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The purpose of our QSO party is to stimulate activity and practice CW in and around The Netherlands. It is not a contest but a place and time to meet other NTC members and welcome newcomers. Any type of mechanical or electronic keying is allowed.

Please call CQ NTC to participate.

Date: every third Thursday of the month. Dates for 2021 are September 16, Oktober 21, November 18 and December 16.

Time: 19:00 to 20:00 UTC

Mode: CW

Frequencies: around the official NTC frequencies, 3.568, 7.038 and 14.068 kHz.

Exchange must include RST, name and NTC number. If you are not a member send NM (Non Member) for NTC number. Please send a realistic RST and not a standard 5nn. Exchange of other information is allowed.

Scoring: PG6NTC 3 points, NTC members 2 points, all others 1 point. You can work a station once per band. Any QSO you make during the hour will count for your score, also QSOs outside the party.

Submit your log until Sunday after the QSO party to [email protected] in any format you like. Results will be published on the NTC website and on the members-only NTC mailing list.