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The events and calls listed with each event are supplied by the event coordinator. If your event is not listed or you participated and are not listed, have the coordinator get in touch with me and I will post it.

July 1-4, 2004 - Star Spangled Fourth - Annual 4th of July celebration in downtown Garland, Texas. This event had the second largest one day attendance in the metroplex this year (70+ thousand). Kudos to the following amateur radio operators that participated and made it such a success; AC5NA, AD5AZ, K5AYE, K5DTN, K5JD, K5KJ, K5LD, K5LTH, K5VJB, KC3SL, KC5EFD, KC5EOR, KC5GMZ, KC5GNG, KC5INV, KC5IUN, KC5KYP, KC5LGU, KC5MXN, KC5NKV, KC5QHH, KC5REF, KC5WYE, KD5GYC, KD5KJC, KD5RFC, KD5RYM, KD5TAP, KD5VWW, KD5ZKV, KF9AS, KM5VZ, N5DGR, N5ITN, N5LDD, N5TIM, N5VIH, NA5T, W5BJ, W5IDN, W7DAV, W7REN, WA5LFD, WA5TT, WA9WCC, WB5WUB, WB9ZPH, WD4BIS, WR5BJ, WT5J, and last, but not least WT5Q. Over the four days of the event these amateurs posted over 850 volunteer hours.
To make follow-up comments or get additional post event information contact Clay Orchard - KC5MXN .

March 28, 2004 - MS Walk Dallas - Sunday MS Walk in Dallas, Texas. The MS Walk in Dallas offered a 5K, 10K and 15K stroll through the beautiful Park Cities area. The following amateur radio operators provided logistics and safety communications; KB5ZDG, KB5PYS, WA9WCC, KC5INV, K5HW, WT5Q, N8QVT, K3EYL, KC5MXN, KD5RFC, KC5SDY, KM5VZ, KD5RYM, KD5OUG, KD5KJC, KD5VFB, W5BJ, and N5TIM. For any feedback, negative or positive, contact John Galvin, N5TIM, [email protected] Visit the MS Society Lonestar Chapter for additional information.

March 27, 2004 - Mesquite Rodeo Parade - Annual Mesquite Chamber of Commerce Rodeo Parade. No post event information available. For information, contact George Rice - KC5-TOO - [email protected] or Bennye Rice - KC5-UBZ - [email protected].

March 27, 2004 - MS Walk Plano - Saturday MS Walk in Plano, Texas. Amateur radio volunteers, KD5RYM, AG5CQ, K5PSK, W5ADC, WS5M, N5PYK, K5LHO, KD5UMO, KC5PDC, KD5MXJ, W4FH, KD5OUG, and K5VX provided logistic and safety communications for this event. Post events comments can be directed to Jonathan Sennetti, K5VX at [email protected]. Visit the MS Society Lonestar Chapter for additional information.

March 20, 2004 - Grasslands Run - The North Texas Trail Runners Grasslands Run. No post event information available. For infromation contact Jim Shultz, W5OMG at [email protected] Race details can be found on the nttr.org website.

January 24, 2004 - Dino Dash - Yearly walk, run in Dallas at Fair Park. No post event information available. Contact Richard Bartlett, KE6LOU at [email protected] for additional information or visit http://www.qsl.net/ke6lou/dino_dash.htm and Discovery/Dino Dash.


December 14, 2003 - Run the Rock - Communications support for this annual 27 mile run was provided by the following team of amateur radio operators; KD5KJC, KD5ZBD, N5OOM, KD5IPJ, N5NPL, W5BJ, KD5YMV, N5TIM, KD5WCL, N5NOT, KD5IQM, KA5SOT, KD5TNC, KM5VZ, N5BKV, KD5PXO, N5KKM, K5KJ, KC5EIB, KD5RFC, K5HW, KA5TXL, KC5GGZ, WR5FOX, N5MDI, K8DNE, W5IDN, KD5RYM, W5AAN, WA9WCC, WT5Q, KC5MXN, W9VE, N8QVT, K3EYL, KA5ALM, KC5PTX, WB9ZPH, WD4BIS, KF5FD, WB5WUB, KA0LAH, W7DAV, AA7XC, KD5OUG, KA2CAE, N5WJS, W5OMG, KD5TXQ, and KD5INZ. APRS was used to a greater extent this year and very successfully with the possibility of linking to the jumbotron next year. Contact Bob Jones, W5BJ, [email protected] or John Galvin, N5TIM, [email protected] with any follow up information or comments. Also visit the White Rock Marathon web site runtherock.com for finish information.

