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                          Europese Phase Shift Keying Club.                               Activity Group of Belarus

                                     Belgium Club SSTV

                                                                                   I am a member of following clubs

My name is Rudy Fontenoy and i live in Dendermonde, east flanders, Belgium. First licensed on 23/09/1998 as ON1DPA and full licensed on 17/04/2000 as ON4CKT. I am married to Pascale Spelier, daughter of ON5SP Roland, and granddaughter of EA5ASN Leopold, both silent key, and her brother ON7EH Michel.

I am a menber of the union of Belgium radio amateurs, in short UBA.
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Member of the section  ZLZ.



I am also a member of BEARS Belgium Emergency Amateur Radio Service.
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Article from CQ-QSO january 2006