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How do to you who don't know me. To those who do know me, well, cheers! To those that don't, well many might say that you may be lucky. I tend to disbelieve those particular parties though. Anyhow, I have many hobbies and these pages depict one (or more of them if one can read into it a bit) of them. Enjoy the pages and hope to catch everyone down the log on one of the many bands out there.

A bit of background on me: My name is David Aho (no cracks about the last name as I've heard them all, made up a few myself, and am proud of the Finnish name), I am adopted, 39 years old in May, 6'2" tall, about 250 lbs, and have been told I look like a wookie (or Lars from "Metallica"). I live in Wisconsin, hate snow and cold (yeah I know...I hear violins), do not care for sports, which is why I took up Amateur Radio as one of my many hobbies, and am a machinist by trade.

I grew up in the northwoods and live in a larger city now (Yuck, no country land or lake out my back door). I hate looking at the nieghboring lot (I have the Clampets on one side--you would understand if you ever saw them). I grew up with woods, trees, and a lake in my backyard with no real view of the neighbors. Someday I will be out of a restrictive trailer court and living on land where I can plant an antenna farm without much fear.

My interests include: Most kinds of communiation...this includes operation in vox (AM, FM, SSB) and CW (though I need a LOT of practice here). I paperchase for various awards, contest, and experiment with most anything including radios, amps and antennas. I am active on HF and VHF. I do not do much in the way of digital or packet, though I might try PSK sometime, though not likely. Although not really ham related I do also do SSB on Citizen Band, and am a member of the American Eagle Sideband Club (AE-976). I only mention this because it is radio/communication oriented and because of it I became interested in amateur radio.

I have a slightly warped sense humor as you who know me in RT or on the air know very well. I also tend to speak my mind, sometimes to the chagrin of the others around me.

I do not take many pictures of is sorta hard to click the shutter and run to the front of the camera in time to get the pic taken, but this one time I made it after experimenting with film speed and many cups of strong coffee. Just add beard and mustache, and a few I said, I look like Chewbacca from Star Wars.

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