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The Ham Radio Chat Net Ring is dedicated to help Hams and those interested, find and locate others with similar interests. Ham Radio Chat! is primarily an ICQ interest group. If you are not yet a member of the ICQ Ham Radio group, please feel free to JOIN. You will need to have ICQ to do this.

Everyone is Welcome to Join! our Webring, Any 'Website" submitted to the "Ham Radio Chat Ring" shall not include any profane, violent, lude, or pornographic material. In other words your Site should be ok for all ages to view. Your Website does not have to pertain specifically to Ham Radio to join. However it must be a personal website. No commercial sites will be accepted.

When you fill out the form below, please be sure to use a valid email address. The Email you will receive will include the html fragment, this is the Ham Radio Chat Net Ring graphic, just like the one at the bottom of this page.

Now to install the code, just copy and paste the html into your website. The url you use for your site must be the same as the one that the html fragment is installed on or the ring will not function properly. Please do not edit any part of the html fragment.

Now that you have this done, Email The Net Masters, stating that the code has been added, along with your ring "ID#" and the "url" for your site. My email address is also included in the email that you will receive. I will then review your site and add you to the Ring.
After your Website has been added to the Ring you will receive a confirmation email stating that you have been added.

NOTE: The Webring links will not work until your site has been added.

If you have any questions feel free to email me with them.

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For additional help or answers to questions you may have about joining this Net Ring, feel free to email the Net Masters.

(Note) For best results, after you have joined use the "Member Login" form below to retrieve a copy of the html fragment instead of relying on the copy that you will receive by email.

In order to help save bandwidth on the QSL.NET server, and to help with load speed of your own website, you will need to copy and save these three ring Images below, and then upload them to your website, along with the html fragment that you have placed into your web page.
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or they will not be recognized by the html fragment".

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