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Basic Winlink Training

June 30, 2020...Brad, N5CBP and Mike, KN4YGT teamed up to present a basic Winlink training session. Attending were Colen-WA5RKR, Gary-KF4FVU, Harry-KI4ZEY, Richard-KE4BQI, Tom-KM4UNM and Jesse. We covered installation of Winlink Express, setup, and registration with the CMS servers. Each person then composed and sent an email via the telnet system.

The use of radios was demonstrated.

Future Winlink classes will cover building a sound modem, installing that software and connecting it all up.

Winlink Shelter Testing

April 26, 2020...Mike, KN4YGT took his portable winlink station to both the LuLu Shelter and Ft. White shelter locations to test the ability to send winlink email back to Brad's station through the RMS Gateway, N5CBP-10 in Lake City. we were able to send email both ways with great success!

As you can see from the photo and my crude labeling, the portable station is a simple setup.

Winlink Map