remote areas that can operate as a beacon. That doesn't take much. A voice keyer unit can be put together for about $200 that just plugs into your microphone jack and you are ready to go. If there is already a beacon near you please got in the habit of monitoring 50.450 when you are near the radio. Signals are usually strong so you can use the squelch. Beacons will generally operate from 8 AM to 8 PM and we expect operation to continue at least to the end of February. 73 - Hal ZS6WB"
(Sixitalia Weekly) 10 Nov. 2013

Adventures flight London - Sydney.
The Pilots Andy and Sam, are doing a adventures flight from London to Sydney - in sports plane ! Andy is a radio amateur and was until he went to England active as VK2CHA.
With an Piper PA28 from 1966, the two Gent´s makes the trip over Balkan, the middle east, along the Suez canal, to India continuing over Malaysia to Australia.
The plane has underwent maintenance by UniFly at Odense airport EKOD. Friday and Saturday the 27 th. and 28th. of September test flights is scheduled. Further a shortwave radio (IC-706) has been fitted and will be adjusted and tested as well. Primely is flight communication, how much time there will be for amateurradio is still open, however those stints of the trip were the flight communication on HF is not needed, the crew of
G-ATYS will be QRV as OZ7CQ Aeronautical Mobile on 6-40 meters QSL is via OZ6OM with SASE.
Preferred frequencies of activity ± QRM are 7.173 MHz, 14.273 MHz, 18.163 MHz, 21.373 MHz, 24.973 MHz, 28.573 MHz, 29.600 MHz FM,
50.173 MHz & 51.510 MHz FM.
The crew left Odense EKOD (JO55) Sunday morning the 29th. of september, south bound, first way point OZ6OM QTH.
Not only is the trip made in a 47 year old plane, but they use the tour to raise founds for charity, these will go to Oxfam, whom is know for their international charity work.
Charity Donations are mostly welcome and preferred digitally via this website - please do not forget to show Your call under Donor message.
Read more about Andy and Sam´s adventures flight and the project at; 
Cherokeechallenge2013 and at twitter or facebook or watch a introduction video at http://vimeo.com/73747004 You can follow G-ATYS live with their GPS tracker at Find Me Spot and when they are in a high altitudes at Flightradar24.com
Sep. 29th. Leaving EKOD. The first QSO´s were made in the air over mid Germany on 40 meters. Todays flight ended in LOAN Vienna.
Oct. 2nd.  Stint from LOAN Vienna Neustat to LGKR Corfu Isl. Greece. See Sam´s landing
Qct. 5th.  From LGKR Corfu Crete to HEPS Port Said in Egypt.
Oct. 7th.  From HEPS Port Said in Egypt to LCLK Larnarca Cyprus for repair (they were unable to do in Port Said).
Oct. 10th. From LCLK Larnaca Cyprus, around Israel over Egypt, passing Cairo to OJAM Amman Jordan.
250 Nm detour!
Qct. 11th. Leaving OJAM Amman Jordan, heading for OERK Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Andy was thrilled about the
pileup at 15m.
Oct. 12th. The stint will be OERK Riyadh Saudi Arabia to OMDB Dubai UAE. Active at 12 m.
Oct. 17th. Todays stint from OMDB Dubai UAE. is aimed for OPKC Karachi Pakistan. Calls were made, but unfortunately no QSO´s.
Oct. 18th. This one goes from OPKC Karachi Pakistan to VANP Nagpur, India.
ATU out of order, no QSO´s made.
Oct. 20th. From VANP Nagpur, India to Calcutta VECC India.
ATU out of order, no QSO´s made.
Oct. 21st. This mornings stint VECC Calcutta, India to VGEG Chittagong in Banladesh. Activity on 10 meters.
Oct. 22nd. This mornings stint VGEG Chittagong in Banladesh to VTBD Bangkok, Thailand. Activity on 15 meters.
Oct. 24th. Leaving VTBD Bangkok, Thailand bound for WMSA Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia. Was QRV at various bands.
Oct. 27th. From WMSA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to WIHH Jakarta, Indonesia.
Passing Equator! QRV at various bands.
Oct. 28th. From WIHH Jakarta, Indonesia to WADD Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. QRV at various bands.
Oct. 31st. From WADD Kuta, Bali, Indonesia to WPDL Kupang, West Timor.  QRV at various bands.
Nov. 1st.  From WPDL Kupang, West Timor to Darvin Australia. QRV at various bands.
Nov. 2nd. Left YPDN Darvin Australia to YPAS Alice Springs. QRV at various bands.
Nov. 7th. From YPAS Alice Springs a 7 hrs. stint to
Atherton Tablelands. QRV at various bands.
Nov. 19th. Last stint, to YSBK Sydney
. Congratulations with the Achievement Guys !  - Globetrotters ...

The Adventures flight London - Sydney. G-ATYS have reached Sydney YSBK.
The Pilots Andy and Sam, have landed successfully Nov. 19th. in YSBK Sydney at approx. 03.00 UT.
They did this adventures flight from London to Sydney - in a Piper PA28/180 from 1966.
Andy is a radio amateur and was until he went to England active as VK2CHA. As from EKOD Odense, Denmark.
G-ATYS was QRV as OZ7CQ / Aeronautical Mobile on 6-40 meters during their flight. QSL is via OZ6OM with SASE. (cards yet to be printed).

In the Air ...

And on the air ...

and on ground - Congratulations Sam

Sudan, ST.
Members of the "Boy Scouts of Sudan" (ST2BSS) will participate and operate from the Khartoum Sea Scout Amateur Radio Club (ST2KKS) for the 56th Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) activities. Operations are expected to be on all bands and modes. QSL via ST2M. For more details, see www.qrz.com.
(Sixitalia Weekly)
15 Oct. 2013 - Resident

Analoge TV transmitters off!
U.A.E., A6. According to Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE): "Analog TV Switch-Off. The existing analog TV broadcasting operators shall switch-off their analog TV transmitters maximum by December 2013. After this date analog TV transmission shall no longer be available. The broadcasting operators shall ensure that all analog terrestrial TV transmissions have been switch off after this date." So we are losing another good TEP/ES indicator.
Kenya, 5Z. We are going to loose another usefull indicator for 6m opening: "Kenya's analogue switch off to begin with Nairobi in December 2013 Residents of Nairobi and surrounding areas will be the first to switch
over to digital TV broadcasting services on December 13. The government today announced that Nairobi would pioneer other parts of the country in a phased switch-off plan scheduled to end on June 30, 2014." Full news on: http://www.digitaltvnews.net/content/?p=22910
(Peter, VK6KXW via Sixitalia Weekly)
15 Oct. 2013

Kosovo, Z6. ITU Administration. Amateur radio in the former Serbian province Kosovo has made progress on its way back into the regular ham community. A first class of new hams (students at the Technical University of Pristina) will complete their ham radio course within short time. The course has been held with support of the IARU Region 1. Kosovo's national ham radio organisation SHRAK has set up a station on the university's premises. Furthermore, Kosovo might be one step closer to DXCC recognition. Under current DXCC rules it needs either an official prefix assigned by ITU or join the UN as a member state. Serbia has finally lifted its objection against Kosovo receiving its own international country code for telephone numbers from the ITU. An assignation of such a code is usually followed by an assignation of an official ITU prefix.
(DXNL 1851)
27 Sep. 2013

Wallis and Fortuna Isl., FW. Jean-Jacques, TK5JJ, will leave Corsica for 2 years and travel to Wallis Island where he will be active as FW5JJ. He hopes to be active very soon after his arrival with an Icom 756PRO and G5RV antenna. The rest of his equipement will arrive later. He will be active on SSB, CW and the Digital modes on all HF bands, 6m and 2m EME. QSL via F5RXL.
(Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1130)
27 Sep. 2013 - Autumn 2015

