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QSL --.- ... .-..

I do not send out and request paper QSL cards for QSO's, except you request it by sending me your QSL card including 2 IRC's.

Each QSO will be confirmed an eQSL card (created on hand of HamTools by PA4R )

Using "Logger32" (logbook) and "L32LogSync", each QSO will be uploaded, real time, to LotW, eQSL, QRZ.com, Club Log

LoTW .-.. --- - .--

Electronic records have always been considered secondary to maintaining written logs and collecting QSL cards from QSO's. But times have changed.

Logbook of The World is a fantastic way to keep a record of QSO's and have them automatically confirmed directly from the awards source. And there is no work or cost to you for the service. The software is free. Logging in is free. Having QSO/QSL records confirmed is free. So go ahead...

***   EACH QSL will be uploaded, realtime, to LotW

eQSL . --.- ... .-..

Today I am a Regular Member of eQSL, and I think it is a pretty good system.

The only drawback is, it seems QSO validations are not accepted by ARRL, so DXCC QSOs can not earn awards. I like the format and easy updating with Logger32.

***   EACH QSL will be uploaded, realtime, to eQSL


more info on my personal page: https://www.qrz.com/db/ON7DY

***   EACH QSL will be uploaded, realtime, to QRZ.com

Club Log

***   EACH QSL will be uploaded, realtime, to https://clublog.org


















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