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War Stories
Some stories excerpted from Tune In The Universe! (ARRL)
copyright 2001 by H. Paul Shuch

Tune In The Universe!

Disclaimer: The memoirs which follow are works of fiction. No moral government would ever endorse the policies or condone the actions described here. Besides, if I told you the truth, they'd have to kill you.

Had they really occurred, the events described here might help to explain the forces which transformed a mild-mannered radio ham into the notorious Dr. SETI.

click to see song To learn my truth about a difficult time in our history, and its later ramifications, I direct you to the song And The Band Played The Star-Spangled Banner (music and lyrics © 1999 by H. Paul Shuch).

  1. Confessions of a Draft Dodger
  2. Spook's Honor
  3. Belle of the Ball
  4. Fire Engine Red
  5. From Weasel Wannabe to Weasel Keeper
  6. Ballad of the Pueblo
  7. Barbershop Quartet

young warrior

The author as a young warrior (circa 1965)

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