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Fly Again
lyrics 2002 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "The Mary Ellen Carter" by Stan Rogers

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When the Challenger blew up, I was working at the Cape.
I was shocked and hurt and helpless; I could only stand and gape.
When the NASA layoffs came, I felt anger, I felt shame.
What I know now I could not imagine then.
NASA documents report subcontractors did resort
To unscrupulous behavior so they would not come up short.
Yet they pressured us to fly. Why did seven have to die,
And how soon before the Shuttle flies again?


Fly again, fly again
To the memory of seven brave women and men.
We will make the Shuttle safe, we are going back to space
And I'll be here when the Shuttle flies again.

With the nation, I could see Richard Feynman on TV.
He showed cold o-rings deforming, and that's good enough for me.
Now I'm sure that we can fix that high-flying pile of bricks,
Though we'll have to scrub some missions until then.
From Apollo's glory days, we are now enduring threats,
Finger pointing, accusations, and a pile of mounting debts.
But the engineers are strong, and it won't be very long
'Til we all can see the Shuttle fly again.


We are going back to space, but in triumph, not a race.
We must somehow garner glory from a national disgrace.
And when that next mission flies, I'll be right there in my place,
Proudly working Launch Control as I did then.
With a dozen new designs, one or two of which are mine,
I am glad to see the Shuttle flights resumed in record time.
And of course I have my fears. No use holding back my tears,
As I finally see the Shuttle fly again.

Final Chorus:

Fly again, fly again,
To the credit of so many women and men
Who have made the Shuttle safe. We've at last returned to space
And I'm here to see Shuttle fly again.

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