Philippines, DU. Al, DU1KA, (DU1WGA, DU1/W7XA, W7XA), has relocated to a place about 50km south of Manila on Luzon. QRV mainly in CW on 20-6m. with a K3, amplifier, and a hex beam, mostly between 22z-02z and 08z-12z. Antennas for 30, 40, and 80m will be added until about mid-October. QSL via NR6M.
(DXNL 1852)
3 Oct. 2013

Namibia, V5. Beacon. V51YJ is running a personal beacon on 50028 with call V51YJ/b.
(Sixitalia Weekly)
18 Sep. 2013

Silent Key. On August 31 Steve Hodgson, ZC4LI (also 5B4AHA, C4C, G0LII, G6G, and ZD8LII), passed away. Steve was an avid contester and a keen 6 meter operator as well.
(Sixitalia Weekly)
18 Sep. 2013

South Africa, ZS. Beacon. ZS6TWB/b QRV again from KG46rc on 50.044 30 w into 5/8 vertical antenna. 73 de Paul ZS6NK.
3 Aug. 2013

Somalia, 6O. Roger, LA4GHA is now active from Somalia on 6m as 6O0LA. QSL via LA4GHA.
(Sixitalia Weekly)
24 Jul. 2013

Greenland, OX. Mia , OZ5MD and Bjorn OZ5BD will be active from Sisimiut, Greenland for at least the next two years as OX5M and OX5T. QRV mainly on 40-6m CW, SSB. QSL via OZ0J.
(Sixitalia Weekly)
24 Jul. 2013

New IRCs. The Universal Postal Union has unveiled the new "Doha" IRC model, valid from the 1st of July until 2017. The current "Nairobi" model remains valid until the end of 2013. http://www.arrl.org/news/new-international-reply-coupon-introduced 
(DXNL 1838)
28 Jun. 2013

Korea S., HL. A QSP from Kei, HL2UVH says, 6m Beacon HL1LUA, PM37MO band for test 6m propagation QRA : HL1LUA/B Loc: PM37MO (Seoul , South Korea) Mode : CW (A1/A1A) QRG: 50066 KHz ANT: 3ELE CQ (Beam to EU & NA) Transmimitting message : VVV VVV DE HL1LUA/B HL1LUA/B HL1LUA/B PM37MO SEOUL AR.
16 Jun. 2013

Marshall Islands, V7. Beacon. Neil, V73NS, reports that members of the "Roi-Namur Amateur Radio Club" have set up a 6m beacon (V73SIX/B) on Roi-Namur (WW Loc. RJ3rj). QRG is 50.014 http://www.qsl.net/v73ns/v73six.htm
(DXNL 1835)
6 Jun. 2013

Martinique, FM. A new beacon is now operational from Martinique: FM1ZAC; QRG: 50.069 MHz, loc. FK94NL in a Turnstile antenna. Info on www.qrz.com/db/FM1ZAC (Sixitalia Weekly) 22 Apr. 2013

Band conduct. In the past days we have seen some scheduled dxpedition in Europe (thus we can't consider them really dxpedition because they won't be in uninhabited areas) that intend to use some "beacons" to promote their activities. That is not a bad thing but, until now, some of those dxspeditions declared to be in beacon mode in the INTER-CONTINENTAL window. Probably the operators never read a 6m BP or never understood the importance to keep the window 50100-50130 free for real DX (or better as IARU says for INTER-CONTINENTAL use).
To put a beacon in that portion of the band (in an highly populated area as Europe is) is not a good idea (and is not allowed at all) and it is a bad example for all 6m users.
Some persons can reply that other dxpeditions already had this kind of activities, but will be easy to reply that the "beacon mode" in INTER-CONTINENTAL portion of the band was - correctly - used only rarely and in uninhabited areas in Africa, Asia, Central America, etc. So, please, help us to explain to the EU dxpeditions organizers / operators (probably having their main interest in hf or 2m) that every band has its rules and is better to start with a correct feeling with it.
So remember that rules say: NO EU-EU QSO (and no beacons) in the portion 50100-50130 in any case! (Sixitalia Weekly)
19 Apr. 2013

Diamond DXCC. (Did anyone make one at Six? e.d.) ARRL will continue to accept applications for this award until the end of the year. The objective of the award was to work, during 2012, as many DXCC entities as possible according to the first DXCC country list dating from 1937. No QSLs are needed for the application process, which can also be done completely online. Furthermore, the ARRL webpage offers various hints and helps to match up current prefixes and entities with their 1937 counterparts. http://www.arrl.org/diamond-dxcc (DXNL 1826) 7 Apr. 2013

Honduras, HR. Hiro, JA6WFM, a well knowed 6m fellows, is again active from San Pedro Sula ad he will be here until January 2014 so, probably, he will be on 6m band vy soon. QSL via EA5GL or LoTW. (Sixitalia Weekly) 7 Apr. 2013

Sudan, ST. From UKSMG website, posted by Dave G8FXM. Dennis PA7FM will be active again in Sudan for QRL and he will be soon active with his previous call ST2DX. 7 Apr. 2013

France, F. Robin F/M5AEF, writes; Hi all, As far as I can tell the previous geographic and power restrictions on the use of 50 Mhz have been lifted. I have looked at the band plan and it would seem that maximum pep  would now be 120W, with no Departmental restrictions. Previously some departments had been limited to 5W and a handful to 100W.
But the best news of all is that the bandplan indicates French operators can now legally operate below 50.200 MHz and have access to the whole 50-52 MHz band.  Formidable!  For me I found being constricted to 50.2 - 51.2 very frustrating indeed.  Many openings would just pass me by as most operators confined themselves to the 50.100 - 50.200 segment.
So my guess is that we may see many more French operators and visitors oprating on 50 MHz.... perhaps we may see some new French members joining the UKSMG. The latest official French bandplan can be found here: 
Bon chance! Robin F/M5AEF
23 Mar. 2013

Rwanda, 9X. A QSP from Arne SM7AED based on info from Jose EA7KW says, Kiyo, JR1IZM, has just got license in Rwanda, 9X0ZM. Yesterday (March 16 th. e.d.) on his first night he managed to work some stations on Six in southern Europe and Venezuela. His set up was a m.m. long wire loop through an ATU from the porch of the second floor of his apartment. Maybe the UKSMG could offer help for a proper 6m aerial if he's interested?  He plans to stay there for one whole year. 28 Mar. 2013

Pacific ConDX, Jon N0JK reports Wake beacon, he writes; I am in Maui, HI through March 23. I heard the Wake Is. 6 meter beacon KH9/WA2YUN/b March 19. 23 Mar. 2013

Antarctica, VK0. Craig is on the air as VK0JJJ from the "Australian Antarctic Division" (AAD) station Mawson and recently put a 6m beacon into operation, using the call VK0RTM on 50.300 MHz. http://www.southgatearc.org/news/february2013/vk0rtm_6m_beacon_on_air.htm (DXNL 1822) 11 Mar. 2013

South Sudan, Z8. Massimo, IZ0EGB (ex-9L1MS, EL2GB), informs OPDX that he is now living in Juba, South Sudan, and plans to be on the air as Z81B soon. He will be using 600 watts into wire antennas for 40-6 meters, and operate on SSB and the Digital modes. Massimo adds that the equipment is installed already and was expected to be on the air this past week. Occasionally, Massimo will operate from other locations using only 100 watts into a T2FD (a terminated, tilted and folded dipole) operating SSB only. QSL via IZ0EGB: Alessandro Colasanti, Via Pia Nalli 30, 00134 Rome, Italy. Massimo states, "Colleagues should please avoid sending IRC coupons. Alessandro will periodically upload my log onto LoTW and ClubLog." (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1098) 14 Feb. 2013

