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Owasso, OK 74055

2 Meter Repeater 145.45 MHz (-) No Tone

70 CM Repeater 444.30 MHz (+) No Tone

2000 Club Officers
President - Wade Wehrenberg N5PHV- 918-272-5160
Vice President - Andy Vandeventer N5NYP
Secretary/Treasurer - Steve Bragg KA9MVA


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Note: This is only a suggested base format. You may modify it to suit your personal style.


"CQ the Owasso Amateur Radio Club Net, CQ the Owasso Amateur Radio Club Net.  This is (net control callsign) located in (your location) OK, acting net control for this net session.  This net meets each Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on the 45/85 repeater.  Any stations licensed to operate on this frequency are invited to participate.  This will be a controlled net."
 ***Drop the repeater briefly***
"At this time we will take any stations having emergency or priority traffic for the net".
 ***Drop the repeater briefly and handle any traffic***
"Any stations with routine traffic for the net, please call now".
 ***Drop the repeater briefly and handle any traffic***
"Our first round of check-ins will be those stations with announcements for the net.  Those stations having announcements for the Owasso Amateur Radio Club Net please call now".
 ***Drop the repeater briefly, take check-ins, and allow stations to make announcements***
"We will now take the first round of regular check-ins.  If you cannot participate in the roundtable portion of the net please advise by stating your station for count only when you check in.  Those stations choosing to participate in the roundtable will have two opportunities during this portion of the net to share their comments.  Stations wishing to check into the Owasso Amateur Radio Club net please call now".
 ***Drop the repeater and record check-ins***


When the initial flow of check-ins are recorded, repeat back the calls (and names for familiar check-ins) and then ask for additional check-ins.  Note on your list any unfamiliar stations and ask them for their name and location when their turn comes up during the roundtable.  Pay special attention to new stations on the net, providing information about the club, meeting date & location, etc.
Give priority on the list to mobile stations, move them to the top!
During the roundtable, pause after every five or so stations on the list and call for additional check-ins.
Call for additional check-ins when you reach the bottom of the first round.
Make sure you contribute any comments that you might have.  Top of the second round is a good time to do this.  This is also a good time to repeat any announcements made at the start of the net, since additional stations may have checked in late.
Ask for last minute check-ins when you reach the bottom of the second round.
Ask for volunteers for net control for the next week's net at the end of the net if nobody is already scheduled.

"We had _____ check-ins to the net tonight (include count only in this number).  Thanks to all for participating in the net.  This is (net control callsign) returning the repeater to normal Amateur use.  (net control callsign) net control clear".

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