TPDX - Trans Pacific DX on Medium Wave   


Compiled by Chuck Hutton

Yet again, we converged on Grayland from Wednesday, September 19th to Sunday the 23rd. This time we moved the date from our normal July 4th weekend so that we could get a taste of some different conditions and take advantage of the excellent fall conditions. It worked. If you compare this set of loggings with a lot of the previous years’ logs, there’s definitely a different set of stations.
Medium Wave Logs
Shortwave Logs


Guy Atkins  [email protected]
Receiver:  AOR AR7030 with Lankford sensitivity mod & extra filters.
Accessories:  Sharp MD-X5 MD recorder, JPS NIR-12 DSP audio filter, ERGO receiver control software.

Phil Bytheway [email protected]
Receivers: R-7/R-8
Accessories: Didn’t have any. Prefers to just fill up his basement with them.

John Bryant [email protected]
Receivers: NRD-535 + Ten-Tec 340
Accessories: ?

Don Nelson [email protected]
Receivers: Anything you can think of, specifically including Watkins–Johnson 8711A, WJ 8712P, HF1000A, TenTec340 with Sherwood SE3 Synchronous Detector, DSP599ZX.
Accessories: There’s not enough space to list them all.

Chuck Hutton [email protected]
Receivers: R8B and R71
Accessories: Radio Plus Phasing Unit, homebrew phasing unit

Bruce Portzer [email protected]
Receiver:  Drake R8A
Accessories: Hewlett Packard HP141T Spectrum Analyzer. (Also known as Wind Tunnel Unit or Tsunami Repeller)

Walt Salmaniw [email protected]
Receiver: ??(he has lots of good ones, but which was there?)
Accessories: ?? 



Three matched, terminated dual-wire Beverages aimed southwest, west, and northwest. Each antenna was 900 ft. long and either mounted on plastic 6 foot tomato (?) stakes or tree limbs with nothing better to do. All antennas were shared by all DX’ers via matching transformers, ARR preamps and passive splitters. Preamps were located at the antenna / cable junction, with splitting done inside.

Deer bite repairs by Guy Atkins.

Motel management interface: John (The Sweet Talker) Bryant


Here’s a little list of rough distances (in miles) from Washington state to various TP DX targets:

 Hawaii  2700 
 Tahiti  4500
 New Zealand  7300
 South Korea  5000
 Japan   4000 to 5000
 China – Urumqui 6000
 China – south 6200
 China – Beijing 5200
 Thailand  7500
 Australia – NW 7200
 Australia – SW 8000
 Australia – W 9000
 Vietnam  7200
 Philippines  6800

Compare that to these distances from Boston to major TA DX targets:

 London  3240
 Paris   3440
 Madrid  3440
 Casablanca  3420
 Norway  3400
 Yugoslavia  4800
 Saudi Arabia 6200
 Kuwait  6200

You can see why we hear Japan, Japan, and Japan. It’s a LONG way to a lot of those other places.

COMMENTS (Back to top)

[Guy Atkins]

Interesting propagation conditions prevailed during this DXpedition. More often than not we found very little directionality differences between the three antennas. I noticed that prior to local sunrise the normal directionality improved, but usually this was not the case. On most other coastal DXpeditions I've found that lack of directionality often occurs *during* the dawn enhancement period (presumably due to fluctuating arrival angles) rather than the other way around.

Conditions were predominantly Asian on mediumwave, with very little "down under" DX heard. I was disappointed not to hear my favorite South Pacific stations at better and more sustained levels-- 1017 Tonga, 891 Fiji, and 738 Tahiti. However, the variety of signals from elsewhere more than made up for the absence of these favorites.

Indonesian and Papua New Guinea stations on the tropical bands were
occasionally at impressive levels, although I would call the conditions
mostly average on shortwave.

DXers in attendance were Don Nelson, John Bryant, Walt Salmaniw, Phil
Bytheway, Bruce Portzer, Chuck Hutton, and myself. Compared to the others, my loggings from this trip are rather few in number. I look forward to reading John's published logs in particular... he seemed to be writing or typing furiously throughout the DXpedition!

This DXpedition report was made much easier for me with the use of Tom
Lackamp's excellent freeware program "B-Log". It has recently gone through major updates and is currently available as a stable beta version from Tom's web site:

[John Bryant]

The first night, UTC Friday SEP 20, was excellent DX conditions from 1100 to 1400 on the lower part of the band. Most loggings were from Japan, China and the Koreas. Most notable loggings, though, were 1557 Family Radio in EE from TAIWAN and Radio Mayak/Radio Rossii 576. Also somewhat unusual were a large number of NHK1 ststions from Japan, including several lower power outlets.

The second night, UTC Saturday SEP 21, was characterized with excellent DX only from 1100 to about 1230 and then only marginal conditions thereafter. The best frequencies had moved up the dial to the middle and upper segments of the band. Most notable logging was 1323, China Radio International's Russian Service, beamed to the Russian Far East from Urumchi, Xianjiang Province in Central Asia! Don Nelson also managed a brief logging of 864//3260, Madang, Papua New Guinea. He also focused on Hawaii after local dawn here in the Northwest, logging 8 of the more elusive Hawaiians.

The third night, UTC Sunday SEP 22, was very unusual. The middle period, characterized in previous nights by excellent DX from the Pacific and Japan, was limited to a handful of hets. Don Nelson was actually seen playing solitaire on his computer. A few lowband Hawaiians were the only MW DX until about an hour before sunrise. Then, suddenly, the band was alive with audio from modest and small-sized Japanese transmitters and the Big Guns of the Russian and Chinese MW Foreign Services.

The final evening, UTC SEP Monday 23, was also a very fractured DX session with good reception from Japan from about 1130 until 1245 followed by "the bottom dropping out." The final hour and a half was very sparse until just at dawn when the only Philippines station logged suddenly appeared on 1503. 

All in all, the September 2001 Grayland DXpedition was our best medium wave DXpedition in about three years, with many new loggings for us all. 

[Chuck Hutton]

It was a strange set of conditions. It wasn’t great for Chinese, Japanese, DU’s , or Oceanics. (“Oceanics” is a phrase that really doesn’t mean anything but it sounds more important than “island stations”.) Yet there were interesting things from each of those areas and some good catches.

The very high-latitude paths weren’t great so there was little chance at the exotic stuff like India. Don’t ask me to explain why a few of the Far East Russians were in well while many of the big guns were missing. Ditto Japan – the big guys weren’t so big at all. There were times when I was using 1503 to check NHK1 parallels, not 594! Of course, there were times when 594 was strong. 774 and 747 were never really strong either. In spite of that, Japan was heard on dozens and dozens of frequencies, including the really low powered frequencies like 1593.

Australia was kind of the same; 612 and 792 were OK but not great while some new stations were logged like 1062.

Oceania was fair to poor, but Don Nelson managed to catch Papua New Guinea on 864 which makes me jealous.

Hawaii was definitely in. 620 was local-like and 720 was real close to it. 790 was a new log for me and was a lot easier because it is now // to 620. I could have pulled it out without using the parallel, but it would have taken a bit of waiting. I may have had 1380 also but I couldn’t get anything definitive. The others I need (1060 and 1570) will have to wait for next time as I was busy elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure that there was something at one time or another on every single TP split frequency. I didn’t take the time to verify that, but if any were absent there were certainly just a few of them.

Unlike Guy, I had no complaints about the directivity of the Beverages. I often found Japan alone on one wire and Australia alone on another wire.

Best of show? For me, I guess that would be either the strong reception of Vietnam on 675 or Hawaii on 790 or Philippines on 1503.

Disappointment? Wasting time yet again at sunrise to phase out Japan 1134 in hopes of hearing the 1000 kW Indian from Calcutta. South Korea always spoils the show, with a little help from Australia or New Zealand (I’m not sure which) this time.

[Bruce Portzer]

Conditions were good both nights, but very erratic.  9/22 had some nice logs of DU stations and Pacific Islands.  The openings seemed to be limited to specific frequency/location combinations, i.e. commercial Aussie stations would be in quite well, while the big ABC outlets were weak or poor.  By sunrise, there were also several TPs.  9/23 the opening was all Asia at first, but it was hard to hold onto anything for more than a couple of minutes.  Just before sunrise, the band went completely dead, only to come roaring back to life a half hour later, with several DUs and resumed Asian reception.  Weird but interesting nights.


531 Who is the pop-rock mx that several of us heard?
738 Bruce’s two stations with pips.
783 What is the format of the NZ station Samoan Capital Radio? If not pop mx, then the weak pop mx was probably one of the Aussies.
909 Who would run the tele-talk show Bruce heard?
1008 What a mix…. Who has // stations that produced echo?
1062 Any thoughts on which Aussie was being heard at which time? The unid oriental language also heard?
1161 Who is likely to be the weak DU heard just after sunrise?
1179 An interesting stn heard by Bruce, Chuck and maybe others too.
1215 No real strong possibilities as best I know.

MEDIUMWAVE (Back to top)

180 RUSSIA  unid Russian, either Kamchatka Radio, or Chita, as listed in B. Portzer's Asia-Pacific Log at 11:12 with weak audio.  Parallel stronger 189, Belogorsk was fair with Radio Rossii, though 180 was fractionally behind 189 kHz.  Also parallel to 234 (Magadan).  243 Primorskoe Radio, Razdolnoe also heard, but not sure if it was also in parallel.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

180 RUSSIA, Petropavlovsk/Chita, R Rossii, Russian vocal music 1319 9/22, fair, //189 (bp WA)

180 RUSSIA R. Rossii, Petropavlovsk, FE SEP 21 1330 - Heard well with RR programming // with 189 kHz. (Bryant-WA)

189 RUSSIA R. Rossii, Belogorsk, SEP 21 1330 - Heard at excellent level. (Bryant-WA)

189 RUSSIA, Belogorsk, R Rossii vocal music, woman announcer in Russian //180 1319 9/22 (bp WA)

243 RUSSIA, Razdo1noe, 320 9/22 Russian talk good-fair under beacon QRM (bp WA)

530 ALASKA ADK, Adak 9/22/01 0624 lots of code IDs mixing with SQM. (btw-WA)

531 JAPAN  JOQG NHK 1 Morioka SEP 20, 1305 to 1330 - Noted in parallel with other NHK 1 stations running special news account (in JJ) of America's War on Terrorism. Fair signal. (Bryant-WA)

531 UNIDENTIFIED , Sep 22 1200 - US 1950's song 'Rock Around the Clock' noted here briefly before fading into the noise. Possible 1XPI Auckland. (ATKINS-WA)

531 UNID 9/23 at 1038 with a man talking in a language I could not identify, but was not JJ. I bet this was 1XPI New Zealand which is supposed to be in “island languages”. (CH)

531 UNID 9/22 1221 with “Let Your Love Flow” and other pop hits at fair-poor level. I have no idea which of the possible Australia and New Zealand stations this was. (CH)

540  MEXICO XEJAZZ? BC, Tijuana 9/22/01 0658 classical music, talk mentioning Tijuana after Mexican NA at TOH… into Carmen. (btw-WA)

550 HAWAII Wailuku KMVI, Sep 22 1203 - Excellent signal on all Beverage antennas. Ads for Maui businesses including 'Uncle'. ID as 'You're in the zone for sports 24 hours a day, seven days a week... SportsZone 55, KMVI Wailuku'. (ATKINS-WA)

550 HAWAII, Wailuku, KMVI, 0847 9/22 local (Maui) ads mixing with KOAC(bp WA)

550 HAWAII  KMVI Wailuku, SEP 22 0900 - Heard with ESPN Radio coverage fair to poor under KARI, Blaine, WA. Hrd also at 1200 with much better signal and several Ids. Still carrying ESPN Radio. (Bryant-WA) 

550 HAWAII KMVI, 0850-0910 22-Sep, ESPN radio. ID after ToH for KMVI. 1207-1230 22-Sep, ESPN with  auto racing, Ids. (Nelson-WA)