Rotuma, 3D2. Antoine, 3D2AG, will once again be active as 3D2AG/p from Rotuma between late March/April. He states, "Now looking for spare parts for my 14-years-old ICOM 706-MKII, which is faulty (no TX). If anyone can help please contact me, so that I can be operational on 6m from Rotuma. Thanks in advance." His E-amil address is on QRZ.com. He also mentions, "QSL direct only to Fiji address. Please include at least two green stamps or one IRC with AIRMAIL SAE for first class return postage. After intense lobbying by 3D2AG, IRCs are now exchangeable at the normal UPU rate in Fiji. Please don't forget to put an airmail label on your return envelope, and write your country name clearly." (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1098) 14 Feb. 2013

Cuba, CO. QSP de Maurice, F5NQL. CO8DM on LOTW member CO8DM is now on LOTW have confirmed many past QSO, on 6M too. If you await LOTW credit or need info, send a message to Doug or to Steven, KU9C, Doug's QSL Manager. 14 Feb. 2013

South Africa, ZS. Beacon. ZS6SJV/B is a new beacon from South Africa. It Is running on 50070 MHz, 24/24h, with 10w. It is located in KG54NI (90km form C91 and 40 km form 3DA). (Sixitalia Weekly Info) 30 Jan. 2013

Laos, XW. Larry is now QRV as XW1A. Activity is on 160 to 2 meters using CW and SSB. This will eventually include RTTY.  QSL via E21EIC. (Sixitalia Weekly) 11 Jan. 2013

Djibouti, J2. Christian, F5MBF is arrived Djibouti in July and will be staying there for at least two years. He received the call J28NC. He was worked this week on 6m in CW. QSL via F5RQQ. (Sixitalia Weekly) 29 Oct. 2012

South Sudan, Z8. It’s official, the first two amateur radio operators in The Republic of South Sudan are: James Pratt (K7QI) and now (Z81A) – QSL via K7GSE. & Diya Al Sadi (YI1DZ) and now (Z81D) – QSL via OM3JW. These are permanent callsigns given by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services. At present time, Diya is all setup and ready to go, and thanks to Diya’s kindness, both Z81A and Z81D will be using his station located at Nyakuron South, Juba. Diya (Z81D) has just started his activity also on 6m using a wire antenna and his ic7000. (Sixitalia Weekly) 29 Oct. 2012

Kosovo, Z6. Excerpts from the IARU Region 1 Web page reports: "Monday, September 10, 2012 marked the end of supervised independence of the Republic of Kosovo, a European country with a population of 2 million, and the beginning of its status as a fully sovereign state." It also states, "Kosovo is now an independent country, which must be honored as such. As of today, a total of 91 countries, including most of the industrialized world, such as USA, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and France along with the Benelux and Nordic countries, have recognized the Republic of Kosovo. These powers have endorsed the final settlement, the fulfilment of which is now celebrated in Kosovo's capital Prishtina. An Amateur Radio working group headed by IARU Region 1 President Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T, and including IARU Region 1 Executive Committee Member Nikola Percin, 9A5W and Mission Goodwill Kosovo Coordinator Martti Laine, OH2BH, together with their associates are in the final stages of assisting Kosovo's Telecom Authorities in drafting regulations governing Amateur Radio in Kosovo, to bring the original Kosovar operators and their re-vitalized Amateur Radio Association back to the international community. http://www.voanews.com/content/supervised-independence-ends-in-kosovo/1505339.html
The IARU Region 1 Web page is at:
http://www.iaru-r1.org (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1079) 18 Sep. 2012

Silent Key. Bryn G4DEZ. We have just recieved the sad news that, Bryn G4DEZ passed away Friday 17th August 2012. Bryn was very well known and respected VHF/UHF Operator and very active on 6 Metres, he will be missed by many. Should anyone wish to send a condolence card to his family please post to Andy, M1IFT QTHR. (UKSMG) 29 Aug. 2012
e.d. I for one had many fine MS and tropo contacts with Bryn. R.I.P. OM

Niue, E6. New Prefix. On August 3rd, the ITU updated its "Table of International Callsign Series" to reflect a callsign change for Niue. The island will now have the entire E6 prefix block (E6A-E6Z). Niue is an island approximately 1700 miles northeast of New Zealand, and is a self-governing island nation that has been in free association with New Zealand since 1974. Prior to the change, the island used ZK2. (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1074) 29 Aug. 2012

Silent Key. Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ, passed away at the age of 71 on June 3. He was responsible for the QST column "The World Above 50 MHz" from 2002 to 2011. He was a member of the "ARRL Contest Advisory Committee", editor of the "VHF Contesting Column" in CQ Contest magazine, Director of the CQ VHF Contestes from 2000-02 and an early adopter and advocate of aggressive contestlog checking. (DXNL 1784) 18 Jun. 2012

DX´er Arrested in Greece. Amateur Radio NewslineT reported an update this week, and that well-known DXer/World-Traveller Baldur Drobnika, DJ6SI, stated that "I wasn't charged with espionage. As a reason of my arrest it was stated that:
 1. I performed radio traffic without the approval of the Greek authorities;
 2. I owned transmitting equipment which enabled the reception of other
To the accusation was later added an other point: I hindered the visualization of the content of my notebook."
Kostas, SV1DPI, also reported an update on June 9th, stating [edited]: "According to the RAAG's site, the Court decided yesterday (June 8th) that Baldur is innocent for the first accuse (operating his rig). According to the Court for the 2nd accuse (destroy of his computer and possible evidence of his activity), he was guilty. This second case will be examined again in the future, and I hope they get the right decision in the future. Baldur was, of course, in Germany (he left after the first judge) and only his lawyer was at the Court. My opinion is that what happened was by mistake in an island (Kos) very close to Turkey (the 2 coasts are only some meters far) where the Authorities were too suspicious... When Greek or foreign hams ask for special calls from the Islands which are too close to our borders, the Navy has been asked for approval. If Greece would like to have this policy for some of the islands, it should have signed the CEPT with the exception of these islands but we didn't. So everyone should have better knowledge of the laws and stop asking these papers in general because it has no sense. But unfortunately it seems that we have more important things to do during this time frame... All SV hams, we ask from Baldur to forgive our country for the bad behavior..." (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1065)
18 Jun. 2012

St. Helena, ZD7. Bruce, ZD7VC, is usually working on 20m/17m/15m/6m from 1700-2200 UTC. QSLs unfortunately only direct. (DXNL 1783) 18 Jun. 2012

Portugal, CT. QSP de Chris Deacon, G4IFX. 50 to 52 MHz full extended band in Portugal from next April 26th 2012. The National Communications Authority of Portugal (ICP-ANACOM) welcomes the proposal of 2 amateur radio colleagues, José Carlos (CT1DHM) and João Costa (CT1FBF), in order to amend the upper range limit of 50.5 MHz on the 6 metres band, from next April 26th 2012; the date of the complete switch-off of the analogue TV broadcasting transmissions to digital terrestrial television.
The new limits of the band allocation for Portugal will be from 50 MHz to 52 MHz.
Such opening, regarding the new upper limit for Portuguese ham radio 6 metres band, was possible thanks to the end of the old analogue signal TV broadcasting transmissions, on the lower VHF band (channels 2 to 4) after that date.
16 Apr. 2012

South Sudan, Z8. Prefix Allocation – South Sudan – Z8 As per the Table of International Call Sign Series, the prefix block Z8A-Z8Z has been allocated to the Republic of South Sudan. (Sixitalia Weekly) 6 Mar. 2012

