N9TTX Station information:

I basically run a multiband station out of the house and the car. Presently in the car I have only 3 bands, but in the near future there will be 7. I run both VHF and HF out of both. When contesting or doing radio activities away from home in a BIG way, I break out what I call the "popular porta-tower." This is basically a heavy duty utility trailer with a detachable tower (for when I need the trailer for other uses). It tilts up 2 10-foot sections of tower with a Yaesu rotor mounted on the bottom. There is going to be a mobile comm van in the future along with the dually (when that gets fixed) for these excursions.

Inside the house I have to run essentially stealth...I am capable of 160 m through 23 cm with 160 being verrrrry flaky only because I have to use a 20 meter dipole...the ol' FT-101E gets a bit catty (spits and hisses) when I try and load it up on 160, but I have been able to. The 20 meter dipole has a 6-meter leg attached to the feedpoint. This antenna has it's feedpoint at 8 feet high and runs down the inside of my shed (i.e. unseen). I also have a PVC Flagpole antenna with a full wave 10/11 meter mobile whip with the feedpoint at 15 feet. The lightly modified TV/FM antenna is field tested out and works on 50, 144, 220, and 440 Mhz.

I try and QSL 100%...except for contesting, and then because of the volume, I have found, I will only QSL for those I need in paperchasing or those that specifically request it for their paperchasing...this is because I QSL direct. I will however QSL if I recieve a SASE.

Anyhow here is my station info:

Station call: N9TTX
Operator: David R. Aho
Coordinates: 44 49' 33'' N, 91 29' 57'' W
Coordinates: 44.825866 -91.499223
Address: 818 Revere Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703
Country: U.S.A.
County: Eau Claire
Grid: EN44gt
GMT Offset: -6
Time Zone: Central

I have a Ten-X number of 70244, and an OMISS# of 4602

I have been licensed since 1993, just obtained my Extra class license in March, and am also a member of the ARRL and the NLRS (Northern Lights Radio Society).

The equipment used is constantly changing, but the basic core (and it is a large core) is as follows:

Yaesu FT-101E, 101B (being worked on), FT-101ZD, FT-736R with 144, 220, 440, and 1296 modules installed. Kenwood TS-120S, Icom 27H, Ranger 2950, Ranger 5054, Galaxy Saturn Turbo, Siltronix 1011D, Radio Shack HTX-242. Radio Shack HTX-204, Kenwood 621. I also have a Gonset G-76, and a Hammarlund Super-Pro Reciever (these last two are in need of a few parts to be running).

Heil Proset Plus, Sadelta Echomasters, Turner SSB+2, Shure 404B, Astatic D104 Silver Eagle, Deisel Noise Cancelling, misc others.

MFJ 949E, MFJ 945E, MFJ 16010 tuners, MFJ filters and switches. AEA A-300 Tuner. Heathkit antenna switches and SWR/PWR meter. Dosy & Swan Power meters. Samlex, Tripplite, Speco power supplies. NTE and Yaesu Rotors. Rohn tower sections on a the "popular porta-tower."

G5RV, Antron 99, Cushcraft A-3 beam & AV-3 vertical, Skipshooter 10/11 meter antennas (one inside a PVC Flagpole), Radio Shack 190-mile TV/FM antenna, Valor Pro-am5 multi-band mobile, 2-meter Ventenna, Stealth 20 meter homebrew dipole inside a shed. And many misc. mobile whips and homebrew antennas.

Texas Star 500V, Texas Star Mod-V plus. Knight HF Amplifier (no model# that I can see)

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