558 FIJI Radio One, Sep 22 1237 - Island choral music at fair level; fading down by 1243. Tentative. (ATKINS-WA)

558 FIJI Naulu 9/22/01 1322 noted loud in passing. (btw-WA)

558 JAPAN  JOCR Kobe, SEP 21 1130 - AM Kobe noted in passing with JJ talk by men. Fair level. Also noted on SEP 22; heard well at SEP 23 1410. (Bryant-WA) 

558 JAPAN JOCR- Kobe, 1357-1430 22-Sep, M and F in Japanese (Nelson-WA)

567 JAPAN, Sapporo, JOIK, 1126 9/22 fair with talk in Japanese (bp WA)

567 JAPAN  JOIK NHK1 Sapporo SEP 21 1215-1230 - Noted with JJ talk weakly in parallel with NHK1 Tokyo, 594 kHz. Also heard SEP 22. (Bryant-WA)

570 HAWAII  KONG Lihue SEP 22 1205 - Heard at good level with local weather, IDs, etc after network news. Good level. (Bryant-WA)

570 HAWAII, KONG, 1158-1230 22-Sep, Ads for computer hardware, ID as AM 570  (mixing with another station cochannel at this time), ID ToH as "Kuai's Kong" then into national CBS news feed )  At 8:00(1207 Mx "Spirit in the Sky" fades up then down again. And back up. Fadeup of talk discussion on Vietnam and Agent Orange. AD for aging slowdown HDH to slow down aging. Ultimate HGH. at (13:50). Great American Products 1-800-557-4627. Talking about catestrophic events with authors, Mark in LA on caller line. Program is called Coast-to-Coast AM. at 18:00. Talking to man with daughter going to Baptist college. Then talking with a young lady - Generation Xers to fight the war. Pop mx at 1328. KONG AM 570 ID at 1329 then  --" interaction with program on topics that affect each of us on Kuai. Irontalk, every Tuesday from 11 am on KONG AM 5-70..Keep listening." Smart listening topic of day -- phone cards. Home cooked meal ID -- Check new idea on internet - dinner idea from Reynolds wrap. From compuserve 2000. Kaui 25 social service agencies id on our isolated island. many mentions of Kaui. Kaui (this was United Way AD). Ad -- need help for YWCA call 245-5959 to sign up, carpentry skills needed. -. AD Coast to Coast AM trans-70. Into pop mx -- "Kodachrome" (Nelson-WA)

576 RUSSIA, Khabarovsk et al, Mayak pgm loud with Russian talk and  pop tune sung in English 1353 9/22 (bp WA)

576 RUSSIA  R. Mayak/R. Rossii(?), Petropavlovsk, FE (presumed location) SEP 20 1330 to 1406 - Was stunned to hear the old Radio Moscow IS "Moscow Nights" on chimes as I tuned across 576 at 1330. The chimed version was followed by a brief orchestral version and then R. Mayak/R. Rossii programming continued in RR. Was a mixture of RR talk and pop tunes until 1400. At 1400, there were only three notes of the Moscow Nights chimes followed by an abrupt program change to the few bars of music that normally follow BBCs Big Ben and lead in to the BBC News in EE. This is EXACTLY what followed. The BBC news in EE was still going at 1406 when the signal faded abruptly due to local dawn here in the Pacific Northwest. Who knew? Also heard at 1346 on SEP 22. (Bryant-WA)

576 RUSSIA  Petropavlovsk 09/22 1346 with a really nice signal noted after an alert from John Bryant. This guy is often heard at Grayland. In spite of the very good signal, I heard not a peep from 1008 or 1575 from that corner of Russia. (CH)

576 RUSSIA, R Mayak, 1329-1340 20-Sep, "Russian nights" theme on until 1330 then into Russian dialect. Unfortunately, there are 3 transmitters in Russia listed on this MW frequency. At recheck of 1400, they were carrying BBC World News. 1357-1415 22-Sep, Russian language, followed by Bells IS at 1358. After ToH, into EE report on the Taliban. (Nelson-WA)

585 RUSSIA  Foreign Service, Belogorsk SEP 22 1347-1401 - Russian Foreign Service to China noted with traditional Russian music programming and talk in Beijing dialect Chinese and, at the hour, in Russian. Program closed with the old Radio Moscow Interval Signal of "Moscow Nights" played on a stringed instrument. Excellent, fading to poor level at close. (Bryant-WA)

585 JAPAN  JOPG Kushiro SEP 22 1401 - NHK1 programming noted in parallel to 594 kHz. as the Russian Foreign Service signal faded down. Fair signal until band fade at 1430 dawn. (Bryant-WA) 

585 RUSSIA, Belogorsk, Voice of Russia Chinese service good 1349 9/22(bp WA)

585 TAIWAN, Chinese MW station, 1348-1400 22-Sep, M and F in Chinese. At 1355 into "Moscow Nights" IS of R Mayak over the Chinese station (Nelson-WA)

590 HAWAII, KSSK, 1400 21-Sep, ID for KSSK heard under Eugene, Oregon station (Nelson-WA)

594 JAPAN Tokyo JOAK, Sep 21 1128 - Male and female announcers in JJ and bamboo flute music. Mentions of Tokyo 1130. Fair-gd. (ATKINS-WA)

594 JAPAN, Tokyo, JOAK, 1355 9/22 strong with Japanese talk (bp WA)

594 JAPAN  JOBK NHK 1 Tokyo SEP 20, 1305 to 1330 - Noted in parallel with other NHK 1 stations running special news account (in JJ) of America's War on Terrorism. Excellent signal all night and usually the strongest NHK1 station. Also hrd SEP 21, 22, 23 (Bryant-WA)

603 UNID, possible Chinese talk 1348 9/22, quickly lost (bp WA)

612 AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, 4QR, 1404 9/23 good-fair with ABC news, "612 ABC Brisbane" ID (bp WA)

612 AUSTRALIA Brisbane 4QR, Sep 22 1304 - Female announcer with 'ABC regional news' and into Queensland weather. Fair. (ATKINS-WA)

612 AUSTRALIA 4QR Brisbane good 9/22 at 1247 with a long list of upcoming events in various cities. It was good but not stunningly strong as it has been on other Grayland Dxpeditions. (CH)

612 JAPAN  JOLK NHK1 Fukuoka SEP 22 1405 - JJ NHK1 programming noted in parallel with 594 kHz. at fair level. (Bryant-WA) 

612 AUSTRALIA  4QR Brisbane SEP 23 1340 - Heard with ABC talk show at fair level. (Bryant-WA) 

620 HAWAII - KIPA Hilo SEP 22 1154 - Heard parallel to much weaker KKON, Kona, 690 with music program and local IDs. Net news on the hour. Good signal. (Bryant-WA) 

620 HAWAII, Hilo, KIPA, 0940 9/22 way atop w/soft oldies, "AM 620 & 790, Rainbow Radio" slogan & ads (bp WA)

620 HAWAII KIPA Hilo way, way on top and basically local-like 9/22 at 1130. It was as strong as any Hawaiian and was even heard on a Radio Shack TRF with no external antenna. It announces as “the Rainbow Network” and mentions being parallel with 790. Normally they also announce the synchronous transmitters also. (CH)

620 HAWAII KIPA, Naalehi 9/22/01 1141 //620 with music and "rainbow network" ID at 1151. (btw-WA)

620 HAWAII KIPA, 0925-1010 22-Sep, parallel with 790 with "Rainbow Radio for the Big Island of Hawaii", and pop mx prgrm. Note that there are 3 KIPA transmitters around the island on 620 (Nelson-WA)

639 CHINA, CNR1, 1342 9/22 man in Chinese either via phone or poor quality audio feed, slight echo from a parallel co-channel transmitter, seemed //4460 (which had UTE QRM), very echoy at 1357 recheck (bp WA)

639 CHINA various 9/22/01 1344 noted in CC //4490. (btw-WA)

639 JAPAN  JOPB NHK2 Shizuoka SEP 23 1342-1405 - Noted at fair to poor level with NHK2 programming parallel to 774 kHz. (Bryant-WA) 

650 ALASKA, KENI, 1255-1330 22-Sep, Ads for US Marine recruiting. Discussion of departures of USAF for overseas from a local base.(Nelson-WA)

650 HAWAII  KHNR Honolulu SEP 21 1409-1420 - Heard at good level with lengthy network news. Local promo for SF Giants baseball on KHNR at commercial break. BC station phased out. Faded out due to local dawn in Pacific Northwest. (Bryant-WA) 

650 HAWAII, KUME, 1358 21-Sep, At good levels with ID after the hour (recheck the Minidisk for more details) (Nelson-WA)

657 NORTH KOREA, Pyongyang, 1307 9/22 strident talk in Korean (bp WA)

657 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang 1319 9/22 fair-poor with a man talking away. (CH)

657 NORTH KOREA  Pyongyang Pansong, Kangnam (pres.) SEP 20 0950 - M+W in KK noted in passing with good signal; by 1124 noted at fair level //3250 kHz. (Bryant-WA)

657 UNID DU but who? Poor signal 9/23 1337 woman talking (seemingly in EE but I am not sure) then folk song and later folky flute music. Or so I think – it was that kind of music and QRM that make you think you are hearing one kond of music now and a different kind later. NZ is said to be gospel mx so this must be one of the Australians. (CH)

666 JAPAN  JOBK NHK 1 Osaka SEP 20, 1305 to 1330 - Noted in parallel with other NHK 1 stations running special news account (in JJ) of America's War on Terrorism. Good signal. Also hrd SEP 21, 23. (Bryant-WA)

675 VIETNAM Hanoi 9/22 at various times from 1322 to 1406 with a nice signal, easily clear enough for a non-DXing Vietnamese colleague to listen to later. At the top of the hour there was a few seconds of chimes (possibly a short IS), 5 medium and 1 long pips, a nice ID as “This is a broadcast from the People’s Army Station”, and a minute or so of martial music that may have been an anthem. Quite clear. The listed “350 kw?” power in Bruce’s Pacific-Asian Log” seems fairly reasonable. Translation provided by Vietnamese native Duc Phan who could not understand how and why we had received this signal! This is of course Bruce’s unid below. In retrospect, our guess of “Chinese-like language but not Chinese” was reasonably close. (CH)

675 UNID, probably China or Taiwan, 1330-1341 9/22, in what sounded like a Chinese minority language (not Mandarin), mostly brief talks with a couple of distinctive musical riffs, good signal at times.  Any ideas?  Have recording available (bp WA) (Later IDed by CH as Vietnam – bp)

684 JAPAN  NHK1 Synchros SEP 22 1240 - Heard in parallel to 594 at fair level. (Bryant-WA)

684 UNID 9/23 1342 with strange sounding folk mx that I could not place. (CH)

690 CANADA, CBC-1, 1342-1400 22-Sep, Hawaiian guitar music then into F with EE timecheck for 17 before 7 oclock (this is local BC time, not a Hawaiian station. Then CBC-1 Radio Ad). (Nelson-WA)

693 JAPAN  JOAB NHK2 Tokyo SEP 20 0950 - Noted in parallel with other NHK2 stations with beginning EE lessons for children with excellent signal. Also hrd SEP 21, 22, 23 (Bryant-WA) 

693 JAPAN JOAB Tokyo 9/23 1344 good signal but not quite the equal of 774 or 747. (CH)

693 JAPAN, JOAB Tokyo, 0954-1030 20-Sep, English lessons -- 15 minutes covering "here we go." ID at 1025 welcoming the listeners to NHK's English lessons (Nelson-WA)

702 JAPAN  NHK2 Synchros, likely Kitami, SEP 22 1242 - Noted at weak level, parallel to 774. (Bryant-WA) 

720 HAWAII, Eleele, KUAI, 1259 9/22 "720 KUAI, Eleele, Kauai" ID into CNN nx (bp WA)

720 HAWAII KUAI Lihue 9/22 1227 totally on top and alone with KDWN phased out. I had just bought the Theresa Bright CD they were playing and it was almost as enjoyable through 2600 miles of ionosphere as at home. (CH)

