Radio Scanner Modifications and Information


Random collection of notes, schematics, software, etc.

Notes & Resources

  1. Mini-Circuits MAR-6 Preamp  Schematic
  2. Electro Luminescent Panel Switch  Schematic
  3. Scanner Squelch Modifications
  4. 50 MHz Bandpass Filter  Schematic
  5. Info on FBI Communications Systems
  6. VoiceInvert v0.2  Program for decoding baseband speech inversion transmissions.  (1.8M ZIP)  (Notes)
  7. invert.exe  Simple speech inversion decoder by Tony Rusho  (Notes)
  8. Spectrum Inverter (SI)  Russian real-time speech inversion decoder.  (232k ZIP)
  9. IZ8BLY Voice Descrambler  by Nino Porcino.
  10. Trunking System Analyzer  by [email protected]  (Original)
  11. Optoelectronics - Interface Specifications & Utilities
  12. icomlib-1.0.0  Icom IC-PCR1000 control suite for Linux, by Javaman and PolyWog
  13. How to Build Your Own Rogue GSM BTS for Fun and Profit  by Simone Margaritelli

HB-232 & CE-232 Interface Stuff

  1. CE-232 Scanner/Computer Interface  Program Disk Version 1.0b, Nov. 15 1995  COMMtronics Engineering
  2. CE-232 Miscellaneous Files
  4. Assembly, Installation, & Operating Manual for the CE-232 Scanner/Computer Interface
  5. HB-232 & CE-232 Software Developer Information
  6. Hex Dump of the CE-232's Pre-Programmed 68HC11  This document is a personality file for the PRO-2006 scanner.
  7. From the SHIFT-? Easter Egg

Radio Shack PRO-83 Scanner Utilities

  1. Radio Shack PRO-83 (#20-501) - Manual  (650k PDF)
  2. Load83 v1.1  (367k ZIP)  (Load83 Manual)
  3. PRO-83 Manager Version 1.0.15  by Jay L. Bray  (3.4M ZIP)

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