Field Day of 2000!

New QSL of "Bill" Belilovsky

New Callsign and QSL of Boris - U5ARTEK
Meet Him at ICQ # 63562409

Boris-U5ARTEK at 1952.....STILYAGA!!

Say TNX to Our Sponsor - UA4AAW!

Meeting of RSRCI at 17 April 1999!

Dayton- 1999!

Meeting together with 4Z1UF!

Wladimir Wall, ex UL7GBZ!

* *

Romeo's Last visit to Dayton-99!

VE3CDX - Barry!

Babanin & Lenin!

Valera - WJ1R!

NP3D - Andy!

1999's NT2X-Expedition to Scotland.

K0TF - Oleg Ashmarov!

4Z5GV - Dima Gilman!


Mr.Sid Will,GM4SID - One very fine Old Timer
and a great host for MM/NT2X operation!

NT2X - Most Wanted!.

Dima, 4Z5GV, with Family!

February-99, Romeo 3W3RR is Fishing!

Boris-U5ARTEK says Hello to Everybody!

Meeting @ 8 November 98. Our Guest - UA1FA, Yakov Lapovok.
Down: NT2X, N1KY, UA1FA

UA1FA - Yakov Lapovok.

N1KY and UA1FA

Vitalik - UT7LF/KC2CIS and Gena - RX3QA/AB2AP

Meeting @ September-98. Our Guests from U5ARTEK.


First QSO of Club Station:20 june 98, 14,2 Mhz 18:00 Gmt - ES1WW 59/59
EveryBody Welcome to N2TA - 478 Myrtle Ave, Downtown Brooklyn