720 HAWAII, KUAI, 0914-0940 22-Sep, Pop mx program under talk show; recheck MD recording. 1149-1230 22-Sep, Hawaiian mx prgrm and full id at 1213. (Nelson-WA)

729 CHINA, Nanchang, 1308 9/22 what sounded like news/feature program, back-to-back IDs as "Jiangxi Renmim Guangbo Diantai" by man & woman. Good signal, easily separated from 730 domestics (bp WA)

729 CHINA Nanchang 9/22 1308 after an alert from Bruce Portzer. Listed as 150 kw but either conditions were very good to that particular area or they run more power. They were no problem to separate from 730 and they were on top of the monkey chatter. (CH)

729 JAPAN  JOCK NHK 1 Nagoya SEP 20, 1305 to 1330 - Noted in parallel with other NHK 1 stations running special news account (in JJ) of America's War on Terrorism. Fair signal. (Bryant-WA)

738 AUSTRALIA 2NR assumed as the DU station with news way under Taiwan 9/22 at 1405. A third station was also under Taiwan. (CH)

738 UNID, Several stations mixing 1358 9/22, two time signals at 1400, one had 3 pips and a 2 second tone, the other had 2 pips and a 3 second tone.  Woman with possible ID in Chinese followed, probably the Fishery station which was dominant //1143 a few minutes later, but didn't sound like listed Yuye Guangbo Diantai.  Recording available if someone wants to listen it.(bp WA)

738 UNID, 1424 20-Sep, low level EE vocal music and anncr off SW wire - possible NZ or Aus (Nelson-WA)

738 TAIWAN 9/22 1405 fair to sometimes good peaks // 1143 andeasily separable from 740. (CH)

738 FRENCH POLYNESIA, Papeete, R Tahiti, 0842 9/22 good w/French songs & male/female announcers (bp WA)

738 TAHITI Papeete 9/22/01 1312 FF talk noted in passing. (btw-WA)

738 TAHITI, RFO Tahiti, 1001-1030 21-Sep, Fading in and out (deep fades) with M in French. (Nelson-WA)

738 TAIWAN Penghu 9/22/01 noted in //1143. (btw-WA)

747 JAPAN, Sapporo, JOIB, 1410 9/22 good w/end of  Radio Japan news in English, then back into Japanese (bp WA)

747 JAPAN  JOIB NHK2 Sapporo SEP 20 0950 - Noted in parallel with other NHK2 stations with beginning EE lessons for children with good signal. Also heard SEP 21, 22, 23 (Bryant-WA)

747 JAPAN, JOIB Sapporo, 1415-1419 20-Sep, NHK-2 program with many MW parallels. Faded before ID time of 1420. (Nelson-WA)

756 JAPAN  JOGK NHK1 Kumamoto SEP 22 1246 - Noted at fair level in parallel to 594. (Bryant-WA)

756 NEW ZEALAND 1YA National Radio, Auckland fair with 6 pips, ID and news at 1200 9/22. (CH)

756 UNID with fair signal and smooth jazz 09/22 at 1151. I assume this was New Zealand that was heard a little later. (CH)

760 HAWAII, KGU, 1400 21-Sep, Pop mx then ID "you're listening to Hawaii's <?.. 760. KGU the Voice of Hawaii".. Into News..economic(In recession) . Dow and Nasdaq results. More news. ID at 1205 AM 760..KGU. Mike <somebody show.  faded down. Talk show about Muslims on US flights. 1239-1330 22-Sep, Two stations with the same program, one delayed by 2 seconds. The dominant station IDS as KGU(at 1306 UTC) and the one beneath is in San Diego. Talk about issues with WTC. Then drop in travel. (Nelson-WA)

765 AUSTRALIA, 1328-1334 9/23, country music program strong at times, but bad KNWX-770 splatter.  Sounded like it was a special Sunday night type show rather than regular format.  Still there at 1343 recheck under 1000 Hz tone (!!!), but gone at later rechecks, 3-4 possibilities listed (bp WA)

774 JAPAN, Akita, JOUB, 1013 9/22 good w/EE lessons (bp WA)

774 JAPAN Akita JOUB, Sep 21 1342 - EE lesson given by male and female announcers (discussion of travel and the internet). Strong signal. (ATKINS-WA)

774 JAPAN JOUB NHK2 Akita SEP 20 0950 - Noted in parallel with other NHK2 stations with beginning EE lessons for children with excellent signal. Also heard on SEP 21, SEP 22 (Bryant-WA)

774 JAPAN JOUB Akita 9/23 1412 at its best level of the Dxpedition with a truly xlnt signal – the kind of signal where you just keep increasing the filter bandwidths and there’s still no interference. (CH)

774 JAPAN, JOUB Aikita, 1118-1130 23-Sep, NHK-2 program // 828. 1044-1100 20-Sep, NHK-2 program with many parallels now on MW. Another English language training program, this one with the topic "down memory lane" (Nelson-WA)

774p AUSTRALIA  3LO Melbourne SEP 23 1030 - Noted with Aussie talk mixing over/under JJ signal; fair level. (Bryant-WA) 

783 UNID 9/23 1413 poor pop mx, either Australia or NZ but I have no idea which. (CH)

790 HAWAII, Kealakakea, KKON, 1137 9/22 weak u/3-4 other stations with soft oldies, IDed by checking 620 for parallel (bp WA)

790 HAWAII  KKON, Kona(announced) SEP 22 1154 Heard in parallel to KIPA 620; weak signal in a pile-up also containing CFCW, Camrose, AB and a third signal. (Bryant-WA)

790 HAWAII KKON, Kaelakekua 9/22/01 1141 //790 with music and "rainbow network" ID at 1151, complete ID @ 1200. (btw-WA)

790 HAWAII KKON was a nice surprise 9/22 at 1130. I tried for this after hearing 620 announce after many songs that they are “the Rainbow Network with parallel transmission on 790”. 620 was way on top and it was not too much trouble to get an easy parallel with 790 although 790 was not anywhere near on top. I was pleased to hear this as 790 was one of my remaining Hawaii targets. (CH)

790 HAWAII, KKON, 1153-1230 22-Sep, in parallel with 620 at this time (hard to hear this frequency on the west coast. Thanks to Bruce for this one) (Nelson-WA)

792 UNID SEP 22 1324 - Strong signal with classical Indonesian "gamelan" music until 1330 when open carrier followed. Both Chinese and Japanese signals heard beneath OC. Bizarre. This later IDed by Bruce Portzer from play list on Internet as 4RN(Bryant-WA)

792 AUSTRALIA  4RN Brisbane SEP 22 1408 - Heard with Australian national news at fair level. Also heard poorly SEP 23 1045. (Bryant-WA)

792 UNIDENTIFIED , Sep 22 1323 - Definite gamelan music at fair level. Brief break at 1324, then a few notes repeated over and over (stuck CD?). Station faded down, then replaced by presumed 4RN Brisbane with Aussie-accent EE talk for a couple of minutes. By 1329, CC lang. faded in. (Will the real 792 kHz please stand up?). (ATKINS-WA)

792 AUSTRALIA, 4RN Brisbane, 1324-1335 22-Sep, Gamellan music played for a long period of time with no ids. Original hopes by some of the group for Indonesia were dashed by a later check to the ABC website which listed an interview at this timeslot with a modern Gamellan music artist. Presumed ABC Brisbane for this reason. (Nelson-WA)

828 JAPAN  JOBB NHK2 Osaka  SEP 20 0950 - Noted in parallel with other NHK2 stations with beginning EE lessons for children with good signal. Also hrd SEP 21, 22, 23 (Bryant-WA) 

828 JAPAN, JOBB Osaka, 1118-1131 23-Sep, NHK-2 program // 774 (Nelson-WA)

830 HAWAII, KHVH, 1017-1100 21-Sep, F with Coast-to-Coast talk show . Robert Frost mentioned on one of the cochannel stations. AD for US Army. American football scores KHVH Talk Radio. ID for KHVH at 15:30. KHVH website cited. Into pop mx. ID for Coast-to-Coast AM with Female anncr(Barbara Simpson). Talk on Taliban. Art Bell Ad for Gold.  at 39:30 Ad - Heartbeat for a child, ad for donations. Advertising council sponsored. Weak vocabulary ad - Million Dollar Vocabulary. "thanks for listening to Art Bell on KHVH Honolulu tonight. ABC News is next on ..830". Into ABC news at Top of Hour. 1358-1430 21-Sep, Ad for Hawaii National Hunting and Fishing Day, followed by Rush Limbaugh. At 1359 there was an ad for in intra-Island moving company. (Nelson-WA)

830  HAWAII KHVH, Hawaii's talk radio, ID at 1406.  Good reception. (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

846 KIRIBATI, Tarawa, 0915 9/22 woman announcer, 2 songs sung by what sounded like a young child, then island music (bp WA)

846 KIRIBATI  Radio Kiribati, Tarawa  SEP 20, 0705 - Male speaking in island language with news (?) resolved briefly at 0705 to 0710. Het present for several hours. Fair to poor signal. (Bryant-WA) 

846 KIRABATI. R. Kirabati, 0704 20-Sep, Fadeup from het into full signal with M in local language. (Nelson-WA)

850 HAWAII, KHLO, 1023-1035 21-Sep, Music program, condom ads and ID for KHLO. 1207-1230 22-Sep, Pop 80's music. ID as "All New Cruisin Key-Low" (Nelson-WA)

864 JAPAN  HBC Synchros (JOHE//JOQF) Hokkaido SEP 23 1240 - Noted at fair level in parallel with HBC key station on 1287. Bryant-WA)

864 JAPAN 9/22 1234 poor and it would not have been identifiable without a parallel. I was trying for Don Nelson’s Papua New Guinea station but I was unfortunately trying after they signed off. Poor strategy. (CH)

864 PAPUA NEW GUINEA R Madang, 1155-1200 21-Sep, At weak levels parallel with 3260 for signoff after prayer in TP, drums/chants, announcement in TP and usual National Anthem. I obtained a QSL for this MW frequency last November, so not a first (and Patrick Martin has several other PNG MW QSLs in his collection) (Nelson-WA)

870 HAWAII KAIM, 1231-0130 22-Sep, 1231 starting with organ music. "Your Positive Place, KAIM" Mention National Bike Ride and number 1-800-AFAMILY. Ride 200 miles in 3 days sponosered by Lifesource.Com. Then "Share it with a Friend, KAIM"  into music. Another ID (11:30) "The Right Choice every time, KAIM" and back into music. At 24:00 "Musical notes then "KAIM". Into Ad – climb higher when willing to serve,,,from KAIM. Glass in sun will burn word, focus on one spot --- Ask Christ to give you a focus. Lighthouse reminder. Notes then "Your positive Place, KAIM". at 26:00, then into more Christian music. Another id at 35:00-- "KAIM Honlulu" and into more Christian music. Nelson WA (Nelson-WA)

873 JAPAN, Kumamoto, JOGB, 1053 9/22 good w/JJ talk //774 (bp WA)

873 JAPAN  JOGB NHK2 Kumamoto SEP 20 0950 - Noted in parallel with other NHK2 stations with beginning EE lessons for children with fair signal. Also hrd SEP 21 (Bryant-WA) 

882.6 UNIDENTIFIED , Sep 22 1020 - Moderate het right on 882.6, and best on western Beverage. Seems to follow a TP fade pattern over a few minutes time. Heard at 1105 recheck drifting up slightly to 882.63. Also noted this on Sep 23 at 1100 with an even stronger het, but no audio, and best on western wire. (ATKINS-WA)

890 ALASKA, Homer, KBBI, 1359 9/22 loud with National Public Radio program, promo for "Prairie Home Companion"  & "KBBI Homer" ID (bp WA)

891 JAPAN  JOHK NHK 1 Sendai SEP 20, 1305 to 1330 - Noted in parallel with other NHK 1 stations running special news account (in JJ) of America's War on Terrorism. Fair to poor signal. (Bryant-WA)

