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How It All Started:

As a young boy, I watched and listened to old Radio receivers, spatially to the "Short and Long wave", they called it that time. Fascinated by the mysterious sounds in AM on these bands and the long distance stations I could here in my town – Voice of America, Radio Moscow, and so on.

After finalizing the high school as an electronic engineer 1970, it was late 1976 that I finally took an interest in Ham Radio and decided to study for my full license, including CW.

At that time I was working for a Belgium company called Barco (Belgium American Radio Corporation) how made the famous multi norm color TV sets. Stimulate by a few famous Radio amateurs as ON5LT, I started studying CW and … On Mai 14, 1978 I earned the license to my current call sign ON7DY

From that time on I was involved in the construction of my own equipment, 2m transceiver(s) – transverters to HF and all type of wire antennas has to be proven, more than making QSO's.

During several visits to the yearly Ham exhibitions in Germany – Friederichshaven, I became focussed on “the Magnetic Loop Antenna”.

After a few years of study I constructed my own loops for de lower and higher HF bands by end of 1990.

A long period of professional activities all over the world, slowdown a bit the Ham spirit till March 2010 !

From that time on, retired and a lot of time to spend, it goes up again with the Ham activities, but only on the HF bands in CW or one of the digi modes.

Today I am using a Kenwood TS590S connected to “End Fed Wire Antennas”, one of 42m long and one of 158m.



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