Stacked Yagi Antenna Experiment for our Normandy Expedition

Steven, ON4CLC stacked two different Yagi's as an experiment: a homebrew optimised 9-element and a commercial 11-element from Tonna.

These are the estimated specs:

Gain 15dBd (17,2dBi)
F/B 22dB
Angle 25
Stacking distance 2 meters

Ex.: Power 100 Watts (Transmitter power)
Loss 1.3 dB (System losses from transmitter to antenna)
Gain 15 dBd (antenna gain) 
Effective radiated power with respect to dipole antenna (ERPd) is 63.7 dBm or 2344.2 Watts

These are the specs of each antenna:

Gain 10,5 dBd
F/B 26dB
Angle 34
Boom Length 3.05 m

Radiation Pattern

All details about this antenna and how to build it->ON1DHT 6/9-element VHF Optimised Yagi

Gain 12 dBd
V/A 21 dB

Angle 19
Boom Length
4.89 m

Radiation Pattern