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President - Wade Wehrenberg N5PHV- 918-272-5160
Vice President - Andy Vandeventer N5NYP
Secretary/Treasurer - Steve Bragg KA9MVA


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Amateur Radio "Q" Signals

Q-Signals are usually sent while sending morse code, however, ocationally you will hear them on SSB as well. They are called Q-Signals because they all begin with "Q". Q-Signals are used to shorten commonly used phrases. For example, you would send "QSY" instead of sending, "I am going to meet you on another freqency." or "I am changing frequencies." They make life much easier. Remember that most Q-Signals are either a statement or a question. If followed by a question mark, it's obviously a question, otherwise it's a statement. 
Sign Meaning
QRA What is the name (sometimes grid square) of your station?
QRG Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of ...?)
QRH Your frequency varies.
QRK 1-5 The intelligibility of your signals is: 1 Bad, 2 Poor, 3 Fair, 4 Good, 5 Excellent.
QRM 1-5 I am receiving interference: 1 Nil, 2 Slightly, 3 Moderately, 4 Severely, 5 extremely.
QRN 1-5 I am troubled by static: 1 Nil, 2 Slightly, 3 Moderately, 4 Severely, 5 extremely.
QRO Increase power.
QRP Decrease power.
QRQ Shall I send faster?
QRS Send more slowly ( .... words per minute ).
QRT Stop sending.
QRV Are you ready?
QRX When will you call me again?
QRX I will call you again at ... hours (on ... kHz or MHz).
QRZ Who is calling me?
QSA 1-5 The strength of your signals (or those of ...) is: 1 Scarcely perceptible, 2 Weak, 3 Fairly good, 4 Good, 5 Very good.
QSB Your signals are fading.
QSL Can you acknowledge receipt / I am acknowledging receipt.
QSO I can communicate with ... direct (or by relay through .... )
QSP Will youi relay to ...? / I will relay to ....
QSX I am listening to ( call / sign[s] ) on ... kHz or MHz.
QSY Change to transmission on another frequency (or on ..kHz or MHz).
QSZ Send each word or group twice (or ... times).
QTH What is your location? / My location is ....
QUM May I resume normal working? / Normal working may be resumed.