Renato's PY2RLM contribution

Renato, PY2RLM, sent me recently his contribution. Here is all necessary you may need.
Very nice design.






Components placement


How it looks

The same hardware is usable as counter for 1Hz to 65635 Hz. You need just another program - it's assembler source code is available, of course. Xtal is expected 20 MHz in this case.

Renato made very nice prescaler with DS8929 (divider by 100 up to 300 MHz). You can see at:

PY2RLM web site.

Following documantation for LCD counter is available:

List of used components:

1 LCD 2 x 16 characters
5 cm 14-wire cable
1 Xtal 4 MHz
1 PIC 16F628-04/P
CI2 7805 regulator
T1 transistor 2N2369A
D1 diode 1N4007
D2, D3 diode 1N4148
C2, C5 capacitor 100nF x 63V
C1 capacitor 10nF x 63V
C6, C7 ceramic capacitor 22pF NP0
C3, C4 eletrolytic capacitor 220uF x 25V
XRF 10uH
R1, R5 resistor 470R
R2, R4 resistor 10k
R3 resistor 100R
R6 resistor 1k