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QSL received

During my ham activities, most of the time limited to a short period between 17-20z and a few hours on weekends, I have mainly worked stations in CW, hunting the most rare stations. In a few years, simply equipped with a Cushcraft vertical, I am myself surprised of exceeding by far the 5BDXCC, and this is not without fierty I present you below my most beautiful QSL, usually received by QSLing direct, some among the most wanted DXCC. Clic on the individual images to enlarge.

Note than all QSL displayed on this page are true postcards ! They are printed on heavy paper, most of the time plastified on the recto, and offer a great aesthetic value that I am happy to share with you. Hams have good taste !

New gorgeous QSL will be added in the future at the rate at which new entities will be confirmed.

QSL Gallery

I warmly thanks Thierry Lombry, alias LX3SKY from LUXORION, for his contribution in scanning these QSL

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