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An APRS Tracker is a collection of equipment whose purpose is to beacon GPS derived position reports, via Amateur radio frequencies, to other APRS equipped users. A Tracker is made as compact as possible so it can be easily installed in, or on most any vehicle.

This is my APRS tracker. It consists of: Kantronics KPC 3 plus, Alinco DJ 190 2m HT, Garmin GPS-20 board (in box next to HT), Trimble external GPS antenna, Larsen 24/440 mag mount antenna, Radio Shack 30 watt amplifier, and a Pelican waterproof case.

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Notice the commonality of the power connection in the first picture. My personal favorite a polarized "Cinch-Jones" plug adapter connected to the "APRS standard power connection" PowerPoles

Check out my Kenwood TH D7A / GPS compatibility web page here

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