Senegal, 6W. 6m allocation to Senegal. email from François, 6W7RT says; ADRASEC Senegal is proud to announce that following its application to the Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications and Posts (ARTP), the band 50-51 MHz has just been officially allocated at WRC-12 to the amateur service on a primary basis in Senegal. ADRASEC Senegal takes this opportunity to thank ARTP for their unconditional support. This allocation will only be effective when the new ITU Radio Regulations come into force and therefore all contacts made on 6m before that date have to be considered as unauthorized. François Normant, 6W7RT - President of ADRASEC Senegal IARU R1 National EmComm Coordinator for Senegal 73 de Francois, 6W7RT. 6 Mar. 2012

Malyj Vysotskij, R1/MV. By Jari OH2BU: "The day of deletion has now been confirmed: Finnish and Russian ambassadors met January 17th and exchanged the documents signed by the presidents of both countries. The new agreement of the lease of Saimaa Channel will be in force one month from today – February 17th. As the new agreement does not include Malyj Vysotskij, the island will be deleted from the DXCC-list the day before, February 16th 2012. This is, of course, subject to the decision of ARRL DXCC Committee. It’s unlikely that any DXpedition will come on from the island before the deletion, although our Russian friends would have a possibility to do it." (Sixitalia Weekly) 30 Jan. 2012

"Green Station" Special achievement. Spiros, SV8CS. Today 5 July 2011 at 20:03 I had a EME qso on 50.190 with Lance W7GJ. This was NOT my first but I made this qso from my remote site with my Ecological - Green powered station. I am using a Kenwwod TS-480 (without external preamplifier), Linear amplifier by TE-Systems at 150W and 7 elements LFA-1 WOS antenna, without elevation. This set-up is powered by solar and wind energy (ECO station) using 4 bateries 12v 200A/h each (total 800A/h).Thai is my first EME qso with Green power station. Tnx to Lance and 73 to all de Spiros SV8CS.
QSO details
194800 4 -19 1.9 57 1 # SV8CS W7GJ DN27 OOO 1 0
195000 0 -29 1.8 54 39
195200 6 -23 1.9 78 1 # SV8CS W7GJ DN27 OOO 1 10
195359 1 -31 64 0 RRR
195559 0 -29 1.6 48 25
195759 2 -30 41 2 73
http://uksmg.org/e107_images/newspost_images/771_1309898813_6M_EME.jpg (The UK Six Metre Group) 6 Jul. 2011

Silent Key. Peter, HB9PL, informs OPDX that Pierre Pasteur, HB9QQ, became a "Silent Key" (SK) on Saturday, June 11th, after a short but ferocious illness at the age of 80. Peter states, "Pierre was a multi-faceted Ham who was not only a seasoned DX'er but a highly regarded expert in VHF/UHF work and the 'magic band'. He was author of numerous technical papers and a book about VHF/UHF 'Operating Modes and Techniques'. Unforgettable were his VHF and EME expeditions to HB0, 8Q7, V51 and lectures of these adventures at many conventions and other Ham gatherings. Pierre achieved the WAC on 144 mc EME in 1984 and the DXCC on 50 MHz in 2002. An ex-Maritime Radio Operator, he was an Honorary Member of USKA (Union of Swiss Short Wave Amateurs) and a number of other distinguished societies
in Amateur Radio. He leaves his wife Inge, a son and a daughter. He will forever remain in our hearts." OPDX and its readers would like to send out our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of HB9QQ.
20 Jun. 2011

Peru, OA. A QSP from Per LA7DFA says; OA4TT 8 May 2011 on ON4KST chat: I am QRT for a month...my beacon is running on 50077 pointed at EU 50 W 8 el while I am gone. 16 May 2011

Angola, C9. I have recently started working in Mozambique - grid KG64fb - and am slowly getting a 6m station together - every piece of equipment has to be smuggled in over many trips :) . In the coming week starting 1/5/2011 I will be transmitting low power PSK31 during the evenings and during weekends when not at work. 50w into dipole. At this stage there is no allocation for 50Mhz in Mozambique so will
keep the QRO (1kw into 2 6M5 yagi) for when the band opens up and hope no one complains. So if people periodically listens in my direction I would appreciate any feedback. Kind Regards, Andre C91UA/ZS5UA (Sixitalia Weekly)
5 May 2011

United Kingdom, G. Ian G6GTO writes; Hi, GB3BUX Beacon which could be found on 50.000 and 70.000 Mhz is off the air, and has been since late March 2011. I have not been able to find the reason so far for this but I do have an idea! When I find out anymore information or the Beacon becomes active I will announce it via Email and online. 73 de Ian. G6TGO IO83. 5 May 2011

Spain, EA. Beacon. A new beacon is now active from Spain. The call is EA7URC/b and is located in IM78ie. (Sixitalia Weekly) 5 May 2011

Mauritius, 3B8. Mart, DL6UAA, is again active as 3B8MM and is trying to do some 6m qso. Look for him on HF band (mostly on CW) and on 6m. Time to time he'll be on beacon mode around 50110. (IK0FTA Sixitalia) 7 Apr. 2011

QSL info. SU1SK QSL. Hawk, SM5AQD, informs OPDX reader, "I am Said's QSL Manager. I only COLLECT his QSL cards and further the QSL information to Said via the InterNet. I have NO LOGS and NO QSL cards. Said himself is sending out QSL cards from Cairo, Egypt, after receiving my information. I do this service only because Said is a very old and nice friend, on the other hand it gives you a chance to get a QSL card from SU land. I am very sorry but a QSL card via bureau is impossible to arrange for me and him. Please follow my information on QRZ.com ... GD DX 73 / Hawk SM5AQD" (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1005) 7 Apr. 2011

Southern Sudan, ST0. Antonio, EA5RM reports that "after a long way, a lot of hard work and several successful meetings with Southern Sudan Government officials of various Ministries", the first amateur radio license was issued by the new government on 18 March. "Our DXpedition will start on July 9th from Juba so please stay tuned". Bookmark www.dxfriends.com/SouthernSudan2011/ for updates. (Sixitalia Weekly) 30 Mar. 2011

Sked tool. ON4KST has created additional logger pages now on his excellent ON4KST chat site for us in Region 3: www.on4kst.org/chat/index.php look for 50 MHz Region 3 and 144/432 Region 3 logger pages. Plenty of ZL and VK's already registered and uing the site. All welcome on this excellent site thats been running successfully for many years. 73 (MMMonVHF Newsletter 2011-02-24) 8 Mar. 2011

Malawi, 7Q. Harry, 7Q7HB is back in Malawi for at least a couple of months. He is QRV in his spare time, mostly on digital modes and CW, plus some SSB "if asked". QSL via G0IAS, direct only. [G0IAS via 425dxn #1034]
INFO add by IK0FTA: Harry was active on 6m (also if for only few days) during the year 2002. I think he is one of rare opportunity to work Malawi now after the SK of Ron 7Q7RM. (Sixitalia Weekly & IK0FTA)
8 Mar. 2011

Mauritius Isl., 3B8. 3B8DB will be soon also on 6m. Tnx to a wide support of Sixitalia Group that have provided to him an ICOM 706 and some other individual italian hams as IZ5EME and IK5MEJ, that have provided a beam and pay the costs of spedition, Taher, 3B8DB, will be active, as resident ham on the island, on 6m from Mauritius Is we hope during this week. (3B8DB via Sixitalia.org) 8 Mar. 2011

Angola, D2. QSL Manager Mike, CT1IUA, informs OPDX that Paulo, D2CQ (aka CT1ITZ), will be back on the air very soon from Porto Amboim. He was off the air for almost 1 year after some equipment was stolen from his QTH (power supply, coax, PL's, windom). Paulo will be on the air with a G3TXQ Hexbeam and for now he will only be active on 20-6 meters SSB. He plans to put a dipole up for 40m and 80m soon. Mike mentions that sometimes the electricity goes down for 2 or 3 hours, so it is normal that Paulo suddenly disappears once in a while! (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #996) 12 Feb. 2011

