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The NTC was founded by Rien PA7RA, Joop PG4I and Theo PA3HEN on January 31, 2021. Our goal is to promote, foster and preserve Morse Code. We also feel that creating friendly ties between radio amateurs is important. Our club is open to all with an emphasis on Dutch speaking radio amateurs.

The current active board consists of Theo PA3HEN, Joop PG4I and Hanz YL3JD.

To become an official member you must make a QSO with 2 club members, at least one needs to have a Dutch callsign. Both need to be a member at the time of the QSO. See the link on the left for a list of members with admission dates. To help you out we are listed in the CW Club RBN Spotter. To apply for membership please fill in the form on our new website.

Membership is free. After becoming a member you will get a membership certificate and you will get access to a private mailing list and a SKED page to communicate with other members. There also is a public Facebook page, so people can find us.

Our meeting frequencies are 3568, 7038 and 14068 kHz. Our QSO party takes place every third Thursday of the month at 19.00 UTC and starts on 80 meters. Our club call is PI4NTC.

The Netherlands Telegraphy Club is member of the International CW Council and the EuCW. We are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 85104108.