900 HAWAII, Kahului, KNUI, loud & way atop CKMO 1252 9/22 w/local ads, Hawaiian mx, ID "Maui's Aloha Station, AM 900 KNUI" (bp WA)

900 HAWAII KNUI, 1005-1030 21-Sep, First of the Hawaiin MW stations heard. All stations below 1060 kHz in Hawaii were heard, all at airchair levels. Usual ID "Your Maui Aloha Station" (Nelson-WA)

909 NEW ZEALAND, Napier, Southern Star 1250 9/22 briefly good w/EZL mx //657 (bp WA)

909 UNID, Aussie or NZ with telephone talk show 1416 9/22 briefly heard through splatter from 910 domestics (bp WA)

936 JAPAN Unid., Sep 21 1353 - Possibly JOTR or JONF with JJ talk by female; poor with fades below noise. No breaks at TOH. (ATKINS-WA)

936 AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, 4PB fair w/nx //3PB-1026 (bp WA)

936p CHINA  Anhui PBS1(pres.) Hebei SEP 20, 1135 - Noted in passing with Beijing dialect CC talk by male; good signal. (Bryant-WA)

940 HAWAII  KJPN Honolulu SEP 22 1210 - Heard with locally produced Japanese programming including JJ talk, JJ pop music, etc; local ID in EE at 1230. Good level. (Bryant-WA) 

940 HAWAII, KJPN, 1210-1250 22-Sep, Program of Japanese music. ID for KJPN in EE at 1231. 1210 Japanese pop mx. 1214 into Piano with orchestral and F in JJ singing.  Right into next JJ easy listening mx at 1217  Continuous JJ music, mostly romantic and easy listening.  1230  ID " I'm John Kiko" "and I'm Jerome Koko." Together... and when we're here in Honolulu we listen to  KJPN AM 940".. Then music box and FF in Japanese.  Mention of Bento by FF in JJ (ad??)  Then into mx at 1235. Faded down by 1250 into another station on West coast. (Nelson-WA)

945 CHINA  CNR1 (Location Unk.) SEP 20 1233-1303 - Was //CNR1 5030 kHz, primarily with male speaking in Beijing dialect at good to excellent levels. 5+2 pips at ToH. Good level. (Bryant-WA) 

945 CHINA, CNR1, 1229 9/23, fair-good with long string of ads in Chinese, then "Zhongyang Renmin Guangbo Dientai" ID (bp WA)

945 CHINA CNR1 9/23 1231 fair at best with man in CC. (CH)

945 CHINA Hubei Satellite, 1050-1110 20-Sep, Chinese program with Ids sounding like satellite signals (dit-dit-dit).  At recheck of 1230+, it is booming in at airchair levels with more satellite id's. Seemed parallel to 5030 (CNR1) at one point (news feed or?). Thanks to John Bryant for the ID on this one. (Nelson-WA)

954 JAPAN  JOKR TBS, Tokyo SEP 21 - Heard with normal all night pop music programming throughout night with good to excellent signal. (Bryant-WA)

963 CHINA, CRI Russian Service, fair //1323 1247 9/22 and 1417 9/23 (bp WA)

963 CHINA China Radio Intl., Sep 23 1416 - Woman announcer in RR. Likely CRI here as previously, which broadcasts in Russian 1000-1600 UTC per sked. Good level on brief peaks. (ATKINS-WA)

963 CHINA  CRI Russian Service (Unk. Location) SEP 20 1135 - Noted in passing with woman speaking in Russian at excellent level. (Bryant-WA) 

963 CHINA Xinang PBS, 1140-1230 20-Sep, Chinese station with Russian program in parallel with SW 4970. (Nelson-WA)

972 SOUTH KOREA  HLCA KCBS1 Tangin SEP 20 1008 - Man and woman with news (?) in KK noted in passing with excellent signal (actually, excellent all evening) Noted at 1140 with part of the program being a woman speaking in Japanese! Also hrd SEP 21, SEP 23. (Bryant-WA)

972 S KOREA, Tangjin, 1134 9/23 loud with discussion by 2 women in Korean.  1452 9/23 still quite strong with Korean talk, fading fast by 1458 but time signal and possible ID still audible 1500 (bp WA)

972 SOUTH KOREA HLCA 9/23 1236 fair to sometimes good just talking away in KK. (CH)

981p TAIWAN  Kuanghua BS/Air Force BS Hsinfeng (presumed) 1145-1216 - On with a mixture of CC talk and music until 1200 when there was a partial ID followed by what seemed to be the news. Good signal. (Bryant-OK)

990 HAWAII KIKI, 1401 21-Sep, "Business Talk Radio - Honalulu" ID (Nelson-WA)

999 UNID, 1215 9/23, woman in Asian language (didn't sound like Japanese or Mandarin), then Chinese-type music.  Briefly audible through KOMO-1000 splatter (bp WA)

1008 JAPAN  JONR, ABC Osaka SEP 21 1335 - Noted at fair level with phone-in show hosted by male. Also heard SEP 23 1130.(Bryant-WA) 

1008 JAPAN JONR Osaka 9/22/01 1300 JJ talk and NHK pips. (btw-WA)

1008 JAPAN /AUSTRALIA / UNIDS JONR 9/23 1218 to 1225 in a real mix with someone in another oriental language. Further, there was a tremendous satellite type echo on the second station. I can’t figure out who has multiple stations that would be mixing with Japan. All were over a DU with EE playing old fashioned pop mx which must be 4TAB or 7TAB as NZ is talk. I assume they are in parallel because of the call signs - do they ID locally? (CH)

1017 TONGA R Tonga, 0834-0840 22-Sep, F in Tonga dialect just after Tx SS. (Nelson-WA)

1026 CHINA Unidentified, Sep 22 1335 - CC drama at good level before quick fade. Beijing is among the several CC stations listed in PAL for this frequency. (ATKINS-WA)

1026 AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, 3PB, fair w/nx //4PB-936 (bp WA)

1035 NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, 2ZB, 1217 9/22 fair w/ads, Wellington mention & "18 after midnight" time check  (bp WA)

1040p HAWAII  KLHT Honolulu (presumed) SEP 22 1305 - Heard for two hours as dominant with light Christian music and notifications that the music was "coming to you without commercial announcements." This matches KLHTs longtime format. No call letter ID heard. (Bryant-WA)

1040 HAWAII 1040, KHLT, 1251-1330 22-Sep, religious music station under dominant CBC Vancouver. 1433 21-Sep, Religious programming with ID, under sport/talk station cochannel. 1419-1430 22-Sep, religious programming now strong under team sports station (Nelson-WA)

1044 CHINA  CRI Japanese Service, Changzhou. SEP 22 1412 - Chinese FS heard at fair level with Japanese language programming in parallel to 7190 kHz. (Bryant-WA) 

1044 CHINA 1044, CRI, 1415-1430 22-Sep, Japanese service // 7190 (Nelson-WA)

1053 S KOREA, jammer fair 1227 9/22 (bp WA)

1053 KOREA  Bubble jammer SEP 20 - Noted as usual with fair to good signal throughout the night. 1100-1400. Hrd also on SEP 21, 22, 23. (Bryant-WA) 

1053 JAPAN  JOAR Nagoya  SEP 23 1252 - Finally noted dominating the Korean jammer with pop music program at good level. (Bryant-WA)

1053 JAPAN JOAR Nagoya 9/23 1309 on top of the weird bubbly buzzy sounds from the North Korean jammer, but only a fair-poor signal. (CH)

1060 CANADA 1060, CKMX Calgary, 1210-1220 22-Sep, Dominating the frequency, preventing the Hawaiin on this frequency from coming through.(Nelson-WA) (I was busy elsewhere and didn’t try for this. Was it possible to phase CKMX at all? CH)

1062 NEW ZEALAND Wanganui Radio Sport, Sep 22 1346 - Accented male announcers discussing different players (soccer?). Signal quickly faded after 2 or 3 minutes. Fair. Definite RR, CC, and JJ languages also heard on this frequency 1343-1349, but only briefly. Many frequencies in this time frame noted with a jumble of stations/langs. (ATKINS-WA)

1062 AUSTRALIA, apparent mix of 5MV and 4TI 1339 9/23 with pop music & "ABC Local Radio" promo, then man talking but too weak to understand, gradually overtaken by a second station running a religious-oriented telephone talk show with Aussie accent.  Rechecked at 1435 and heard ABC mention and promo for "The Listener", then guitar jazz //4QD-1548.  According to the ABC web site, ABC local/regional stations run a religious talk show call "Sunday Night" after 2200 local time.  Due to time zone differences, 5MV would be running it a half hour later than 4TI. (bp WA)

1062 AUSTRALIA UNID heard 9/22 at 1342 after Portzer’s alert with ABC Local Radio mention, and at 1420 with EE pop mx and a mention of “number one album”. This wouldn’t be New Zealand as they are all sports talk. Was this was 5MV or 4TI? (CH)

1062 UNID 9/22 1430 with man in unid lang at fair level briefly. I don’t believe this was JJ (and there is only a 1 kw Japanese station here), so it is likely Philippines or South Korea. (CH)

1062 UNIDS two EE DU’s mixing, both with talk programs at 1338 9/23. One would be Radio Sport in New Zealand but the other could be 5MV or 4TI. (CH)

1062 UNID 9/23 1500 very weak in broad daylight with poor signal, talk and pips on the hour which were so weak I can’t tell for sure but it seems they are 5 short low and 1 long high a la ABC. If not, they are 3 short low and 1 long high.(CH) 

1071 JAPAN, Hiroshima, JOFK, 1235 9/23 //594, mixing with another station playing Chinese-type flute music (bp WA)

1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS Majuro V7AD, Sep 23 1037 - Variable levels from poor to good. Nice female vocals of island chorus. Interesting propagation this evening: there is very little difference between all three Beverages, both MW and tropical bands. (ATKINS-WA)

1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS, Majuro, good 0848 9/22 w/pop mx and woman in unid language (bp WA)

1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS, Majuro assumed 9/23 1015 with fair pop mx but no ID. This is one of the most regular island stations. (CH)

1098p MARSHALL ISLANDS, WSZO Majuro (presumed) SEP 23 1015 - Near continuous light American rock music with deep fades. Good level at times. (Bryant-WA)

1098 MICRONESIA 1098, R. Majuro, 0729 20-Sep, Fadeup from het into pop music program. ID at ToH. At recheck at 0925, solid signald with islands music but no vocals (presume Majuro at 0925, but they usually play pop mx, not islands vocals.faded out shortly thereafter. (Nelson-WA)

1107 JAPAN Kagoshima JOCF, Sep 23 1021 - Possibly this station rather than the other much weaker JJ outlets listed in PAL for this frequency. Animated male and female JJ talk; fair to good signal. (ATKINS-WA)

1107 S KOREA, P'ohang, HLAV (tentative), 1053 9/23, briefly strong with what sounded like a drama in Korean (bp WA)

1134 JAPAN  JOQR Tokyo  SEP 23 1255-1310 - Heard with fair signal covering sumo after 1300. (Bryant-WA)

1134 JAPAN JOQR Tokyo 9/22 1412 fair but declining as the sun came up. Not declining enough to permit India to sneak through. This is a channel I try every single Dxpedition in hopes of logging the 1000 kw Calcutta AIR station. It’s not working – Japan is just too strong and too reliable on this channel. (CH)

1134 SOUTH KOREA Kimpo KBS fair underneath Japan at sunrise 9/22 1412 and onwards. This guy almost always puts in an appearance at local sunrise and can get as strong as mixing equally with Japan but usually is under Japan. All this while wasting more time looking for India. (CH)

1143 PHILIPPINES Poro Point 9/22/01 1415 on top. (btw-WA)

1143 TAIWAN Kaohsiung 9/22/01 1409 noted in //738. (btw-WA)

1143 TAIWAN, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Area Fishery Station, 1405 9/22 strong //738 with woman in Chinese. Repeater on 1593 (listed as 3 kw) was very tentatively heard, but way too much 1590 QRM to tell for sure (bp WA)

