Ham Shack and Boatanchor Pictures!

  • BA Wide angle of Operating Position #1 (Modern Station)

  • BA Closer view of Operating Position #1 (Modern Station) Good view of keys.

  • BA Yet another angle of Operating Position #1

  • BA View showing terminals for DX Cluster, PC and RTTY

  • BA Operating Postion #2 (Main Boatanchors)

  • BA Wide angle of Operating Position #2 (Main Boatanchors)

  • BA Operating Position #3 (Mini-Boatanchors and QRP)

  • BA Close up of Hallicrafters SX-101 MkIII

  • BA Close up of Viking Valiant

  • BA Close up of Harvey Wells Bandmaster Delux (TBS-50D)

  • BA Eico 730 and Eico 735 Crystal Controlled Novice Transmitters

  • BA Central Electronics 10B, Knight Kit T-60 Transmitters

  • BA WRL Globe Chief 90, WRL HG-303, Hallicrafters HT-40

  • BA Heathkits: AT-1, DX-20 and DX-35

  • BA Heathkits: HG-10B, DX-60B and HW-16

  • BA (QRP Rigs) OHR: WM-1 Wattmeter, SCF-1 Scaf Filter, Sprint (40 + 30mtrs), Explorer; Norcal 40A, MFJ 901 Tuner

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