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General MW/SW DX Reference Sites

DXing.Info - Mika Makalainen's site has all sorts of loggings and articles on medium and shortwave DXing
DXLinks- Comprehensive listing of radio-related web sites.  Hundreds of sites listed, including hobbyists, manufacturers, shortwave and medium wave stations, industry groups, and more.
Hard-Core DX  - Information on rare DX catches, links to other sites, and archives from the hard-core e-mail reflector.
IDs Warehouse - Audio files of IDs from various MW/SW stations
Interval Signals Archive - Audio files of Interval Signals for MW/SW stations
Radio-Portal - Searchable collection of shortwave and other radio hobby links.
Asia-Pacific Radio Sites
All Night Nippon -  Late night radio show carried on most Japanese stations (in Japanese)
Asian Broadcasting Institute
Japanese DX Club, site has information on MW/SW/TV/FM broadcasting in the Far East (mostly in Japanese, some English)
Australian Radio DX Club - Information on DXing Down Under, from Australia's largest DX club.
Australian Broadcasting Authority - government agency regulating radio/TV in Australina
Australian Broadcasting CorporationIncludes information on their AM/FM/TV networks 
DXing China (1000 Lakes DX Page)Links to many Chinese MW/SW/FM/TV web sites, plus other sites about China. 
Hawaii Radio & Television GuideComprehensive site on Hawaiian AM/FM/TV broadcasting 
Indonesian DX Club - IDXCVery good site with loggings by Indonesian Dxers, information on stations, and other material (Indonesian/English) 
Nagoya DXers' Circle - Japanese DX Club, site includes several interesting listings, including an extensive list of Chinese Stations (mostly in Japanese, some English) 
NAB-(The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan)Includes addresses and links to all commercial broadcasters in Japan 
Pacific Island Broadcasting AssociationIndustry group with information on stations in the South Pacific, including links and addresses for several stations 
Radio Marketing Bureau (Australia) Australian broadcast industry site, with links and e-mail addresses for many Aussie stations
Voices of Distant Countries - DXing from a Russian perspective by Dmitry Mezin
Vostochnoe Radio – Comprehensive list of Russian Far East stations 
South East Asia on Medium Wave Long List of SE Asian MW Loggings by Alan Davies
Southern Cross Syndication - Distributes several networked programs throughout Australia
South Pacific DX Resource– Articles and listings on New Zealand and South Pacific radio. Includes several interesting historical articles.
Other Radio Sites
Bandscan World - Mark Connelly's list of daytime and nighttime bandscans
BCB DX Logbook - Lee Freshwater's list of U.S. and Canadian AM Broadcast Stations
EuroLog - News of the European AM Band, loggings by European DXers
European Medium Wave Guide - Herman Boel's excellent list of medium wave stations in Europe, North Africa, and the Mideast. 
Mark's Radio, Electronics, Music, and other Web Links - Mark Connelly's links for Medium Wave DX and Other Sites
Newfoundland DXpedition Page - Comprehensive guide to Newfoundland DXpeditions
Northwest Broadcasters - AM/FM/TV Stations in NW Washington and SW British Columbia
ReelRadio's Top 40 Radio Repository - Interesting Collection of vintage Top 40 radio airchecks, some going back to the 1950's.
World Radio TV Handbook - includes updates to their listings
Ydun's DX Page for Medium Wave - European medium wave site.
DX Clubs
American Shortwave Listeners Club  - Shortwave club based in California
Umbrella group for North American DX CLubs, has links to most clubs' sites
International Radio Club of America
- U.S. medium wave DX club
National Radio Club - U.S. medium wave DX club
Medium Wave Circle - British medium wave DX club.
Language Translation Sites
AltaVista’s BabelFish On-line translator, it can translate websites and text files from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and several European Languages into English.
Australian Glossary from A to Zed - Strine words translated into American English.
Excite Japan - Online English-Japanese translations of website and documents.
Pidgin-English Dictionary - As spoken in Port Moresby.
Antennas, Receivers, Propagation, and Technical Sites
Digital Signal Processing - Good overview of DSP from Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio
DX Notebook - Antenna Page - Links to antenna-related web sites
DXer.Com Propagation and Solar Flux - Collection of Links - Collection of ham resources, including product reviews, propagation, ham links, articles, and other information
Hard-Core DX Antenna Page - Propagation Page - Current solar and geomagnetic reports
ITS High Frequency Propagation Models  - Public Domain HF propagation modeling software developed by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.  Very useful once you learn how to use it.  Mainly for shortwave, but also seems to work for medium wave frequencies.  - Web-controlled receivers, mostly located in the US and Europe
KB1GW's collection of Beverage Antenna Information
K3KY's Low Bands site -  Antennas and receiving techniques for use below 10 MHz
Mark's RF Circuit Building Block Page - Mark Connelly's collection of r.f. construction projects. - Minidiscs are a great way to record your DX Propagation Reports - Current solar and geomagnetic reports
Maps and Geography Sites
DX Monitor - Freeware program that generates azimuthal maps and shows distances, bearings, sunrise & sunset times, and other information
Geoclock - Versatile mapping program showing areas of darkness and daylight
Jane's Oceania Home Page- Huge site devoted to Pacific Island culture, geography, travel and history
Microsoft Terraserver - Aerial photographs and topographic maps of the entire U.S.
National Geographic Society's Map Machine
PostInfo - Postal Authorities Page - Postage rates and policies for many countries
SwissInfo -  Local Times Around the World
University of Texas - Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
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