1143 TAIWAN Taiwan Area Fishery Station very good (and I mean it) 1406 on 9/22 // 738. (CH)

1152 FIJI Rakiraki Radio One, Sep 22 1146 - South Pacific island music and talk by male in pres. Fijian at 1149. Faded down 1150 and was replaced by an Aussie in EE (6RN?). Back up at 1154, overriding the Aussie. Fair to good on peaks. (ATKINS-WA)

1152 FIJI R Fiji (t), 1150-1200 22-Sep, Local Fijian mx program. Recheck with ID at ToH on MD (Nelson-WA)

1161 UNID 9/23 1445 at the very end of the sunrise enhancement (or a little past it) with weak EE (“join us live”) and quiet mx. (CH)

1179 JAPAN Osaka JOOR, Sep 23 1340 - Woman announcer in JJ, followed by non-descript soundtrack or instrumental music. Very good signal. (ATKINS-WA)

1179 JAPAN Osaka JOOR, Sep 22 1356 - A jumble of stations here, but the JJ language station dominated at fair-good levels when not in a fade trough. Presumed; listed at 50kW, JOOR is the most logical choice here. Possible slogan or ID 1400 with voice-over. (ATKINS-WA)

1179 JAPAN JOOR Osaka, 1010-1030 20-Sep, MBS Mainichi Hoso JOOR Key Station-private station with ID and JJ (Nelson-WA)  1045-1100 21-Sep, M and F in Japanese with long discussion. Possible ID at ToH for MBS (need to recheck Minidisc) (Nelson-WA)

1179 UNID, 1208-1213 9/22, EE pop music loud on SW Beverage, no announcements neard.  Doesn't fit the listed Aussie/NZ stations. There's a Vanuatu station listed, but this wasn't //Vanuatu-7260 (bp WA)

1179 UNID 09/22 11:55 to past the top of the hour and probably the same station Bruce Portzer heard. I caught a bit of fair pop mx that (unfortunately) sounded Backstreet Boys-ish (“I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky, I’ll be there”), several songs of light r&b and a few words of talk that seemed to mention the recently departed Aliyah. Sometimes peaked to almost a good level. (CH)

1179 JAPAN  JOOR MBS Osaka  SEP 21 1052-1107 - Heard with good to excellent signals; man + woman in JJ until ToH when a pop music show commenced. Also noted later in the night. (Bryant-WA) 

1179 VANUATU R Vanuatu, 1159-1230 22-Sep, Parallel with 7260 for news feed after ToH. Strong signal. Other Vanuatu and Solomon Islands MW frequencies not noted this evening (Nelson-WA)

1188 JAPAN  JOKP NHK1 Kitami, Hokkaido SEP 21 1110-1121 - M+W in JJ with fair signal in parallel to 594. (Bryant-WA)

1197 JAPAN  JOWL STV Ashikawa, Hokkaido SEP 21 1122-1128 and 1251-1305 - Heard with JJ pop music + talk in parallel to STV key station on 1440 with fair to good signal on 1197, poor signal on 1440. (Bryant-WA)

1197 JAPAN Kumamoto JOBF, Sep 23 1026 - Possibly this outlet, heard with interview program or similar, with two male announcers. Fair. (ATKINS-WA)

1197 NEW ZEALAND Wanganui 2ZW, 1157 9/22 DU fair w/ad mentioning Wanganui, then “Newstalk ZB” ID & DJ chatter, then EZL instrumental. (bp WA)

1197 JAPAN, unid, 1327 9/22 and 1303 9/23, pop music & woman DJ fair signal, many possibilities listed.  Still in weakly with jazz and commercials 1444 9/23  (bp WA)

1206 CHINA, Yanbian, 1211 9/23, good with man and woman in Korean, QRM from 1210 (bp WA)

1215 UNID 9/23 at 1153 weak with piano mx, a man talking and then quiet instrumental mx. I’m not sure what this was. I’ve only heard China before and this doesn’t sound Chinese at all. The other possibilities don’t seem likely as they are low powered or very distant. (CH)

1224 JAPAN, Kanazawa, JOJK, fair with Japanese talk 1044 9/23 (bp WA)

1242 JAPAN, Tokyo, JOLF, 1044 9/23 rapid Japanese talk fair(bp WA)

1242 JAPAN  JOLF  Tokyo  SEP 21 1128 - Heard throughout the evening with fair to good signal. Also heard SEP 23 1135. (Bryant-WA)

1251 AUSTRALIA, Dubbo, 2DU (tentative), 1153 9/22 pop mx fair, good w/nx in Aussie EE at 1201 recheck, one report was by an American woman (possibly from CNN), then started to fade, nx ended exactly at 1204 with "Radio (2-letter or 2-syllable)" mention, possibly “Radio SM” then more pop mx.  No ID, but 2DU is the only Aussie listed and relays 2SM at night (bp WA)

1260 CANADA Tofino National Park Weather Radio, Sep 22 1424 - Marine weather forecast by male announcer in EE for NW Vancouver Island, followed by female in FF. Very good signal. This TIS station reportedly 10 watts power. I was surprised to learn from Walt Salmaniw that TIS stations exist in the middle of the (non-extended) broadcast band. (ATKINS-WA)

1260 CANADA, Tofino Weather Station, 1424-1230 22-Sep, 10 Watt TIS way up the coast in Canada. Unusual. Thanks to Walt for pointing this out (Nelson-WA)

1278 JAPAN, Fukuoka, JOFR, 1049 9/23 good w/JJ discussion, 1128 with music (bp WA)

1278 JAPAN  JOFR  Fukuoka SEP 23 1137 to 1210 - Heard well with a program of JJ ballads and a few US Motown ballads, too. (Bryant-OK)

1287 JAPAN  JOHR Sapporo, Hokkaido SEP 21 1130 - Heard throughout the night with fair to good signal. (Bryant-WA) 

1296 CHINA Shanghai, 1344-1355 21-Sep, later recheck showed NHK-1 // 594 on this frequency (Nelson-WA)

1296 UNID, teletalk fair 1215 9/22, accent sounded more like NZ than Aussie, lost in 1290/1300 splatter before I could check NZ-1035 for parallel (bp WA)

1296 JAPAN  JOTK NHK1 Matsue SEP 21 1340-1352 - Heard at fair level with JJ talk in parallel to NHK1 Tokyo, 594 kHz. (Bryant-WA) 

1314 JAPAN  JOUF, Osaka SEP 21 1332 - Heard throughout evening at fair level. (Bryant-WA)

1323 CHINA  CRI Russian Service to FE, Urumuchi, Xianjiang (listed as location) SEP 21 1136-1142 and 1200-1215 - Heard at good level with deep fades; Russian talk plus both classical and folk music. Also heard well, SEP 23 1127. (Bryant-WA)

1323 CHINA CRI 9/23 1117 very good for a while with a woman in RR. This comes from Urumqui which is approximately 6000 miles from Grayland. Oddly enough, the path passes over Siberia, the Bering Sea, and northern Alaska before their electrons landed in my headphones. That’s a real polar path and nothing else was heard over those types of paths. I don’t know what to think – either it could be coming from a different location or it could just be Urumqui’s magic ability to be received anywhere on earth. How many remember the east coast and inland receptions of Urumqui in the 70’s on 1521 and the logs all around the world of that station? (CH)

1323 JAPAN Unid., Sep 23 1029 - JJ talk heard here briefly. All stations listed in Pacific Asian Log for 1323 are 1 kW or less. Fair signal before complete fade down. (ATKINS-WA) (The power for the Chinese stations isn’t listed but the CRI station is a powerhouse – CH the editor)

1323 CHINA, CRI Russian Service, 1235 9/22 talk & piano music good. Strong 1105 9/23, man & woman with news in Russian to 1113, then fanfare, brief announcement and music (bp WA)

1323 CHINA various 9/22/01 1234 CC talk. (btw-WA)

1323 CHINA CRI Urumqi, Xinjiang at 1137 in Russian to Siberia and the Far East.  Fair reception.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

1332 UNID, Aussie or NZ, 1144 9/22 briefly good w/2 men doing sports broadcast. NZ most likely (bp WA)

1332 JAPAN  JOSF Nagoya  SEP 23 1045 - Heard fair level throughout night until after 1400; occasionally excellent levels. (Bryant-WA)

1332 JAPAN, Nagoya, JOSF good w/Japanese talk 1039 9/23 (bp WA)

1332 JAPAN Nagoya JOSF nice with good signal 9/23 1258. (CH)

1368 JAPAN, 1038 9/23, either JOTS or an NHK1 outlet fair w/Japanese talk (bp WA)

1386 JAPAN, 3 NHK2 outlets, 1209 9/23, good with Japanese woman //774 (bp WA)

1386 JAPAN 9/23 1256 fair and easily parallel to NHK2 on 774. There are four 10 kw NKH2 stations listed so do I get to log all four? (CH) (No you don’t – CH)

1386 JAPAN  NHK2 Synchros  SEP 21 1150 - Noted with EE lessons at fair level. Also heard SEP 22, 23. (Bryant-WA)

1413p JAPAN  JOIF Fukuoka KBC (presumed) SEP 23 1216 - Noted in passing with JJ talk at good level. (Bryant-WA) 

1422 JAPAN, Yokohama, JORF, 1036 9/23 man & woman in Japanese, 1148 good with pop song (bp WA)

1422 JAPAN JORF Yokohama SEP 21 1152 - Noted in passing with good signal. JJ man + woman talk. Also heard SEP 23 1217. (Bryant-WA)

1460 HAWAII UNID yet, 1401 21-Sep, I’ll recheck minidisc -- think this was Hawaii.(Nelson-WA)

1467 FIJI, Rakiraki, 1129 9/22 Hindi music & talk, quite loud but deep fades (bp WA)

1467 UNID, strong carrier, weak audio (Asian language) 1146 9/23, plus several other times.  Never produced much audio (bp WA)

1467 FIJI Rakiraki Radio Two, Sep 22 1132 - Hindi music at fair level; male announcer in Hindi with mentions of Indonesia, and back to Hindi m/f vocals. Regular fades into the noise. (ATKINS-WA)

1467 FIJI R. Fiji 2, 1133-1230 22-Sep, Local Fijian music program and M in local language (Nelson-WA)

1467 JAPAN  NHK2 Synchros  SEP 23 1221 - Heard at poor level in parallel with 774 kHz. (Bryant-WA)

1475 MALAYSIA (Borneo)  RTVM, Kota Kinabalu SEP 23 1145 - Noted only as a strong het on their normal off-frequency channel. (Bryant-WA) 

1500 HAWAII KUMU, Honolulu 9/22/01 1243 nice clear ID. (btw-WA)

1500 HAWAII KUMU, 1400 21-Sep, Scratchy Glen Campbell tune at .ID at 1400 by M: "This is KUMU AM Honolulu. Orignal Hits, Koo-Moo 1500 "  Into pop mx, deep fades out. ID at   "Koo-Moo Original Hits AM 15 hundred", followed by more pop mx(Beetles mx). Then "One Fine Day".   Right into next mx(Perry Como hit).  ID "The best variety of original hits, by the original artists only on Koo-Moo AM  15 hundred"  Into "For Once in My life I have someone who needs me"... (Nelson-WA)

1503 PHILIPPINES Unidentified, Sep 23 1348 - Nice signal of presumed Tagalog lang. with lively male announcers possibly calling a sporting event. Good level on peaks, with occasional JJ QRM (JOUK Akita). Periods of complete fading into band noise. No break at TOH. Tentatively DZRM, Talisay. (ATKINS-WA)

1503 UNID, 1056 9/22 religious music, man in EE may have mentioned "voice of society" 1057, but too much KGA splat to understand anything else (bp WA)

