Welcome to a homepage of Lukas, OK1PLF!

Some information about me:

I was born in 1981 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. I was interested in electronics since very early age. When I finished elementary school, my choice was a high school in Pardubice, which is only high school in region teaching electronics. That, and the work of OK1OHK radioclub gave me the right way to go, and my interests were now a little enhanced by radioamateur licence, which I obtained in 1996. Now I am studying at Military Academy in Brno, where I am 2 years from graduation and for info, I am studying passive reconaissance radiolocation systems. I hope I will finish that school. Thats enoug for now, don't you think ?

My equipment:

  • For HF bands, a great radio YAESU FT-102
  • For VHF operation, another great radio Kenwood TH-D7E
  • Antennas: HF - Windom, VHF - vertical duoband antenna 2m/70cm

    This is how my table on college here in school in Brno looks like:

    As you can see, there isn't only radioamateur things on the table, sometimes it's a good time to watch some film (great 5+1 audio...) or play Flight Simulator (flight yokes on the left side...). And of course, sometimes it is some need to learn something, but that's probably the worse thing I ever did.

    Detail on my Yaesu FT-102 radio and Zetagi TM-535 transmatch:

    The only thing that is in some way complicated is the P.A. tune-up procedure. You may notice that I have to set 6 knobs to their proper positions for ideal SWR (step-by-step: PLATE, DRIVE, LOADING, INDUCTOR, TRANSMITTER, ANTENNA, but they are interfering each other, so I have to set transmatch setting at first for SWR <2, then re-dip PLATE, and then advance DRIVE and LOADING... Full tune-up procedure is in Yaesu FT-102 manual). But on the other side, FT-102 has some excellent parameters. At first, excellent receiver sensitivity and selectivity. At second, excellent TX audio ! I am getting superb reports on my modulation and strength of signal. The only thing you may miss with this radio is computer control, but I am not from those who will be complicating radio operation by controlling it by computer.

    Antenna and balun:

    As you can see, the antenna is very improvised here on college, and the antenna and balun photo was taken at first steps of making those. So interconnections between balun and antenna are not so strong... ;-).

    Some last words....

    This is my first homepage concerning some info about my radioamateur station, but be ready for a great homepage with lots of information. I am currently prepairing this, and this site will include:
  • Detailed description of all of my equipment, including service manuals
  • Building instructions of my all-band CW/SSB digitally driven 10W transceiver (superb construction, I am working on it very hard, some achievements will be shown here later)
  • Building instructions of my simple CW/SSB 80m QRP 5W transceiver
  • Some links to great pages around the world So stay tuned, and vy 73! de Lukas OK1PLF for now !
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