HF/6M Antenna Tuner Preselector and Antenna Switcher
Antenna tuner HF
By Guy, de ON6MU
revision 4

RE-AT1HF6 Schematic fig1

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Revision 2 notes:

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Revision 4 notes:


original prototype

revision 2

Inside HF/ 6-meter tuner matcher

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This is how Herman PA3EHZ made the tuner:

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Thanks Herman for the pics!

If you elect to use an antenna tuner, it is extremely important that you understand exactly how to use tuners and what they can and cannot do. A few watts of RF can easily become lost in an incorrectly adjusted antenna matching device. I cannot overemphasize the priority of a clean, efficient connection of the amplifier output to a resonant antenna.

Here is another tuner based on this design, but smaller for portable useage:

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