1503 PHILIPPINES, Unid, 1347 9/23, Filippino talk, very lively and animated as though it were about sports, religion and/or politics. Strong at times with many deep fades, very erratic signal.  Talk continued across top of hour with no break.  Two stations listed, DYBB seems to be widely reported but didn't hear anything resembling an ID (bp WA)

1503 PHILLIPINES UNID, 1354-1400 23-Sep, Tagalog program with F talking with a second F. Possible Philippines but no station ID. Tentative (Nelson-WA)

1503 JAPAN, Akita, JOUK, 1354 9/23 Japanese talk mixing with Filippino, NHK time signal 1400 (bp WA)

1503 JAPAN  JOUK NHK1 Akita SEP 20, 1305 to 1330 noted in parallel with other NHK 1 stations running special news account (in JJ) of America's War on Terrorism. Fair signal. Also hrd SEP 21.(Bryant-WA)

1503p PHILIPPINES  DYBB Roxas City (listed) SEP 23 1350-1401 - Heard with initially good level in Tagalog, but fading rather quckly. Will report with a tape. (Bryant-WA) 

1503 PHILIPPINES (I guess) but I don’t know who, 9/23 1347 to past 1400. I surely don’t know Tagalog well enough to make a definite ID, butthis was not JJ that is fairly often heard on this frequency. It faded down across the hour when I heard 3 low and 1 high pips which is likely to be from NHK1 Japan. The non-JJ stn was at fair level and I’ve heard at least something from it on every Dxpedition to the Washington coast. If it’s the same thing I’ve heard before, the programming often sounds religious although there was no music or understandable words to make me sure. (CH)

1540 USA KXPA, Bellevue, Seattle, WA.  Was momentarilly stumped by this one at 1436.  In Russian, with numerous IDs as "Radio Aurora".  Local vicinity given way by ads for Chiropractic Wellness Centre, Tacoma, and PST time checks.  Local ID in English at 1600. (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

1548 AUSTRALIA, Emerald, 4QD, good with sportscast 1046 9/22.  Good with religious-type telephone talk 1420 9/23 (bp WA)

1557 TAIWAN, 1322 9/22 fair-poor in 1560 splatter with inst mx, woman ancr mentioned "Family Radio" (bp WA)

1557 TAIWAN WYFR, Sep 22 1411 - Scripture reading in EE at 1411; hymn 1412, more Bible reading at 1416. Good level; mixing with JJ talk at times. (ATKINS-WA)

1557 TAIWAN  Family Radio, Kouhu  SEP 20 1019-1045. First noted by Don Nelson, running EE religious programming, giving multiple SW frequencies and IDing as "Family Radio" and "International Family Radio" with an Oakland, CA address. Fair to poor signal. (Bryant-WA)

1557 TAIWAN WYFR, 0929-1030 20-Sep, checks for Micronesia Heatwave on 1557 were unrewarding during the weekend at Grayland. At 0929, there were religious vocals and EE religious teaching --- not a Micronesia Heatwave program! At 1011 a male announcer in EE rattled off the ID for WYFR and a bunch of SW and MW frequencies and times. Surprise -- Taiwan on MW! An auspicious start for several good days of Trans-Pacific DXing from the coast of Washington. (Nelson-WA)

1566 S KOREA, Cheju, HLAZ, 1045 9/22 strong with religious program in Chinese (bp WA)

1566 SOUTH KOREA HLAZ, Cheju Island SEP 21 - Heard with regular religious programming, hymns, sermons, etc., throughout the night with good to excellent signals. Also heard SEP 22, 23. (Bryant-WA)

1566 SOUTH KOREA HLAZ Cheju old reliable 9/23 at 1006 with the normal religious talk. They always are much better nearer sunrise due to a change in their directional pattern. Before HLAZ takes over, there is always a very weak station playing pop & rock that I assume is 3NE although I can’t prove it. (CH)

1566 SOUTH KOREA HLAZ, 1010-1030 20-Sep, One of the powerhouse Koreans head with F in Korean with Korean music program. 1116-1200 21-Sep, F in Korean. Higher levels that previous evening (recheck Minidisk for details) (Nelson-WA)

1570 CANADA CBC - Nainaimo, BC, 1006-1030 21-Sep, Booming in with "Your Central Island music Authority", it was initially hoped this was KUAU Hawaii. 1014- 21-Sep, pop Mx "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, marry .." an ugly woman, then into next 1980's mx (several) ID at 1025 "Your Central Island Music Authority"  then more 1980's including "Homeward Bound" then ID this is KGO or KTO.  Into "Big Bad Leroy Brown" then IDs with more music fragments. INto 1980's mx, then ID at 1040 for Nainamo..Central Islands Mx Authority.  Then "One Less Bell to Answer..." (-). (Nelson)

1575 THAILAND, 1201 9/23, good with VOA ID and English news (bp WA)

1575 THAILAND Bangkok VOA, Sep 23 1206 - Very good signal when not in a deep fade. Male and female announcers with discussion of implications of terrorist attacks. 'VOA news, Washington' ID at 1212. (ATKINS-WA)

1575 THAILAND  VOA Bangkok SEP 21 1158-1203 - Heard at good level with SEAsian lang programming (Burmese scheduled) until ToH when Yankee Doodle and "This program has come to you from the Voice of America, Washington." Was heard clearly. Good level. Also heard SEP 23 1150-1215. (Bryant-WA) 

1575 THAILAND Bangkok VOA, Sep 21 1425 - Male and female announcers in EE with news of president's speech. Fanfare and ID at 1429:30. Language change to unid lang. at 1430. Fair-good. (ATKINS-WA)

1575 THAILAND VOA Bangkok 9/23 1209 with just a fair signal, nowhere near as good as it can be when conditions are good to that area. 9/23 1405 much better. (CH)

1575 THAILAND 1575, VOA, 1156-1215 21-Sep, VOA news program parallel with SW frequencies from Thailand. 1204-1210 23-Sep, Poor with VOA News Now in EE. (Nelson-WA)

1593 JAPAN  NHK2 Synchros SEP 23 1150 Noted at fair levels in parallel to 774 kHz. (Bryant-WA) 

1593 JAPAN NHK2 synchros 9/23 1132 at really good levels for 10 + 10 kw. There were periods when these two stations were stronger than the 774 superstation which I normally use for NHK2 parallels. (CH)

1593 UNID pop mx way under Japan on the SW wire 9/23 around 0430 causing tantalizing thoughts of Truk but it was more likely New Zealand

2980 USA, Dillon, Montana,  KDBM, 0422-0505 9/22, second harmonic (2 x 1490) good-nil w/ satellite country music, "Real Country, AM 1490 KDBM" ID 0438, ABC news 0500. (bp WA)

SHORTWAVE (Back to top)

ABKHEZIA 9489.75, R Sochi, 0307-0300 22-Sep, Music with poor audio. R. Sochi ID at BoH (Nelson-WA)

AUSTRALIA 2310, 1120-1127, VL8A Alice Springs Sep 23 EZL music programhosted by two announcers. 'ABC' IDs and announcements. Signal was very good to excellent, with identical levels on all three Beverage antennas--unusually non-directional reception on mediumwave and tropical bands this evening. 2310 was //  2325 (fair) and // 2485 (good). (ATKINS-WA)

AUSTRALIA 4835, ABC Alice Springs, 0825-0830 20-Sep, ABC feed with two females in strong Australian accent. // 4910 but 5025 covered by Rebelde. Into local Australian pop mx at 0825 and usual sudden switch in frequency with no announcement at 0830.(Nelson-WA)

AUSTRALIA 5025, ABC Katherine, 0827-0830 23-Sep, Parallel with 4910 and 4835. With ABC feed of pop mx pgrm. Sudden frequency shift at 0829:30 (Nelson-WA)

AUSTRALIA 17820, Christian Voice - Darwin, 0755-0810 22-Sep, ID at ToH "Listen to heartbeat weekdays, only on tis station" followed by CV ID. Pop Christian Rock program (Nelson-WA)

AUSTRALIA 21550, Christian Voice - Darwin, 0330-0350 21-Sep, Christian Rock mx with frequent EE ids. // 21680 until 0400. (Nelson-WA)

AUSTRALIA 21680, R Australia - Darwin, 0400-0430 21-Sep, R Australia Indonesian service with news in BI. Frequent mentions of WTC, various countries. 21550 was not // but carried C.V.  At 0430, 21680 // 21550 with C.V. (Nelson-WA)

BELARUS 11960, R Capitol (Minsk), 0353-0400 22-Sep, Russian program with ID at ToH (Nelson-WA)

BELARUS 11960  Radio Stolitsa (Radio Capitol) heard at 0350.  At O400, time check for 0700.  Fair to good.  Parallel 7210 was poor only.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 22 Sept).

BOLIVIA 6024.98, R Illimai(p), 0243-0330 23-Sep, Long program of Andes flute music with low level announcer. No id heard.(Nelson-WA)

BOLIVIA (tentative)  6024.92  ?La Voz de Bolivia, La Paz.  Initial tune-in at 0245 with fair reception, but improving with time.  No ID at TOH.  Did hear "Boliviana" mentioned.  All in Spanish.  Parade or sports commentary.  I'll have to go back over the MD to find any IDs.  Possible ID at 0355.  Still on at 0408 tune-out.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 23 Sept)

BOTSWANA 7255, 0325-0336, VOA Sep 23 Very weak signal of Afro-pop music and female announcer in poss. EE language. Short break at 0330 but did not catch ID. Ladysmith Black Mombazo tune 'Homeless' at 0334. Presumed. (ATKINS-WA)

BOTSWANA 7255, R Botswana, 0311-0330 21-Sep, Pop mx program // 4820. 7255 was under another stronger station. 7255 had been report off air for R Botswana. (Nelson-WA)

BURMA 4725, 1454-1505, R. Myanmar Sep 21 Male announcer with lesson or school test in EE, and numbered questions for students. No break at TOH. Fair-good. (ATKINS-WA)

BURMA 4725, 1154-1201, R. Myanmar Sep 23 SE Asian pop music and female announcer in unid. lang.; fair-good signal. Flute music and poss. ID 1200. (ATKINS-WA)

BURMA 5985.8, 1445-1552, R. Myanmar Sep 21 Female announcer with regional political talk in EE. Upcoming sked and into US pop music 1449. Fair-good. (ATKINS-WA)

ECUADOR 3279.58, L V de Napo, 1113-1130 23-Sep, SS with ecuadorian mx. (Nelson-WA)

GERMANY(Clandestine for Ethiopia)  15715  At 1630, directly into music, then ID for Radio Xoriyo heard at 1631:20.  WWW address given, but couldn't make out specifics.  Good reception.  Listed as Tuesday/Friday only.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

GREAT BRITAIN 15475, Salama R, 1925-2000 21-Sep, Nice mix of West African music with ID in a local language at 1925 with Nigerian Address. EE ID near ToH (Nelson-WA)

GUATEMALA 5494.96, R Cultural, 0314-0330 23-Sep, Parallel with 3299.98 with music and M is Spanish (Nelson-WA)

GUATEMALA 3324.8, 1050-1101, R. Maya Sep 22 Tentative with folklorico music and female announcer in SS; old US C&W bluegrass tune. Het from presumed Palangkaraya/3325 began at 1058. Announcement by man at 1100, but too buried in noise for details. Weak signal, and overcome by Palangkaraya audio at 1101. (ATKINS-WA)

HAWAII 10320U  AFRTS, at 0438 with major tape problem.  Garbled, then stops, dead air, and the whole thing is repeated.  Continued so for the 10 or so minutes monitored.  Very Good, otherwise.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 22 Sept).

HONDURAS 3249.98, R Luz y Vida, 0215-0354 23-Sep, F in Ss with commentary and then into music. EE in the last hour, followed by Don Moore with signoff announcements to 0354 (Nelson-WA)

HONDURAS 3249.98 Radio Luz y Vida in Spanish at 0220.  Fair reception.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 23 Sept).

