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'Ham Nut' is someone who has spent a lot of time sharing the Amateur Radio Service (Ham) hobby for over 20+ years. Mostly through the means of the internet via web message boards, chats and emails. Our station is readily available for visits and sharing any ham radio info we may have. Coffee pot's always ready!!

Originally licensed in April of 2000 as KG4HKY I soon found myself asking questions about the various aspects of this hobby. And, after going unanswered, I found very little local support from the only local radio club/group known back then (2000) -- See: WR4Y via QRZ.COM. [Note: Club no longer exists and most calls shown are now SK with other operators now holders of listed calls.] Nobody at that time had the patience/desire to help new hams. My family and I always felt unwanted. Does that sound familiar to you as an inquisitive NEW ham?

Today's new club/group -- See: W4WCA is the only local active group. Repeater for that group is on 147.390 MHz but seems it also is rarely heard here due to not enough/much interest these days. When on 2 meters here most likely we'll be in SCAN mode in the shack. Will answer ANY emergency traffic if we can help then!

Thanks to QSL.NET, we've been able to bring about a renewed interest in this ever exciting hobby! Via it's HTML web page helps for web site creating info. Special thanks to my 'notepad buddy' John Ball LA0EM I've come to be able to create more viewer friendly informative web sites. 'Ham Nut's World' was originally at MSN's groups until they did away with them. Met a lot of folks with like minds back there. Later, at N4EMP.COM. A domain I owned for several years until it's server began increasing hosting prices for bandwith use. Today, I use other social media means for web site needs. And am constantly studying for better ways to add informative web content here. We give generously to QSL.NET server hosts to show our appreciation of their allowing us to continue in our internet media pages here.

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Today, I still find myself going it alone for the most part in the ham radio hobby. There are just no true 'family-friendly' groups around this immediate area. Although there are other ham radio groups around I'd rather not attempt to become involved again. Some folks just don't want our thoughts or beliefs to be shared I guess? Myself, my wife Carol (N4VBS) and son Timothy (K4TEP) always try to be available in times of severe weather, emergencies or local disasters such as the deadly tornado of April 27, 2011. My son and I spent several long hours manning a VHF radio with others involved in an EMERGENCY NET at that memorable time. All local area ham and public service frequencies monitored!

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