Purchase your Ubiquiti or TP-Link  nodes

The first step is to determine the hardware equipment you will need for your deployment needs. The Primary Mesh Nodes provide backbone communications for the PDX metro area. The Secondary Mesh Nodes provide local communications at work or home locations. Finally, Temporary (Ad-Hoc) Mesh Nodes are most likely devices that may be portable or as needed.

Primary Mesh Nodes: 
Located in an elevated location, typically with a 360° view.  Multiple secondary mesh nodes will usually connect to these.
Secondary Mesh Nodes:
Located at or nearby local stations (served agency, house, other rooftop).  Capable of connecting with temporary (ad-hoc) mesh nodes or other secondary mesh nodes.
Temporary (Ad-Hoc) Mesh Nodes:
 Used as needed at events, homes, or other locations that won’t be active 24/7.
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