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The N7LN Shareware Callbook

N7LN HAMWARE has produced a Shareware Callbook that you can install directly to your hard disk. It has been stripped down to include just callsigns, names, and addresses to make this possible. The information for this callbook was downloaded and extracted directly from the FCC's ftp site. It was stripped, sorted, and formatted and is read by a simple DOS callbook program written by Darvell Hunt, N7LN. Tho written for DOS, this callbook program works fine in Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Window NT, and probably other operating systems as well.

It is now freely downloadable. But be aware that it is QUITE LARGE and takes up about 24 megabytes, even compressed. (18 megs unregistered, 6 megs more for registered). This will take considerable time to download, possibly an unreasonable amount of time for some (if you have a slower modem). Uncompressed, it takes about 61 megabytes for the registered version, and about 44 megabytes for the unregistered version.

(This callbook comes free and registered on my Amateur Radio Clip Art Collection CD. Follow the link below for more information.)

Registration for the N7LN Shareware Callbook is only $10.

To read the text information file for the Shareware Callbook, please click Here.

Download N7LN Shareware Callbook

Download Registration Supplement
(MUST register FIRST before you can use this file!)

Click here to see QSL clip art from my CD.


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