Josef Zabavík
I was born in April, 1962, in a small village adjacent to the Moravian Beskyde Mountains, in the Czech Republic. I was given an opportunity to watch working with the VHF already at basic school. However, my deep interest in radio non-professional area has started shortly after my having finished the technical school specialized in electrotechnics.
My first job in Prague was very closely related to my interest in radio amateur sport. First I started with becoming a member of group station OK10FK and after having finished exams in 1990 I obtained a license under a signature OK1DTG. Being a great ham first I started with a 2 m frequency and later on, after having improved my operational category and having changed my signature for OK1ES, I started to operate also within HF, mostly on 10 and 6 meters, in 2000.
At the moment, my main focus is on SHF, where I have in sequence reached 5.7 GHz . I participate regularly in most UHF sports, with present venue at our highest mountain Snezka in Giant Mountains, Czech Republic, 1,602 meters ASL.
As a great ham I have always dreamed about a participation in some really exciting expedition. Therefore, in 1991, when I was relocated with my job to Northern Korea, I have started with dealing with local authorities in order to obtain a radio amateur license. Unfortunately, all my effort remained idle and only a couple of days before my departure back to the Czech Republic I obtained an oral approval with a short term operation within a 40 m band.And, this was a beginning of my Going-To-Hell story. Being a ham, used to VHF operation, I was forced to experience a right pile-up in an unconditional QRM. So within few hours only I rubbed out around 600 QSO mostly into South America and Western Coast of North America.Only after having returned to OK I noticed how extremely rare station my OKDTG/P5 was. But, I have still have stayed in touch with Korean authorities, changing correspondence to obtain from them an official authorization for my operation, so far without any results.
As to my equipment, I am using Icom 706 with an output 50 W and for VHF tcvr of Czech production BMT 225 and transvertors DB6NT, and FT736 new. Antenna for HF - LW and dipole and for microwaves I will be testing this year for the first time a 120 cm disch.
Within a year of practice and active broadcasting within a scope of HF frequencies I have up to now gathered 276 countries DXCC, out of that 78 at 6 m. I´m married. I have adult daughter and take care about my wife, dog and two horses.

In Prague February ,24
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