Licensing information for VP8 (Falklands, South Georgia, South Shetlands, South Orkney, South Sandwich and ultimately Antarctica)

Prepared by: ON6TT - Peter & G4ADJ - Peter & N6NO - Merv & K9PET - Marc
Status: Jan-94, Aug '99, Dec '99 links added, Mar '02, Apr '04, Feb '07

Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you will have no problems to get a license for VP8. The paperwork is done in a day or less

Postal address:
Postmaster General
c/o Postoffice
Port Stanley
Physical address:
In the center of Port Stanley, close to the church
Telephone number of the Superintendent of Posts & Telecomms. is + 500 27180
adminpost at 
Paperwork needed:
Copy of your license
The best way to get a license:
Just step into the postoffice and ask for an amateur radio license. You will get on or, on the spot, or within a day. By default your license will be valid for the Falklands only. If you want it for other VP8 locations, mention it clearly. Anyone considering getting a VP8 licence can call the Supt of posts and telecomms on + 500 27180 for an application form which can be faxed to the applicant.
Fee for a 12 month full licence is now 20.00 sterling.
Special calls:
normally they will attribute a suffix for you. Expeditions can get a special suffix. Mention it clearly upfront
How long before you can operate?
One day or less.
License restrictions:
150W HF, A1, A3, F1
no problems
Useful local contacts (Falklands):
A lot of the local people are hams. You will have NO problem finding help from those people. Everyone is friendly and accomodating. The people who helped us with 3Y0PI were: VP8WA (Peter Short), VP8LP (Bob and Janet McLeod) and VP8AWU (Neil and Sue), but plenty of others were helpful too!
Places to operate from (Falklands):
There is a ham club at the military airport. Most of the locals will let you operate from their station for some time. I do not anticipate the guesthouses to make it a problem if you erect an antenna
Take the opportunity to tour around the Falklands. A great place to live. Wonderful people.

73-Peter, ON6TT
(licensed as VP8CPH, operated as VP8BZL from the Falklands and VP8CBE from South Shetlands going to/returning from 3Y0PI)

pcasier at

Addition From: Marc Weinberg [mailto:barleek9 at]
Date: January 31, 2007

I wish to update our experience in getting our VP8 Licenses which is new and different than depicted on your site 

The fee is still 20 pounds Sterling or about $38 US in 2006. The Postal authority will FAX you the application and instructions (you do not have to go to the post office in person as was the previous procedure). Once you have completed the application the remainder of the process is by mail. Our group found this process very user friendly. The Postal Authority email address can be used to request the application --
adminpost at 

Regards, Marc K9PET

From: M L MacMedan <n6no at arrl dot net> 
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 

In February 2004 I cruised to Antarctica, South Shetlands, South Orkney, South Georgia and the Falklands. Using the information from your VP8 page, I applied for a license from the Falklands Post Office by telephone and fax but even after many phone calls was unable to get one by mail because I was ENDING my trip in Stanley, rather than STARTING there.

I have two comments that you should add to your VP8 page:

1. The Post Office has made it more convenient for foreigners to pay the licensing fees in Sterling. They now accept credit cards.

2. Post Office Policy is that the license MUST BE PICKED UP IN PERSON BY THE APPLICANT in Stanley. They will not mail or fax licenses under any circumstances and will not give the license to an applicant's local agent for forwarding (such as a cruise line agent). This means if you plan to visit the other islands, you must plan your trip to visit Stanley FIRST, get the license there, and then go on to other locations. If you do so,
remember the Post Office is CLOSED on Sundays.

I hope this will help others avoid the problem I had.
I find the information on these pages very helpful when I travel - thanks for
maintaining the service.

- - Merv MacMedan, N6NO

Addition from: : "Peter Hampton" < phampton at >
Subject: Re: VP8 Licencing
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:12:56 -0000
Anyone considering getting a VP8 licence can call the Supt. of posts and telecomms on + 500 27180 for an application form which can be faxed to the applicant. The fee for a 12 month licence is now 20.00 sterling.

Alas it looks like my long awaited trip to VP8 has to be put on hold. Was expecting to be there for two weeks from 14th March but now other commitments have arisen which will keep me occupied elsewhere for at least six months.

73    Peter, G4ADJ

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