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Lijst Dtmf
0 = Status
    # = Disconnect
    * = Help
  01 = Reconnect  
  02 =Random User
  03 = Random Rep
  04 = Random Link  
  05 =Random Conf
  06 = Query By Node
  07 = Query By Call


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K1RFD sent an e-mail indicating that EchoLink uses a different method or better approach to decoding DTMF tones, and that he's going to use this approach in the next release of EchoStation.
I have found that using 22 Khz sampling, rather than 11 Khz, does reduce the problems, and his explanation seems to correlate to the higher sampling rate.
I'm looking forward to the updated EchoLink so I can give it a try as a repeater controller running in the same computer as EchoStation, using two sound cards and some simple cross-wiring.
Or maybe EchoStation will have EchoLink capability built in, who knows.

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