Nuclear Radiation

It has become standard operating procedure - internationally - to coverup and downplay man-made disasters that includes nuclear, biological, and chemical. It is crimes against humanity when they do that, but they feel they can getaway with it since they are not brought to justice for it. They think it is better to coverup than to be held accountable for harming other people.

True-justice for everyone should make coverups severely punishable as it should be for all man-made disasters. Instead of keeping it secret, governments would release their latest data during disasters to inform the people like they should only if they get punished for not doing so. Governments have the best tools for information gathering so they know exactly what is going on, but they like to coverup by keeping it secret.

The misuse of secrecy started in the U.S.A. with the development of the nuclear bomb during World War II and onward. They used UFO/alien stories as part of their deceptive cover tactics and to find who was leaking secrets. It is a proven fact that they misuse secrecy under the excuse it is for national security. They have been caught using encrypted communications just for radiation monitoring, so the effected public would not know, at least not rightaway! All of the nuclear bomb testing that started in the 1940s onward caused alot of people to die early from cancer. Nowadays, nuclear power and their waste products has become a money-making machine for those profiting in the nuclear industry because they can just make you pay higher power bills for it. The cancer rates have exploded since then, so of course they do not want to held responsible. Keep a secret just long enough so those responsible can getaway with it and their mission is accomplished.

Remember that the American government, who now works more for international bankers and multinational corporations instead of the citizens, deviously said the air was safe to breathe in New York City after the 9/11 attacks knowing all along that it was deadly to breathe. They wanted the misinformed workers to keep on working because it was more profitable for the wealthy-few who owned property there to get the job done at the expense of human life. They care more about their money than your life and to use you as their blood sacrifice. They are the gods and you are animals is just one demonic part of their secret-society religion. They want forced population reduction after they get control of the world and to use their many enforcers, who think they are also members of their club, to accomplish it. These megalomanics are trying to rule the Earth and do not deserve to be on this planet.

Your rulers have become insane with their uncontrolled police-state powers created by their scientific dictatorship from the military-industrial complex. They are the ones that could cause the extinction of the human species with their deranged ideas to engineer society! Currently, they are trying to blame you as being the main causes for the threats from Earth changes but they will never blame themselves.

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Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster at the beginning was covered-up and still is downplayed:;O=D

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