INDIA 4800, 1310-1313, AIR Hyderabad Sep 23 Male announcer in Hindi reading list of news items or political commentary, with mentions of regional cities. Fair, with UTE QRM. (ATKINS-WA)

INDIA 4820, 1314-1332, AIR Kolkata Sep 23 Eerie sub-cont. music with drone stringed instrument and soaring male vocals in Hindi. Brief anmt or ID 1329, single TP at 1330, then woman announcer with world news in Hindi. Mentions of Taliban, Afghanistan, etc.  Fair at tune-in but improving to good at approx. one hour past Kolkata SS. (ATKINS-WA)

INDIA 4895.18, 1502-1510, AIR Kurseong Sep 22 Continuous, mournful wooden flute music in sub-cont. style. Fair signal. Presumed. (ATKINS-WA)

INDIA 5040, 1308-1315, AIR Jeypore Sep 21 Good signal of sub-cont. music and male announcer in Hindi; world news items. Also heard with EE news Sep 22 at 1430. (ATKINS-WA)

INDIA 3223, Air Shimla, 1427-1440 22-Sep, F in Hindi -- poor modulationlevels (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 3315, AIR Bhopal, 1425-1430 22-Sep, M in Hindi with news. (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 3365, AIR Delhi, 1336-1400 20-Sep, M in Hindi with news (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 3365, AIR Delhi, 1426-1440 22-Sep, M in Hindi with news. Into subcont mx program (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 3390, AIR Gangtok(p), 1337-1400 23-Sep, Weak program of M in local lang followed by subcont-sounding mx (not the same as the other Indian stations for music) (-)

INDIA 4790, AIR Shillong, 1307-1330 20-Sep, Western music program including "Natural Woman" with usual anncr in English.(Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4800, AIR Hyderbad, 1419-1500 22-Sep, F in local language with two mentions of Hyderbad, good subcont mx program after 1445.(Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4820, AIR Kolkata, 1439-1500 22-Sep, F with news in EE, then at 1440 into subcont mx program (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4840, AIR Mumbai, 1312 20-Sep, Noted in passing with subcont mx program under strong Chinese station (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4850, AIR Kohima, 1404-1415 23-Sep, Program of classical Subcont mx under the strong Chinese station (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4880, AIR Lucknow, 1435-1450 22-Sep, program of news in local lang and into subcont mx (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4880, AIR Lucknow, 1408-1430 23-Sep, Subcont mx prg followed by M in Hindi with the news (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4895.15, AIR Kurseong, 1500-1530 22-Sep, Subont mx program on after Malaysia signoff at 1500. (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4910, AIR Jaipur, 1315-1330 20-Sep, Subcont mx program with M in local dialect. (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4910, AIR Jaipur, 1430-1440 22-Sep, Subcont mx program with M in local dialect. (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4940, AIR Guwahati, 1415 23-Sep, F with news in lang at 1421 following subcont mx. Under dominating Chinese station (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4970, AIR Shillong, 1431-1500 22-Sep, Western music program with anncr in English at good levels (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 4990, AIR Itanigar, 1412-1430 23-Sep, Jazz music program with  subcont mx in second half (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 5040, AIR Jeypore, 1225-1300 20-Sep, M in local dialect at weak levels. Not booming in like subsequent days at this time.(Nelson-WA)

INDIA 5040, AIR Jeypore, 1431-1500 22-Sep, F with EE news at airchair levels, then into subcont mx. Excellent reception (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 11740, AIR Panaji, 1530-1545 22-Sep, EE news at good levels for just 15 minutes of transmitter on time. Abrupt off after orchestral mx (Nelson-WA)

INDIA 5040 AIR Jaypore heard with English news at 1433 until 1435, followed by "And that is all of the news.  This is All India Radio, Jaypore 5040".  Good reception.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 22 Sept).

INDONESIA 2960, 1230-1234, RRI Manggarai Sep 21 Male announcer w/ID 1230, followed by talk and Iagu populer. Fair-good. (ATKINS-WA)

INDONESIA 3264.6, 1246-1304*, RRI Gorontalo Sep 21 Fair-good signal of US R&B music; male announcer with bouncy talk; then lagu populer to ID 1259. SCI at 1259, then dead air for one minute before returning at 1301 with music and dramatically stronger signal (3 S-units!). Suddenly off for good at 1304. Perhaps the engineer was tweaking the xmtr's output power?. (ATKINS-WA)

INDONESIA 3325, 1057-1102, RRI Palangkaraya Sep 23 Superb signal! Male announcer with ID, TC, and into local news. Unusually strong level for this early in the evening. (ATKINS-WA)

INDONESIA 3344.8, 0951-0954, RRI Ternate Sep 23 Woman announcer with monotone talk and mentions of Indonesian cities. Fair-good. (ATKINS-WA)

INDONESIA 3976.1, 1455-1504, RRI Pontianak Sep 22 Strong signal of lagu pops; S-9+20dB peaks. Nice lagu romantik vocals at 1500, with no break at TOH. Also heard at exc. level 9/23 at 1447. (ATKINS-WA)

INDONESIA 4000.12, 1140-1150, RRI Kendari Sep 23 Enjoyable lagu melayu music to 1149 ID by woman. Advertisement or announcement by male announcer 1150. Strong signal but mixing with PBS China. (ATKINS-WA)

INDONESIA 3264.66, RRI Gorontalo, 1221-1240 21-Sep, M in BI not // with other RRI. (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 2899, RPDT Ngada, 1347-1430 21-Sep, Faded up to good levels with lagu lagu Romatik and anncr in BI. Jakata nx feed after ToH (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 2960.02, RPDT Mangarrai, 1212-1230 21-Sep, F with News feed in BI, parallel with other RRI. (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 2960.02, RPDT Mangarrai, 1227-1300 23-Sep, Excellent strength with Local anncr and music. SCI at ToH (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 3214.8, RRI Manado, 1312-1330 23-Sep, Jakarta news feed with end of news mx at 1310, then into local mx program with BI announcer. Signal modulation very poor (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 3264.66, RRI Gorontalo, 1231-1300 23-Sep, Exceptional strong signal with M in BI with local news (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 3344.8, RRI Ternate, 1225-1230 20-Sep, Jakarta news feed parallel to the other RRI, with end-of-news mx and Ternate ID at BoH (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 3905, R Merauke, 0839-0850 20-Sep, Recheck finds Merauk back on after several months of absence. It effectively covers RNI as it fades in at local SS. Call to proayer followed by M in BI and then middle-eastern sounding mx.  This was followed by program of Indopops and ID by M at ToH (But NO SCI!) (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 4001.12, RRI Kendari, 1307-1330 23-Sep, Jakarta news feed parallel with 4789.15, 4753.2, 3976.1, 3905, 3344.8, 3264.66. (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 4777.12, RRI Jakarta, 1200-1330 20-Sep, Indopop music program under heavy sweeper UTE. (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 6071.2, RRI Jayapura, 1130-1140 21-Sep, Musical notes at BoH followed by M anncr with ID. Into Indopops program. (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 6071.2, RRI Jayapura, 1315-1330 23-Sep, Lagu Lagu romatik with M in BI taking caller requests (mostly women). Usual beep-beep for recording of phone calls (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 6153.7, RRI Biak, 1318-1330 23-Sep, Local Indopop music with anncr in BI (Nelson-WA)

INDONESIA 9680, RRI Jakarta, 1229-1300 21-Sep, M anncr taking callin music requests. ID by M at 1231 with mentions of Jakarta plus MW and SW frequencies ("M-way" and "S-Way"). Best on LSB; not heard on 4777.12 at this time (Nelson-WA)

IRAN 13770, VOIRI, 0225-0227 22-Sep, F in Russian sounding language // 11900. Sudden off at 0227 with no announcements (Nelson-WA)

JAPAN 3259, NHK Fukuoka, 1116-1130 23-Sep, 600 W, parallel with 3607.5(Nelson-WA)

JAPAN 3375, NHK Osaka, 1114-1130 23-Sep, JJ anncr with Japanese mx program., 300 Watt station (Nelson-WA)

JAPAN 3607.5, NHK Tokyo, 1115-1130 23-Sep, Dialog by M in JJ with accompanying laugh track. // 3259 and 6005. 900 Watt station.(Nelson-WA)

JAPAN 6005, NHK Sapporo, 1117-1130 23-Sep, 600 W, parallel with 3607.5 (Nelson-WA)

JAPAN 8006, New Time Station(J62XA), 1240-1250 21-Sep, Time pips and CW ids for J62XA). Parallel on 5006. (Nelson-WA)

JAPAN 5006/8006  J62XA heard at 1247 with frequent morse IDs.  8006 is the weaker of the two. (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

JAPAN  3373.5U  NHK, Mihara.  Low power NHK relay in Japanese at 1114.  Good reception.  Also heard were: 3607.5U NHK Shobu-kuki, Tokyo with game show of bird calls.  Lots of laughter.  Very good.  This was parallel to 3259 NHK Kasuga (fair to good).

KAZAKHSTAN  9355  Voice of Orthodoxy with Russian sermon, at tune-in, 1535.  Fair to good.  At 1558, ID as "Govorit Golos Pravoslavya", then dead air afterwards.  Local Friday.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

KUWAIT 15505, R Kuwait, 1943-2000 21-Sep, Program of MidEast music // 15495 (Nelson-WA)

LAOS 4660.66, Lao Cai, 1150-1210 23-Sep, Program differred from 6130 but parallel for ID and 6+1 Big Gongs at ToH (Nelson-WA)

LAOS 6130, LNR, 1150-1210 23-Sep, Laotienne mx, F in local lang, with ID at 1158 and into 6+1 Big Gongs then the news (Nelson-WA)

LESOTHO 4800, R Lesotho, 0311-0320 21-Sep, M in EE with program of music. Poor under UTE Sweeper (Nelson-WA)

LIBYA 17725, R Tripoli, 1930-2000 21-Sep, Program in Arabic // 15435 (Nelson-WA)

MADAGASCAR 15320, V Hope, 0429-0500 22-Sep, Voice of Hope Id followed by program in lang (Nelson-WA)

MALAYSIA 4895, 1302-1305, RTM Sep 23 News program in Iban with some words in EE such as 'bomb blast'. Mentions of Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, Kabul, Bin Laden, and Taliban. Good signal. (ATKINS-WA)

MALAYSIA  15294.89  Voice of Malaysia with local female vocals.  Always seems to be on this frequency and usually in the clear, though weak.  SIO 2.5-5-3 at 1638.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

MEXICO 2390.08, 1212-1226, R. Huayacocotla Sep 21 Ottmar Liebert tune 1212-1215; woman ancr in SS and ID at 1219. SS romantic music 1223. Good at tune-in, but fading to fair. (ATKINS-WA)

MEXICO 2390.08, R Huayacocotola, 1218-1230 21-Sep, F in Ss with Mexican Guitar music program. Thanks to Guy Atkins for calling this one to my attention. Faded quickly due to SR at Tx. This one not usually heard up here in the Pacific Northwest. (Nelson-WA)

MEXICO 6185, R Educacion, 0321-0330 22-Sep, Noted in passign with M in SS and Mexican mx program (Nelson-WA)

MEXICO 11770.97, XERMX, 0311-0330 22-Sep, News in EE by F, includingevacuation of French train. Into Mex mx and echo ID by F. // 9705 (Nelson-WA)

MEXICO 6010.00  Radio Mil heard on exact frequency at 0447 on 21 Sept.  Spanish, with ID and mentions of Mexico.  Good reception.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA)

MEXICO 2390.08  Radio Huayacocotla  fair to good in Spanish at 1219.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

MEXICO 11770 XERMX, Radio Mexico International.  Nice ID at 0310, and announcement for "1177 kHz!".  Fair, with 9705.03 good in parallel.  English programming at this time.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 22 Sept).

