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Dr. SETI's Veterans Pages

USAF Good Conduct National Defense Armed Forces Expeditionary UN Medal
Korea 50th Anniversary Korea Defense Service Medal ROK Service Medal Cold War service

POW Flag 'Reflections' by Lee Teter, © 1988
Reflections, by Lee Teter
© 1988 VVA Chapter 172

Dr. SETI is a proud member of the Society of Wild Weasels
and the AF Communicators and Air Traffic Controllers Association

Willie the Weasel Chicks dig weasels You gotta be shittin' me!

This page is dedicated to the memory of Duane Hodges,
lost aboard the USS Pueblo on 23 January 1968

Pueblo support patch Pueblo Crew patch Pueblo Recovery Team patch

VetSignia    Peace is Patriotic

Homecoming for Veterans - A National Outreach Program to Provide Free Neurofeedback to Veterans

Back Our Boys

Vietnam Veterans Webring
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