Band report from Australia, VK. VK3OT Steve writes; On Tuesday NOV 11th had the pelasure of partipating in my first 2 way 6M QSOs with USA. The opening commenced for me with the chance observation on the vklogger that Norm VK3DUT has hearing the K6FV 6M beacon weakly and Zl1RS was working N5JEH. I tuned over Eds CW call on 50.105 at 0041 utc and was unable to break him so tunign up the band I heard a CQ call on 50.125 and was able to exchange a two way report with W0OGH at 00:41 in DM43ii AZ, then proceeded to work and log ( due to a very high qrm and confusion on 125 with the sudden appearance of VK amongst mid winter US Es). K7TNT W7KNT in MT, WA7JTM AZ, N7CW for sure in DM34 and K9HMB an incredible link over 2/3 of USA in En52 (5,500km) and finally AA7A at 0123. it was 20 years since last workign K9HMB in Illinois.
Condx the next day did not reoccur and I only worked KH7Y in BK29 after hearing the NH6P beacon at his house i also heard KH6SX who I have worked mni times before and did not call. other Dx worked and logged this week incudes H40FN Temotu, H44DA Solomons, FK8CP, DU1GM, DU7/PA0HIP, E51CG, VK5CP/VK9L, VK0KEV Macquarie Is., All VK1 thru 0 on Zl1 thru 4 Last dxcc was a month ago with qso to #`30 ZL8X Kermadecs. Steve VK3OT
26 Jan. 2011

United Arab Emirates, A6. By the time you read this Don, N1DG, is expected to leave Qatar (where he was active as A71A) to arrive in U.A.E on December 5th, for three days because of his job. However, his activity will be limited due to his work; he is expected to operate from the A61AD station once again, possibly on 12 and 17 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. The A61AD station does have a 4 element SteppIR for 20-6 meters, so Don's activity will be limited to those bands. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW upon conclusion of his trip. (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #988) 6 Dec. 2010

Guadeloupe, FG. Jules,ex-FR1AN, is now staying on Guadeloupe, the home of his XYL. His new callsign is FG4NN. He started building antennas a few days ago so you can expect activity soon, also on 6m. The QSL manager of Jules is Buzz, NI5DX. (DXNL 1703) 30 Nov. 2010

Cameroon, TJ. Henri, F6EAY, who is in Cameroon for professional reasons and the duration of his stay is uncertain, just received his license to operate as TJ3AY. Activity will be on 40-6 meters using RTTY and SSB. Equipment at the moment is a R6000 vertical antenna and a dipole for 40 meters. He was heard this past week on 20/15/12/10 meters at various times. QSL is via F5LGE. It is suggested to be patient on the QSLs. QSL printing is not yet done; not until February 2011. (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #984) 13 Nov.

St Kitts, V4. A QSP from Andy N8OFS says; We just returned from Calypso Bay, St Kitts, after purchasing our vacation/retirement home. Our applications for St. Kitts residency have been submitted and will soon be approved. The antennas will be going up in Feb. when we return for an extended stay. 73, John W5JON - V47JA 13 Nov. - 2011.

The Netherlands Antilles. New entities. Bill Moore, NC1L, ARRL Awards Branch Manager, reports: "ARRL Awards Committee Statement on Dissolution of the Netherlands Antillies: To clarify the administrative process by which the anticipated changes to the two existing Netherlands Antilles DXCC entities will be made, the ARRL Awards Committee has determined that at 0400Z (12:00 AM local time in the islands) on 10 October 2010, the two Netherland Antilles DXCC entities will be deleted. Commencing at 0400Z (12:00 AM local time) on 10 October, 2010, operation from the islands of Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Saba, and St Eustatius will count for a yet-to-be-determined number of new entities under the DXCC List Criteria, and Political Entities, Rule 1 and/or Rule 2 Geographic Separation Entities. When the Awards Committee determines what Rule 1 or Rule 2 actions apply, it will announce the final disposition of the entities on the DXCC list. The DXCC desk will not accept confirmations for these new entities until after 1 January, 2011." (QSP from Arne SM7AED, cut from OPDX 978) 29 Sep. 2010

Nigeria, 5N. Ivan, OM3CGN/5N7M, from Abuja, will be active during the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 25-26th) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. Ivan informs OPDX that he will probably be here for another 2-3 years. He also mentions that he hopes to fix his 160/80 meters vertical soon because in the winter season he prefers the lower bands. He is active on all HF bands, 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. However, currently he has a problem with his Ham II rotor, the windings are bad, so he has his antenna fixed to the north. Ivan states that he is active almost everyday between 0600-0700z before he goes to work, during lunch time around 1100-1200z and after 1500z (possibly till 2300z) when he is at home. QSL via OM3CGN. His log is available at: http://www.clublog.org/charts/?c=5N7M#r
(Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #978)
29 Sep. 2010 - 2013

India, VU. Amateur Radio operators from India have once again been allocated use on 6 meters. The new allocation on 50-54 MHz includes activity on the following modes: F1B, F2B, F3E and F3C. "We will be trying to get clarifications on why A1A and J3E are missing but more importantly J2B for AFSK modes", says VU2PTT, Prasad. VU operators with General Class license can now operate with 400 watts on HF, which is up from the previous 150 watt limit. (The Daily DX via anonymous source) 19 Aug. 2010

Kuwait, 9K. 9K2YM (Kuwait) is installaing a 5el LFA Yagi after the fantastic results of his good friend A92GR. Yasser will be QRV on 6 within the next few days and said he will mail me to tell me he is now active. I will post here to let you all know to listen out for him. (Justin G0KSC via UKSMG ann.) 27 Jun. 2010

Oman on 6 meters. Abdalla Darwish Al Qasmi (A41KB), IARU Liaison Officer for the Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society, reports that "the Omani Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has allocated the band 50-52 MHz to the amateur service on a secondary basis". (425 DX News #999) 26 Jun. 2010

Annobón Isl., 3C0. Sadly http://www.3c0c-annobon.com/logs/3c0c.php show that the expedition did not succeed with QSO´s at 6 meters. 18 Jun. 2010

DXCC news. The recent E4X operation from Palestine has been approved for DXCC credit. (425 DX News #998) 18 Jun. 2010

Malyj Vysotskij Isl., R1MV. A press release from Jarmo, OH2BN, dated June 5th, states: On May 27, 2010, an agreement on the lease of the Russian part of the Saimaa Canal zone to Finland was signed in Lappeenranta, Finland, by the Prime Ministers of the Republic of Finland and the Russian Federation. The new 50 year agreement supersedes the initial lease of 1963 which is due to expire in 2013. The new lease no longer includes Malyj Vysotskij Island, the present R1MV DXCC entity. The coming into effect of the agreement is subject to ratification by the parliament of Finland and the Russian duma later this year. (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #962) 11 Jun. 2010

Mauritius, 3B. 3B8CF, Jacky, tells The Daily DX that 6 meters is now authorized for Mauritius and he has purchased a new FT897. He's running 50 watts into a 3 element yagi and plans to build a bigger yagi in the near future. Listen for him to CQ on 50.110 in beacon mode. He listens for 10 seconds after each CQ. (Peter G3ZSS) 3 Jun. 2010

Bahrain, A9. A92GR Mohamed and A92IO Dave keep using every opportunity to make Bahrian available to the Six meter DX´ers. Latest A92GR Mohamad was heard working Scandinavia, Scotland and Faroes Thursday evening (27th.) - Well done guys!
("Matt" OZ6OM)
28 May 2010