MOROCCO 15410, VOA Tangier-Breich, 1935-2000 21-Sep, EE commentary and ID at 2000 by F for "African World Tonight". // 15445(Nelson-WA)

MYANMAR 5985.85, R Myanmar, 1445-1500 21-Sep, Pop western mx with F anncr in EE. Song "Forever in my arms" (Nelson-WA)

MYANMAR 4725, R Myanmar, 1459-1515 21-Sep, Usually this station carries local language programs for RM. Today it was carrying some sort of classroom testing questions in English. Very unusual (Nelson-WA)

NEPAL 7164.4, R Nepal, 1331-1400 23-Sep, Nepalese mx program at weak levels. Presumed R Nepal. Thnx to Walt for the tip on this one(Nelson-WA)

NEPAL(tentative) 7164.40 Time pips before 1415, and weak audio.  Fits Nepal, but will need another month before darkness path improves.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 23 Sept)

NEW ZEALAND 17675, RNZ, 0143-0200 22-Sep, Program with guest guitarist performing.  Unusual excellent reception quality (Nelson-WA)

NEW ZEALAND 11675  RNZI at 11:06 with IS and ID at 11:06:43, announcing special transmission to NZ peacekeepers in East Timor.  Powerful signal in the clear.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

NORWAY 17505, R Denmark, 1944-1950 21-Sep, Program of M in Danish carried by transmitters in Norway // 15705 (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 1737, 1326-1335, KUT R. Southern Highlands Sep 21 CW beacon at poor-fair level. (Also see PNG bandscan below) (ATKINS-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 2410, 0940-0945, R. Enga Sep 21 Heard at fair level with Melanesian music and tok pisin lang.; mentions of PNG. (ATKINS-WA)


The following are the only PNG outlets noted during 1045 UTC bandscans on 9/22 and 9/23:

2410 (fair 9/22, good 9/23)
3205 (very good 9/22, good 9/23)
3220 (good 9/22, fair 9/23)
3260 (good 9/22, not heard 9/23)
3305 (fair 9/22, good 9/23)
3375 (good 9/22, fair 9/23)
3385 (good 9/22, fair 9/23)
3905 (fair 9/22, good 9/23)
4890 (absent 9/22, excellent 9/23; perhaps 4890 was active later than 1045 on the 22nd... I didn't recheck)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 1737, KUT, 1324-1340 21-Sep, KUT is a PNG Beacon Station. Very usual reception (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 2410, R Enga, 1106-1300 21-Sep, M in Tok Pisin with string band mx program. Surprised this was off air on 9/20 but returned tonight (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3204.96, R Sandaun, 0833-0900 20-Sep, M in Tok Pisin with news followed by string bands. Usual frequent R Sandaun ids. (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3204.97, R Sandaun, 1136-1204 20-Sep, M in Tok Pisin with Christian mx program and preaching on Jesus in Tok Pisin. Into Pop New Guinea mx until signoff at 1201 (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3260, R Madang, 0830-0845 20-Sep, M with long talk in Tok Pisin. ID at 0840 in TP (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3260, R Madang, 1119-1205 20-Sep, Tok Pisin anncr with mx pgrm and s/off at 1200 (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3275, R S Highlands, 1117-1130 20-Sep, Local sing-sing music program with Tok Pisin anncr. Recheck after 1200 shows it did not signoff at the usual time of 1200. (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3305, R Western, 1114-1130 20-Sep, Finally fading in long after the PNG stations, R Western with EE anncr and pop western music program. ID at 1120. (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3315, R Manus, 0807-0820 20-Sep, Local news in T.P. with Islands guitar theme mx at 0813. Into  a long list of names in TP followed by local string bands. Exceptional this evening. (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3315, R Manus, 1118-1215 20-Sep, Tok Pisin anncr and signoff at 1203*, followed by news feed of NBC 4890 (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3320, R Morobe, 0820-0830 20-Sep, F in Tok Pisin with sing-sing problem of drums and vocals.  At 0838 recheck, surprised to find orchestral music. (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3320, R Morobe, 1120-1205 20-Sep, F in Tok Pisin with string band countdown to top of hour (a common format on the PNG stations carrying Tok Pisin --- weekly top string band countdown!). Signoff at 1201 (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3325, R Bougainville, 0804-0815 20-Sep, News by M at low level in Tok Pisin, not // to EE nx on 4890. (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3375, R Western Highlands, 0830-0850 20-Sep, Unusually weak in strength with pop music pgm and TP announcer. (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3385, RENB, 0830-0840 20-Sep, F in EE with usual pop mx program. Unfortunately a UTE camped across the frequency blocks listening (on both sidebands) (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3905, R New Ireland, 0807-0815 20-Sep, News in EE // 4890. At 0810 into Childrens choir in Tok Pisin, with T.P. F anncr (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3905, R New Ireland, 1134-1204 20-Sep, Islands pop mx with Tok Pisin announcer, surprisingly by this time RRI Merauke is way below. After S/off of RNI at 1204, RRI Merauke again dominates the frequency (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA , Bandscan at 1015, 1015 23-Sep, 2410, 3204.97, 3220, 3260, 3305, 3315, 3325, 3355 het(no confirmation of PNG), 3375, 3385, 3905, 4890 (Nelson-WA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  KUT Aeronautical beacon (50 watts).  Kutubu, Southern Highlands with slow CW ID.  1322 easilly heard.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  A disappointing morning.  Only 7 PNGs heard, and at the weakest levels in memory.  Gone are the days when all transmitters were up and running, usually at good to excellent levels, and usually bang on frequency.  On the 22nd at 1132 to 1200, only the following were noted:  2410 R. Enga, fair;  3204.98  R. Sandaun, good with religious talk about Mary in Tok Pisin;  3220  R. Morobe, good; 3260  R. Madang, fair;  3325 presumed R. Bougainville, good;  3375  R. Western Highlands, fair with Tok Pisin; 3905  ?Radio New Ireland well under RRI.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 22 Sept).

RUSSIA 11665, R Tartarstan, 0416-0430 22-Sep, M and F in apparent radio play. Thx to tip by Walt. (Nelson-WA)

RUSSIA  11840 USB  Radio Sakhalin with possible sign-on at 2000.  Schedule for the day, and local weather forecast and temperatures (high of 14, low of 9 celcius).  Excellent reception. (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 21 Sept).

SAUDI ARABIA 15275, BSKSA, 0357-0430 22-Sep, Apparent Turkish service, Tone, mx, ID, 4+1 time pips into M with anncement at ToH. Into call to prayers (Nelson-WA)

SAUDI ARABIA 15275  BSKSA with superb reception of IS, at 0358, and into Turkish.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 22 Sept).

SINGAPORE 6150, RSI, 1236-1300 21-Sep, EE news with talk on attacks and American companies discarding labor they were hoarding. (Nelson-WA)

SOLOMON ISLANDS 5019.91, SIBS, 0739-0820 20-Sep, Excellent strength with local islands guitar music (with vocals) into ID at Toh and news in EE by M after 0800. At 0816 there was a very interesting ad for a kitchen mixer. Solomon Islands always has great ads -- I kept listening for the "IBM construction company -- IBM, a name you can trust" but came up empty this evening. (Nelson-WA)

SOLOMON ISLANDS 5020, 0959-1012, SIBC Sep 22 US pop music at tune-in, then calliope jingle and ID into local news in EE by woman. Back to old US music 1008. Excellent signal. (ATKINS-WA)

SOUTH AFRICA 3255, 0312-0318, BBC Sep 23 Two male announcers discussing World Trade Center attacks, and reports from on-the-scene BBC reporters. Fair & improving signal. Hrd // 6005. (ATKINS-WA)

SOUTH AFRICA 6190, 0257-0301, BBC Sep 22 BBC bells at tune-in; ID and 6 TPs 0300 and into EE world news. Poor. (ATKINS-WA)

SOUTH AFRICA 3200, TWR, 0305-0325 21-Sep, Music program with M anncr in African Dialect (Nelson-WA)

SOUTH AFRICA 3240, TWR, 0305-0320 21-Sep, M in African language. (Nelson-WA)

SOUTH AFRICA 3255, BBC Meyerton, 0303 21-Sep, BBC feed with discussion on Tony Blair, noted in passing (Nelson-WA)

SOUTH AFRICA 3320, R Sondergrense, 0309-0330 21-Sep, M in Afrikaans. Best in USB (Nelson-WA)

SRI LANKA 4902, SLBC, 1236-1300 23-Sep, M in local dialect with discussion or commentary (Nelson-WA)

SRI LANKA 4902, Sri Lanka Broadcasting, 1241-1315 20-Sep, Program of Subcont mx and announcer in a local language. SS at the transmitter. (Nelson-WA)

SRI LANKA 4940, Sri Lanka Broadcasting, 1244-1300 20-Sep, Pop mx program with M anncr, followed by subcont mx. (Nelson-WA)

SRI LANKA 13690, VOA - Irwin Walla, 1953-2000 21-Sep, Special EE program, reading letters of condolences about WTC from listeners (Nelson-WA)

SWAZILAND 3200, 0308-0312, TWR Sep 23 Tentative. Weak, brief signal of African choral music, just above noise level. Male & female announcers in unid. lang., but too faint for any other details. (ATKINS-WA)

SYRIA 13610, R Damascus, 1945-1955 21-Sep, Program in local language. (Nelson-WA)

TANZANIA-ZANZIBAR 11734.1, 1515-1520, R. Zanzibar Sep 21 Female announcer with talk and Middle Eastern music. Fair. Presumed. (ATKINS-WA)

TANZANIA 5050.04, R Tanzania, 0251-0330 21-Sep, Great E African music program with anncr in Swahili. ID at 0300 (Nelson-WA)

TANZANIA 5050.04, R Tanzania, 0241-0300 22-Sep, Popular East African music program with M in Swahili as host (Nelson-WA)

TANZANIA 5985, R Tanzania, 0326-0340 21-Sep, M in Swahili, surprised that WYFR was not dominating (it was at recheck near ToH)(Nelson-WA)

THAILAND 6070, R Thailand, 1400-1415 23-Sep, Home service in language // 7115. (Nelson-WA)

THAILAND 12015, VOA, 1955-2000 21-Sep, EE Program signing off with "Have a Great Weekend" followed by Jazz mx (Nelson-WA)

UNID 5040, UNID, 1100-1115 23-Sep, Andean music with SS F anncr. (Nelson-WA)

UAE 11945, AWR, 0330-0340 22-Sep, Presume AWR-Al dabbiya in Arabiclanguage program (Nelson-WA)

UAE 11975, AWR, 0327-0330 22-Sep, "This is Adventist Work Radio – The Voice of Hope" Off air at 0329 (Nelson-WA)

VANUATU 7260, 1220-1230*, R. Vanuatu Sep 22 Superb S9+20dB signal in Bislama with 'Star Spangled Banner' by the Oak Ridge Boys. Female announcer with mentions of US cities, military base locations, and into Bach's 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring' classical tune. Curious programming! Short relay of VOA Washington with references to Pentagon, Bin Laden and President Bush at 1226. Local announcer in Bislama with mentions of VOA, then s/off suddenly at 1230*. (ATKINS-WA)

VANUATU 7260, R Vanuatu, 0744-0820 20-Sep, News in pidgin followed by Yellow Bird ID at 0743 then pop mx. At 0800  the news was again in pidgin after the ToH ID. (Nelson-WA)

VANUATU 7260  Radio Vanuatu at 1210 with Amazing Grace, later America the Beautiful, Star Spangled Banner, etc at superb levels.  Talk all in Bislama.  (Salmaniw, Grayland,WA 22 Sept).

VIETNAM 4795.64, Viet Son La, 1342-1400 23-Sep, Viet mx program, with Ute sweeper dominating the frequency (Nelson-WA)

ZAMBIA 4965, 0243-0250, R. Christian Voice Sep 22 Program of contemporary Christian music and various speakers. Poor signal. Presumed. (ATKINS-WA)

ZAMBIA 4965, R Christian Voice, 0250-0310 22-Sep, Unusually good reception conditions for pop Christian music program and ID by M at 0259 (Nelson-WA)


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