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You Are My Router
lyrics 2003 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine" by Gov. Jimmie Davis


You are my router, my packet router.
You move my data from port to port.
My only terror is checksum error.
Please don't say 'quit, retry, abort'.

The other morning, I went out surfing
Highways and byways of th' World Wide Web.
Although connected, was redirected,
So I switched to dialup instead.


I'm daisy-chaining ten hubs and straining
The whole damn network; it's way too big.
Can't make my Wi-Fi come out of standby
Without running I P CONFIG.


Ain't got no cable to keep me stable,
No fiber optics, no shielded pair.
No RG five nine, nothin' but phone line,
So I face my blue screen and stare.


And when my net lag approaches jet lag
Packet collisions make surfing hell.
When V dot nine two no longer will do,
Then I'll switch to ADSL.


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