Sudan, ST. Arne SM7AED has found the following report from ST2AR -and added the comment, What an operator! (Well is hard not to agree e.d. OZ6OM)
24 May 2010 - 6 meters.
What an opening on 6 meters last night!!! 400 CW and over 200 SSB QSOs in merely three and a half hours! This time the path was much broader, ranging from UR/UX all the way to F and UK. But only one EA and no CTs worked, although I tried to play around with the antenna. Signals on my side were extremely strong especially from SP, S5 and UX/UR, and at one point I could not work anything else but Italy. Generally, one can see a nearly instant propagation shift all the way from Southern EU into the northern areas (PA, DL, ON), and in the next few minutes UK was “beating” the rest. Amazing! 24 May 2010

UFT DX mail list now QRT. OPDX is sad to report that Maurice, F5NQL, Editor/Manager of the Union Francaise des Telegraphistes (UFT) DX Mailing List for the last ten year, has announced that he can no longer maintain the list "due to some personal reasons". The UFT Mailing List ended effective on May 4th. OPDX and its readers would like to thank Maurice for all his years of devotion and info to the DX community.
Personally I want to thank Maurice F5NQL for his contributions to "CQ Six" over the Years.
Maurice Your input has been valuable - and Your work highly appreciated.
The best to You and Yours.
Kindly Bjørn "Matt" OZ6OM.
15 Apr. 2010

Sudan, ST. Arne SM7AED has found this report from ST2AR, after his was audibele for more than an hour in SM7 (JO65) May 12 th. Finally some action on 50Mhz! Had a solid opening from 15:50 – 17:15Z yesterday and made over 150 QSOs on CW. It only worked in one rather narrow direction though. Looking at the contacts, I can see that the opening “window” was between 335 and 350 degrees which yielded many LZ, YO, YU, S5, 9A, DL, some SV and a few Scandinavian (SM&OH) contacts. Everything else further West or East was basically non-existent! I’ll be checking the band daily from now on. More information can be found at http://www.qrz.com/db/ST2AR 13 May 2010

UKSMG Presentation. The link shown below has been available since late March. The presentation has been produced by David Dix, G8LZE (G4JZS) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcLUp1RgM1Q It seam that this presentation have caught some viewers attention, Andy N8OFS for one have spread the link to this one. 1 May 2010

England. G. 2010 Report Norbreck Exhibition, Blackpool U.K.
This year, for the first time, the UK Six Metre Group was represented at the popular NARSA Exhibition in Blackpool.  The stand was manned by committee members Trev G3ZYY, Clive G4FVP and Ian G6TGO, supported by Trev’s wife Trish, G4KYY and Ian’s wife Grainne.
As well as a well-equipped display stand, the group mounted a 50MHz demonstration station using Weak Signal Propagation Reporting (WSPR), operating with a KENWOOD TS2000 and 5W to a halo located in between the stands at about 12ft on a tripod.
The team had a very busy few hours, signing up a number of new members and meeting new people who dropped in to the stand to pass on their congratulations for the UKSMG’s success in bringing awareness of the wonders of six metres.
  There were also many questions about 50MHz propagation, giving the team the opportunity to pass on their enthusiasm for the exciting world of 50MHz and to talk about the effect of solar behaviour on the band as Cycle 24 picks up.

The highlight of the day was a visit by RSGB President Dave Wilson M0OBW, himself a frequent user of 50MHz.  The UKSMG would like to thank the RSGB President and the NARSA team for putting on a great show and making the group very welcome. This was a Team event and extra thanks to UKSMG Secretary Chris G4IFX for his assistance, and Committee member Robin M1DUD for his assistance in sending the Banners and also to David G8LZE for the work with the UKSMG Presentation DVD and all the Members who visited the stand and signed the guest book also a special welcome to those who joined the UKSMG on the day. 73 From all the Team. (Ian, G6TGO via UKSMG ann.) 25 Apr. 2010

Lebanon, OD. QSP From Lance W7GJ: I just heard from OD5KU that effective immediately they are no longer allowed to operate any 6m from Lebanon. It is now totally allocated to the military. Very sad news. (Nick 5B4FL via UKSMG ann.) 17 Apr. 2010

QSL business. Uzbekistan, UK8. OPDX received a report that Mike, UK8OM, states "DO NOT" send greens stamps to Uzbekistan because envelopes will be opened and they will be taken. Also, don't send envelopes. Just send an address label if you have one. Since January, only envelopes produced in Uzbekistan can be used there. (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #950) 6 Mar. 2010

Reverse Beacon Net / CW-Skimmer: Testing a 6m SDR receiver (50.010 MHz to 50.202 MHz) with CW-Skimmer. All identified/verified callsigns received here are pushed to www.reversebeacon.net. There is also a telnet server running: dk1max.dyndns.org 7300. I wonder what you think? Is this useful to get an activity overview or as a monitoring tool for band openings? It runs unattended at my 6m yagi when my station is not in use. Max DK1MAX (UKSMG ann.) 4 Mar. 2010

England, G. "Review". ‘Bawdsey Research Station’ GB75BRS Special Event Station, have been quite active over the weekend (Feb. 27th. & 28th.), at Six meters and HF. If You live within Flat ConDX, Tropo or Meteor Scatter distance, You have had a fair chance to work them. Here a couple of "shots" of the operators at Six #1 M1DUD and 2E0IAF #2 2E0IAF (relaxed) and #3 M1DUD & 2E0IAF (in dual mode).
I for one was lucky enough to find them both at 6 and 80 meters. OZ6OM "Matt"
28 Feb. 2010

Silent Key.Trev, G3ZYY writes at the UKSMG website; I have the sad duty to report that YV4DDK became SK 'some days ago'. He was a prolific operator on 6m and will be sadly missed. Source YV5TX. Trev, G3ZYY (UKSMG ann.) 15 Dec. 2009

Bahrain, A9. Breaking News...Bahrain (A9) Give privilege on 6 meter ! Good day to all hams..
I would like to announce the good news from Bahrain. Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has released 6 meter for amateur radio. This fantastic news is confirmed by the long anticipated press release of the new national band plan.
Radio Amateurs in A9 were trying for many years to get access to 6 meter, a dream which finally come true. We got exclusive use of 50.000 MHZ - 50.500 as primary users, and shared use of 50.500 - 52.000 MHz. Other minor changes to band plan include access to new upper part of 40 meters band, and UHF band.
Bahrain's national band plan can be seen on TRA website:
and PDF file of the plan can be directly accessed on this link:
(Page 15-16) shows 6 meter.
We would like to thank TRA for their major step forward and their continuing support the to our small group of radio amateurs. Personally, i'm ready to do some DX on 6. I got an Icom ic-7400 and a 3 element yagi... lets pray for some propagation !
73 and hear you soon on 6. Dr Mohamed Ali Albufalasa A92GR Secretary, Amateur Radio Association of Bahrain (ARAB) (UKSMG mail)
10 Dec. 2009

Finland, OH. 50 & 70 MHz News All Finnish coastal areas are now free for 50 MHz operations (there were forbidden areas due to former Swedish CH2-TV activity) The big news is that as of today 70 MHz is released as legal for transmitting. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) [http://www.ficora.fi/en/index.html] will release the new regulatory document 6H/2009M on the Finnish/Swedish web pages tomorrow (11-05) 73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA/OHoMZA (MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-06) 6 Nov. 2009

