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Challenger 24 Crest



          The refit of the "VICSON"









My name is Bob Miller and this is my story.
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In August of 1999 my friend Mike invited my wife and myself for a day of sailing on his 23 ft S-2. I knew he had also came into possession of another boat, a 1960's vintage Challenger 24, it was tied to the end of the dock so I looked her over. The boat had been sitting in the water for many years, I have had little experience with sail boats myself but even I could see that she was in need of a lot of care. Mike said was going to refit her himself and have her back in the water by the end of October. 

 In Mid September I saw the boat again but this time out of the water at the marina and could see that nothing had been done yet. Mike told me that since his job changed he was unable to find free time to work on the boat. So half jokingly I told him that he needed me as a working partner to help with the labor. To my surprise he agreed and so the next day began my journey into the wonderful world of sailboat repair. 

I will try to keep a photo journal of the progress and keep any interested parties informed.