October 25, 2003 - Twin Lakes Bike Challenge - The following hams helped out with the Rowlett Twin Lakes Bicycle Challenge 30 and 60 mile ride: WB9ZPH, KD5KJC, K5FER, K8DNE, KC5VYG, KC5HWX, N8QVT, K3EYL, KM5VZ, WD4BIS. The event had perfect weather and no injuries -- an ideal result. Contact Janet Crenshaw, WB9ZPH, at 972-475-9664 or e-mail [email protected] with any questions or follow-up information.

June 14, 2003 - Collin Classic Bike Rally, Texas 34 amateurs provided well over 300 hours of support to the 12th annual Collin Classic bike rally this year. The event this year was special for cyclist and hams alike, as the rally included a 100 mile memorial route for Larry Schwartz, WB3DBI, who was killed when struck by a motorist during a training ride earlier this year. Amateurs supporting this event included AD5NR, K2CHP, K5EEN , K5PAV, K5SRL, K5WNC, KA2CAE, KA5FYF, KA9IKK, KC5SDY, KD5JEO, KD5KQM, KD5MDZ, KD5MYF, KD5OPG, KD5QXF, KD5TXQ, KD5TZA, KD5UMO, N5OOM, NC5U, NE5IL, W4FH, W5ADC, W5DAV, W5GDC, W5LEP, W5OMG, WA5KXX, WD5ERD, and WD5RCC. The event communications coordinator was Lauren Dunn, NC5U. Any follow-up comments should be sent to [email protected]. The Collin Classic included 100, 75, 55, 30 and 15 mile routes starting from McKinney North High School and touring northwest Collin County and parts of Denton and Grayson Counties. Any amateurs wishing to receive notification of upcoming events in support of the Fit Life Foundation may contact [email protected] to be added to the mailing list.

June 7, 2003 - Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Collin County, Texas - Held on the campus of Alcatel USA in Plano. Formal net operation using 3 radio circuits. Operators for this event included: KC0BBB, WA0VYU, K2CHP, K5DAT, K5YO, K5ZMJ, KA5SOT, KC5QAI, KD5HDR, KD5HHZ, KD5JVF, KD5MFD, KD5MFE, KD5OUG, KD5QXE, KD5RYM, KD5TNC, KR1ZAN, W5LEP, WA5TET, KA9IKK, and unlicensed assistants Mandie and Maria. K5DAT and K5ZMJ were co-NCS. Event communications coordinator was Frank Krizan, KR1ZAN, [email protected], to which any follow up comments can be sent. Each operator is credited with 4 hours of service.

April 26, 2003 - WalkAmerica 2003 - March of Dimes walk at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas. Volunteer amateur radio operators for this event included;K5LD, KM5VZ, N5TIM, KK5IO, KD5RFB, KD5PXN, KC5WYE, KA5SOT, KD5RFC, WT5Q, KC5GGZ, KC5QBC, KB5ZAX, KD5PAS, N7FLY, N5WJS, KE6LOU, KD5RYM, WA9WCC, W5BJ and KC5MXN. Event communications coordinator was John Galvin, N5TIM, [email protected] to which any follow up comments can be sent.

April 6, 2003 - MS Walk Dallas - Sunday MS Walk in Dallas, Texas. Communications were provided by the following amateur radio operators; KC5INV, W5IDN, KC5NFQ, KK5IO, N5ITN, KC5GGZ, N5WJS, KD5RFB, KM5VZ, N8QVT, K3EYL, KD5RYM, KD5RFC, K5RAR, WA9WCC, W5BJ and N5TIM. Event communications coordinator was John Galvin, N5TIM, [email protected] to which any follow up comments can be sent.

January 25, 2003 - Dino Dash - 10th Annual Dino Dash at Dallas Fair Park. Contact Karl Meyer, N5UOI - [email protected] or Len, K4IWL - [email protected] with follow-up comments. Communicator list not available at this time.

email addresses for event coordinators.

Bob Jones, W5BJ - [email protected]
Clay Orchard, KC5MXN - [email protected]
Jim Galloway, N5MDI - [email protected]
James Marple, KB5ZDG - [email protected]
Bill Fell, KK5PB - [email protected]
Doug Kilgore, KD5OUG - [email protected]
Pamela Green, KB5WOG - [email protected]
John Sanders, AB5ZR - [email protected]
John Galvin, N5TIM - [email protected]
Roger Risinger, K5WWG - [email protected]

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