Tragic accident. QSP from G3ZYY, M1DUD, F5NQL a.o. says;
"It is with great sadness that I have to inform the community of a tragic accident this morning at 630am EST.
The C6APR team, consisting of Pete W2GJ, Ed K3IXD, Randy K4QO and Dallas W3PP were all killed this morning as their aircraft crashed on take-off from Summerville Airport, SC on their way to Crooked Island, Bahamas.
They were on their way to operate in the CQWW contest this
Our thoughts are with their families in this tragic time!
More as it made available!
Paul - NN4F"
Have taken the liberty to add a few links from the text. one describing the accident the other showing the airport.
My condolences to their relatives and friends. Guys rest in peace, You were heading at doing what many of us competitive HAM´s like so much - contesting. A team missing due to an tragic accident, will always cast a dark shadow over a event. Despite the tragic way You passed, Your efforts will always stand!
CQWW participators, allow me to plea when entering a log this year, let us remark it;
In remembrance of,
The C6APR team, Pete W2GJ, Ed K3IXD, Randy K4QO and Dallas W3PP.
I had the plessure to QSO with W3PP myself. E.d. OZ6OM "Matt" - fellow HAM and airman) 22 Oct. 2009

Unique Logsystem. UcxLog - Freeware Log and Contest Program. As well as the own UcxLog DATABASE the new issue of UcxLog (from up 6.41 - download at: http://www.ucxlog.org/ ) which was mostly based on contest entries, Ben, DL7UCX, decide to include also the MMMonVHF VHF-DATABASE for a total of now 75000 call/locator entries at UcxLog. The UcxLog from up issue 6.41 include the VHF-DATABASE 2.20 and can be easily updated by the USER himself. Find details about the latest issue at: www.mmmonvhf.de/dbaseexport.php (Guido DL8EBW, on behalf of the MMMonVHF Team) 3 Jul. 2009

Portugal, CT. CEPT valid in Portugal for 50mhz and 70mhz. From today on 1/6/2009 any Class 1 CEPT licence holder is alowd to operate 50mhz and 70mhz in any Portuguese territory. However conditions still the same has before. 50mhz - 25W ERP 70mhz - 100W ERP the callsing must be: ex: CT7/G0KSC or CT7/EA7KW CT1 prefix no longer the primary. Band plan still the same. best 73's all have nice vacations in CT. Tony, CT1FFU (UKSMG ann.) 2 Jun. 2009

United Nations, 4U. HB9BOU is now the single, official, coordinated source for 4U1UN QSL. He has ALL available log books, both the old manual and more recent computer logs. He (and his team) provide a very conscientious QSL service. 73, Henry, KT1J (Andy N8OFS GOT6???) 10 May 2009

Portugal, CT. As far as I understand the new CT law that will be effective from April 29th 2009 6m operation will be permitted for all CEPT class 1 licence holders. QRG range 50.0 to 50.5 MHz.! chat 73 and GD DX to and from CT Joe, CT1HZE/DL8HCZ (UKSMG ann.) 3 Apr. 2009

Sweden, SM. A mail from Arne SM7AED translates into English as; New amateur radio band in Sweden from today (29 January 2009).
From today we do have access to a new
general amateur radio band in Sweden, 50-52 MHz. The official information from the PTS is;
The 50-52 MHz frequency band is available from now, to amateur radio with an output of maximum 200 Watt. Existing 6 meter licensees will not be debited any annual fee for 2009. Licenses witch expired 31 December 2008, does not need to apply to be prolonged. Allegations is ongoing between the SSA and the PTS in a try to change the power limit to 1000 Watt. But for now the limit is 200 Watt.
So now it just to hookup the 50 MHz antenna and get on with it ....
5 Feb. 2009 -

Singapore, 9V. Hi everyone, I just wanted to let all of you know that today, after a lengthy process, I was able to obtain 6M privileges for Singapore. This will mean that there are 2 operators in Singapore currently, the other being Selva 9V1UV. Some of you may have worked me under my old call of VK8AH from Darwin. Hoping to apply the little knowledge I have obtained to a slightly different latitude! I will be very limited in capacity due to the regulations applied (6M is not normally allowed in Singapore) and as such I only have 50-50.2 at low power. However, its a start! Whilst the rig etc is all ready to go (IC-7800) the antenna will go up on the weekend. First stage will be AR-6, but when I have approval (rented accomodation etc) M2 6M3. So.... very modest station I am sorry and a far cry from 9EL and 400W in Darwin, but I hope I can give you guys 9V when the propogation returns!
All the best, see you on the "Magic Band". (UKSMG ann.)
5 Feb. 2009 -

Swiss, HB9. The Swiss authorities will allocate the 50 MHz band to amateur radio on a secondary basis by Jan 1, 2009. All Swiss and foreign CEPT class licensees may send with 100 watts PEP on 50-52 MHz without any antenna restrictions. Primary users may not be disturbed which includes the Ticino since there are still some TV stations active in the VHF band I in Northern Italy. (DXNL 1601) 16 Dec. 2008 -

Angola, D2. Father Gabriele, D2EB is back to Angola after five years. He will be active on the HF bands and 6 metres, SSB and CW. QSL via IZ3ETU (direct only) or LoTW. (425 DX News #905) 11 Sep. 2008

† Silent Key †

AA5XE, Dale Newton Richardson, Jr. of Kerrville, Texas passed away in a local hospital on Thursday July 10th. He was 61. Dale served in the United States Navy from 1964 to 1988. He had 335/352 (current/deleted) countries confirmed at the ARRL DXCC Desk. Dale also participated in the DXCC Challenge Award and had 2579 countries confirmed, including 120 on 6 meters and 155 on 160 meters, says W5OZI, Pat Rose. Dale operated with Pat a few years back in Guantanamo Bay as KG4XE and also was one of the CY9SS ops in 1997. He also served as the Secretary/Treasurer of SMIRK. AA5XE was a long time subscriber and supporter of The Daily DX. It was a pleasure to have met and know Dale over the years. Our condolences to his wife Maiko and the Richardson family. (The Daily DX Vol. 12 No. 139)

As an fellow colleaque, regarding his involvement in Six meters, Dale did a highly appreciated job, through SMIRK. Among others as webmaster of the SMIRK DX site. I for one have had the message that there was a terminal illness in Dales family, however it came as surprise that it was Dave himself - Dave go with God, be assured, You will be remembered in the Six meter community.
A last 73 de OZ6OM "Matt" 13 Jul. 2008


Bosnia-Herzegovina, E7A-E7Z. Back in August 2007 the ITU allocated the new prefix block E7A-E7Z to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), replacing T9A-T9Z. Amateur radio operators will begin using their new callsigns (E7#xx or E7#xxx, for the time being) on 22 March at 23 UTC. (Arne SM7AED´s notebook) 21 Mar. 2008

Spain EA. The spanish government has given authorisation to use the full 50 to 52 Mhz band to ham radio stations beginning on Nov 24th. It's the end of the 50 to 51 Mhz limit. Also, now it's possible to operate from the previously forbidden zone, but with a 10W power limitation and maximum antenna gain of 6db, and at a maximum height of 35 m a.g.l. Restrictitions will be automatically removed when no more TV repeaters remain in service. Xavier, EB3CZS (UKSMG ann.) 28 Nov. 2007

Saudi Arabia, HZ. No go area. Currently there are around 100 Amateur Radio operators in Saudi Arabia after the mid 2004 opening of the hobby in this country. First Class licensees (HF/VHF/UHF) are using the 7Z1 and HZ1 prefixes. Class 2 licensees (VHF/UHF) are assigned 7Z2 and HZ2 prefixes. As of this time operations on 6, 30 and 80 meters are prohibited in Saudi Arabia. QSOs prior to the changes in 2004 on these bands do count for DXCC. Currently there is no Amateur Radio society or QSL bureau. (The Daily DX Vol. 11 No. 127) 2 Jul. 2007

