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I like almost ever type of music from classical, big band, jazz, country, bluegrass, rock, popular, computer-generated, new-age, alternative, blues, rnb, hip-hop if it is comedy or political rap, you name it.

Below are Winamp links to free music that is near CD quality. It gets close to CD quality if it is streamed at 320k AAC or mp3 but becomes just barely acceptable at 64k mp3 or 40k AAC lossy compression. Note that AAC is a newer lossy compression that is slightly better than the older mp3 lossy compression. Prefered player is Winamp. Be sure to open the software settings for the soundcard and Winamp to adjust them, which takes alot of trial and error to really get it sounding the best but it is worth it.

Download (Winamp bookmarks)
You can move or copy it to your Winamp folder and rename it to "" or copy and paste individual links to Winamp's Open URL.

It would be much desired if all the streaming providers always put the artist names, song title, with the year it was released plus the record label for each song they stream.

Listed below are some links to help find more music to bookmark.[station#]?sid=&lid=&from=pls[station#][stationname][stationname]&session=[stationname]%3A0&id=-1[stationname]?tag=itunes&sid=&lid=&from=pls[stationname]/listen.pls