Definition of valid QSO. IARU Region 1: The definition for a valid QSO. Excerpt from Region 1 VHF -UHF -MW Newsletter, Edition 45 / 06. March 2007 Michael Kastelic, OE1MCU, Sub Working Group, Vienna 24/25 February 2007 (http://www.iaru-r1.org/Newsletter_45.pdf)
B08. (From SM2CEW reg. WSJT) had been withdrawn by SSA before the meeting – but see B18 is related, below.
B18. Minimum Requirement for a valid QSO, introduced by OZ7IS: This considered a definition
of a valid contact on bands above 30 MHz. A vote was taken on the following wording (the Idea
originally came from DJ5HG)
A definition for a valid QSO on VHF and on higher bands should be: A valid contact is one where both operators during the contact have
(1) mutually identified each other
(2) received a report, and
(3) received a confirmation of the successful identification and the reception of the report.
It is emphasized that the responsibility always lies with the operator for the integrity of the contact.
Vote: All in favour. To be included in the Handbook following circulation via the Newsletter. (QSP de SM7AED Arne)
17 Mar. 2007

Alaska. KL7. Trans-northern pole opening. Last week, on June 21st, NL7Z, Kevin, made six-meter history by working Europe from Alaska. Kevin says, "Working Europe on 6M from [Wasilla] Alaska was a real thrill. I have been watching several indicators since the beginning of June, and this time it paid off. Starting at about 1130Z (3:30 in the morning local time) I first heard a very weak beacon, but I couldn't get the call. Come to find out it was OZ7IGY running 30 watts! Also, being 3:30 AM and I wasn't quite awake yet, I had to fumble for a few seconds before I realized that what I was hearing was the "other side" of the FSK keying on it. Shortly thereafter I called CQ and about fell out of my chair when I heard PA4PA (Netherlands) coming up out of the noise. After working Ray, I worked the following stations over a 35-minute period: DL9USA, OZ1DJJ, OZ1LO, OZ8RW, DL3DXX, DL2DXA, SM6CMU and DL7CM. After the opening, and after the adrenaline was out of my system, it reminded me of a 160M opening.which by the way is still exciting. I did not hear any polar flutter, no aurora, just QSB at a fairly steady rate. I was battling some noise at the time, and I know I missed several stations. I made some MP3 recordings of some of the stations, which can be found on my website, http://www.mtaonline.net/~nl7z. (The Daily DX Vol. 10 No. 119) 26 Jun. 2006

Alaska. KL7. Trans-northern pole opening. Yesterday an historic 6 meter opening took place between Alaska (KL7) and Europe. The band opened up between 1130 and 1230Z with seven EU QSOs in NL7Z's, Kevin, log. "PA4PA was first to work Kevin, other contacts followed with SM, OZ & DL", reports 6 meter enthusiast G0LCS, Kerry. All of the QSOs were on CW. You can hear OZ1DJJ's, Bo, QSO at http://oz1djj.geronne.dk/oz1djj%20to%20NL7.mp3. (The Daily DX Vol. 10 No. 117) 26 Jun. 2006

Greece, SV. Some good news: since 12th May 2006 6m (50-52Mhz) and 4m (70.20-70.25Mhz) bands are open for ALL SV's, as well for CEPT licensees, for experimental (mainly) purposes. Max O/P 100W PEP and narrowband modes only allowed (No FM), for all HAREC level A licensees. 73 Costas, SV1DH (UKSMG ann.) 16 Jun. 2006

Monaco, 3A. Effective January 26, 2006 Amateur Radio operators from the Principality of Monaco have the following new frequency allocations reports 3A2LF, Claude Passet, Secretary of the Association des Radioamateurs de Monaco (ARM).
6 Meters - 50.000-52.000 MHz (51.200-52.000 MHz Secondary shared)
4 Meters - 70.000-70.500 MHz (Secondary shared)
160 meters - 1850-2000 MHz, 1810-1850 MHz (Primary exclusive), 1850-2000 MHz  (Secondary shared)
Also the 135.7-137.8 KHz segment has been conceded to Amateur Radio Service for several years as a Secondary shared band. (The Daily DX Vol. 10 No. 038)
02 Mar. 2006

The Contest´s of winter 2016/17.

UKSMG Winter Marathon Event
The Winter Marathon runs between December 1st. 2016 and January 31 st. 2017 on the Six Metre band. Further information can be found on the UKSMG Winter Marathon page, and the full rules are available on the UKSMG Winter Marathon Rules page.

The 50MHz Open
Cumulative contest the 4th. Tuesday in the month, is a kind of cosy contest where we meet at Six, to have a pleasant evening behind the radio making some QSO´s. You may find the rules for "The 50 MHz Open" here -and check out the standings here.


The 50MHz Open
Cumulative contest the 4th. Tuesday in the month, is a kind of cosy contest where we meet at Six, to have a pleasant evening behind the radio making some QSO´s. Exchange RST and Locator (6 digit), no serial number required. You may find the rules for "The 50 MHz Open" here -and check out the standings here.

UKSMG Summer Contest
The UKSMG organise a 24-hour Summer contest each year, and the aim is to work as many stations as possible in the 24-hour period. In 2017, the contest starts on Saturday 3rd. June at 13:00 UT and finishes on Sunday 4th. June at 13:00 UT. The rules for the Contest can be found here UKSMG Summer Contest Rules.

UKSMG Summer Marathon Event
The Summer Marathon runs between the first Saturday of May (6th. May 2015 at 00:00 UT) and the first Sunday of August (2nd. Aug 2015 ending at 23:59 UT) on the Six Metre band. Further information can be found on the UKSMG Summer Marathon page, and the full rules are available on the UKSMG Summer Marathon Rules page.

UKSMG Summer Marathon Event
The Summer Marathon runs between the first Saturday of May (02 May 2015 at 00:00 UT) and the first Sunday of August (02 Aug 2015 ending at 23:59 UT) on the Six Metre band. Further information can be found on the UKSMG Summer Marathon page, and the full rules are available on the UKSMG Summer Marathon Rules page.

UKSMG Summer Contest
Did You participate ? - if, please do enter Your log !
Did You "just" spread some points ? - if, please do enter Your log as checklog!

The UKSMG organise a 24-hour Summer contest each year, and the aim is to work as many stations as possible in the 24-hour period. In 2016, the contest starts on Saturday 3rd. June at 13:00 UT and finishes on Sunday 4th. June at 13:00 UT.
This weekend is shared with HF Field Days across Europe, and is an ideal opportunity to put a Six Metre station on and join in the Summer Contest, to give operators experience of the Magic Band. The rules for the Contest can be found here UKSMG Summer Contest Rules.
Please send your contest pictures to the Six News Editor. We would be happy to include them in our Contesters Gallery and Six News magazine.

Denmark, OZ. Odense JO55EI. Amateur Meeting Fyn (ATF) 2016. November the 6 th.
At FKS Hallerne, Tranehøjen 5, 5250 Odense SV, Denmark.
UKSMG will have a stand at this meeting, this year it will (so far) be manned by OZ1ANA/OZ0HF Ole,
OZ1BNN Jørgen & Bjørn "Matt" OZ6OM & possibly other UKSMG members.
Besides from informing of "the joy of Six" & UKSMG, we intend (depending antenna possibilities) to run a station under the call OZ50MHZ. Mainly QRV at MGM / JT modes, proving Six meters is always open.
We might be found round 50.230 MHz ±QRN between 09 and 15 UT. If You are planing to attend the meeting, please drop in at the stand. Otherwise we would be pleased to find You in our log.
Link to Amateur Meeting Fyn (ATF) website in Danish, and a travel guide can be found here.
25 Oct. 2016 - 6 Nov. 2016


Word is out, Santa Claus is just about to
Greenland, OX for his world tour of
visiting a full
DXCC over Christmas night.

Best Season greetings to CQ Six´s readers and their loved ones.


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